My Heart Knows Saturday Update 26 March 2022


My Heart Knows Saturday Update 26 March 2022

Whole family gathers for Diwali puja. Kalyani sees Sarthak coming and wonders what connection he can have with the incident.

They are outside and doing crackers. Swara is upset. Malhar goes to her. Anupriya is standing alone. Sarthak goes to talk to her. He says she’s angry with him, not with the festival. He asks her to forget everything for today. Kalyani goes outside to meet someone. Atharv follows her. She tells him to be quiet. It’s an informer whom she called to get information about Sarthak.

Malhar comes there and asks Kalyani what her and Atharv are doing there. Kalyani says she doesn’t want to hide anything. She got a new clue about the case, so with Raghu’s help she had called an informer there. Malhar tells her to stop it now. 24 hours are over. She is not going to get informer job. She requests him for one more day because if anything happens to Anupriya, she won’t be able to forgive herself. He turns to walk away. She stops him and says she knows he’s doing all this to send her to hostel, away from him. She asks why he wants to send her away. Is she that bad? Is it that difficult to live with her?

Kalyani asks Malhar why he wants to send her away from him. Is it that difficult to stay with her? He’s quiet. She gets furious and tries to turn him to her. In that, his clothes get torn. He grabs her and asks what she thinks? He doesn’t like spending time with her? She looks bad to him? What he doesn’t like to see.. is her in problems, her getting caught with family dramas. He has not forgot his promise that he made to her father that he will let her live her dreams. She forgot her dreams, but he has not. This is why he wants to send her to hostel. There is always a risk to an informer’s life and that is why he doesn’t want her to do that job. She gets emotional. He wipes her tears and kisses forehead. They both look at each other emotionally. She tells him to think about her, it’s a question about her mother’s life and she can’t see it getting ruined. He asks her to have faith on him. He has promised her he will prove her innocent. She says she wants to trust him, but requests him to understand her point of view as well. She can’t sit idle. She says sorry to him.

Next day, Kalyani brings Anupriya in some parking lot. She writes MH BOSS on some car’s number plate and asks Anupriya if she can remember anything. She says it’s same plate number that she saw on 26 July. Kalyani asks her to try remember more. Where she saw the car? Who was inside? She is unable to remember. Madhav sees this.

Anupriya is sitting tensed in her room. Sarthak asks her if she will forgive him any day. Anupriya says in her mind, sorry Kalyani, I remembered something else too which I couldn’t tell. Plate number that she was saying in her sleep and car that she saw outside Radhe’s place belonged to Sarthak. Why can’t she remember fully what had happened on 26 July? And what connection that has with Sarthak.

Other side, Madhav informs SB and Aahir that Anupriya is slowly remember everything which is not good for them.

Malhar is crying looking at Swara’s picture. Kalyani comes and says she has convinced Swara to celebrate Bhai Dooj with him. Malhar thanks her. Aahir comes getting ready. Kalyani tells Malhar to go and get ready quickly. Malhar comes back and they celebrate Bhai Dooj. Malhar says he had lost hopes that he will be able to celebrate this festival ever, but thankfully Swara came back. He tells Swara to ask any thing she wants, he will fulfill it. She is quiet. Kalyani tells him to ask.. such days don’t come too often when Malhar says he will give anything. Swara tells Malhar what she wants.. only he can give him. Aahir and his parents get worried. Swara tells him to always love, respect Kalyani. Don’t become like other men in Rane family who don’t know how to respect women. Madhav gets angry and asks what she is trying to say? He doesn’t respect his wife? Kalyani interrupts to handle the situation. Her phone rings. She says it’s an urgent call and excuses herself from there.

Athav brings Anupriya to Pallavi’s room and says he wants to find gift that Pallavi brought for him. Anupriya says to wait for her to come back, but he wants now. He sees a tape recorder and thinks it’s his gift. He tries to play a cassette. Anurpiya recalