My Heart Knows Saturday Update 5 March 2022


My Heart Knows Saturday Update 5 March 2022

Atul asks where is Kalyani and Malhar. Atharv says they are outside. He searches the keys to free him. Sampada tells Anupriya that Malhar is not picking the call. Ketki gets a big utensils and tells that it has silver coins to distribute to poor. She attacks lady constables and make them unconscious. Everyone is shocked.

She asks them not to act clever else Atul will be dead. Kalyani comes running to Malhar and says Guru ji is the man following you. Malhar is shocked and says it means..He calls Pawar and asks him to send him Police force outside Darbari Academy. Atharv asks Atul to come and says I will take you to Aai and baba. A goon comes there and asks what are doing here? He tries to hold them. Atul asks Atharv to run and inform malhar and kalyani that he is here. He attacks goon with the chain and he falls down. Goon’s phone rings. It is ketki on the call, she asks goon not to let Malhar and Kalyani reach Atul, says she is threatening Sarthak to marry her and that Vaman will decide what to do with Malhar and Kalyani. Atul is shocked and takes goon’s gun. She thinks until I am alive, I won’t let Ketki and Vaman to destroy my family. Atharv comes to Kalyani and Malhar and tells that Aai’s baba is there. Malhar and Kalyani ask where? Atharv, Malhar and Kalyani come out and see Atul escaping on the bike. They also leave.

Ketki asks Pandit ji to read the mantra and asks if he wants to get shot. All the ladies are tied up. Ketki asks Sarthak if he can’t marry her for Atul. Pandit ji asks them to take the rounds. They take the rounds. Ketki says 6 rounds are completed. Atul comes there and asks Ketki to stop. Aao Saheb, Anupriya and others see Atul there and get happy.

Atul says I will not let you do anything to my family and will not let you ruin Sarthak’s life. Sarthak throws the ghatbandhan cloth. Malhar, Kalyani and Atharv reach there. The ladies ask Kalyani to free them. Ketki acts innocent and calls Malhar. Malhar asks her not to dare take his name and says he hates her. The big utensil breaks and the coins fall out. Everyone gets shocked. Ketki smiles as Vaman comes out from it and aims gun at Atul. Aparna cries. Atul also aims gun at him.

Vaman shoots at Atul, but the bullet just injures his hand. He then shoots at Malhar, Kalyani and Atul try to save Malhar. Atul gets shot at his back. Everyone gets shocked. Vaman laughs. Atul picks the gun from floor and shoots Vaman at his chest. Ketki is shocked now. Vaman falls down. Anupriya shouts Atul’s name. Kalyani, Aao Saheb, Malhar and others get shocked and come to Atul. Malhar calls ambulance. Aao Saheb asks Atul not to leave his mum. Kalyani says ambulance will take him to hospital and papa will be fine. Atul says no, your Madhuri is calling me.

Kalyani telling that Papa will be fine once bullet is taken out from him. Atul says no and tells that Madhuri is calling me. Kalyani says no. Atul says God snatched your one Aai and gave you another Aai who loves you a lot more than Madhuri and me. Malhar says you will be fine, just keep breathing. Kalyani cries. Atul’s condition worsens. Malhar asks Pawar to arrest Ketki and take her, says he don’t want to see her face. Everyone cry. Kalyani says nothing will happen to Baba. Atul tells Sarthak that he will never forget his favor on him. Malhar calls ambulance and says them to come and says if they had got late if something happens to their father. Atul asks Sarthak to become Kalyani’s father and says I am handling over my daughter to you and Anupriya. He apologizes to Anupriya and asks for forgiveness. Anupriya says I have forgotten everything and asks him to become fine. Atul gives her hand in Sarthak’s hand and asks them to start their life. He asks them not to cry and says I am going happily. He holds Malhar’s hand and says he is not my damad, but my tiger son. He says I am not worried for Kalyani because of you. Malhar also cries and says nothing will happen to you, ambulance is coming. Atul apologizes to Aao Saheb and asks her to tell lullaby for one last time. He keeps his head on Aao Saheb’s lap. She tells lullaby and hugs him. They all cry. Everyone cries. Ek chidaya….plays…. Arul asks Kalyani and others to remember him with smiling face. Kalyani promises him. He takes his last breath and dies. Kalyani shouts Papa and cries. She asks him to get up. They all cry. Kalyani hugs Anupriya and cries.

After 15 days

Kalyani is sleeping and imagines Atul waking her up. Kalyani says half an hour. He asks her to get up. Kalyani says just 15 mins. Atul tells Moksh that he knows how to wake up her mum. He wakes her up and asks how can I go without meeting you. Kalyani asks are you fine? Atul says yes and tells that today Malhar is going to get the medal. He says you got a good husband and a loving Aai, my life is successful. Kalyani asks him not to go. She holds his hand to stop him. Meri zameen, meri aasman…mere papa song plays…. He signs her to wipe her tears.

Kalyani wakes up and realizes it was her dream. Malhar asks Moksh to drink milk. Kalyani tells him that Papa came in her dream. Malhar asks if he was happy? Kalyani says very much and was praising you a lot, but I told him that you are an atom bomb. Malhar asks her to badmouth about him after the award function. Kalyani says you are getting an award, I can’t do that. Malhar says Papa’s shradh 15 days are completed today. He asks her to get ready and says you are very lucky to be grown infront of your father’s eyes and he comes in your dreams also, but I don’t see my Papa in my dreams too. He asks her to get ready and leaves.

Atharv comes to Kalyani and says I want to take Balu out for 10 mins. Kalyani says I have to make him ready. Atharv says my friend had come and asks her to let him take balu. Kalyani thinks who is his friend. Atharv takes Moksh out and gives him to the man. He says everyone is sad at home after Nanu’s death. Aao Saheb brings sweets near the well and says she made it for Atul. She says I forgot to bring water and asks Pallavi to get it. Pallavi tells Anupriya that she will give her water and asks anupriya to get ready as she will be honoured today. She says don’t know what happened to Aao Saheb, she takes food daily for Atul and someone eats the food, don’t know whom? Anupriya says she will take the water and asks her to go and get ready. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to come and says Atul will not eat if you stand here. Anupriya sees Kalyani eating the food. Kalyani says I am not crying, if Aao Saheb is happy thinking that you are having food then I won’t let her trust break. She finishes the food.

Anupriya telling Aao Saheb that Pallavi and I will bring the vegetables. Aao Saheb says I don’t want anyone favors and says Aparna and Sampada left from here. Anupriya says you know why they left and says villagers would not have let them stay peacefully here after whatever Vaman did and that’s why they went to save themselves from the humiliation. She says they might return later after everything is fine. Aao Saheb says I don’t care and tells that she don’t know anyone’s support. She goes. Pallavi says she will get some mind when she goes to market in the hot weather. She comes out and sees vegetable vendors sitting outside and Sarthak buying it. He tells Aao Saheb that they came for Atul. Aao Saheb says everyone is missing Atul. Anupriya says she will get it. Aao Saheb goes inside. Anupriya asks Sarthak to buy other potatoes. Sarthak says I buy anything as I stay alone. She asks Sarthak what is he doing, until when he will help her. Sarthak says Atul gave me promise, you don’t want me in your life, but can’t keep me far from you. Anupriya sits to get the vegetables and gets up. Woh ji adhuri si yaad baqi hai plays…..

Malhar gets emotional seeing mogra gajra. He reminds Sarthak if he remembers his Aayi wearing it. Sarthak says Vahini always used to wear it and says she must have felt proud seeing you getting an award. Malhar says Baba went to bring the flowers on that day when his mother met with an accident. Kalyani thinks who brought it here. Sarthak asks where is Moksh? Kalyani says Atharv took him to play with his friend. She asks Atharv to bring Moksh. The man asks Atharv to take care and says he will come tomorrow. He plays football making Moksh as goal keeper. He hits the ball and it falls on the roof top, the cement brick is about to falls on Moksh accidently, but the man comes and saves Moksh. Kalyani comes there and sees the man running. She sees his face and is shocked to know that he is Baap ji. She says you was in sangeet academy and had kept my Papa captive there. He says you went missing with your family and asks if he is with Vaman. Atharv says he is my friend and plays with me and Balu. Kalyani says you have taken advantage of Atharv’s mental state and says only Malhar can handle you now. He asks him not to call Malhar. Kalyani asks how dare you touch me and pushes him down, says I will punish you for trying to separate me from my son. Sarthak comes there and holds Kalyani’s hand. Kalyani tells him that the man was keeping eye on Malhar and kidnapping Moksh. Anupriya asks do you know him? Sarthak covers shawl to the man and calls him dada. Kalyani says Malhar is having a danger with him. Sarthak says how can a son have danger from his father. Kalyani, Aao Saheb and Anupriya are shocked. Sarthak cries and hugs him. He tells Kalyani that he is Malhar’s father Madhav Rane. Atharv asks Moksh not to cry and says our dada came.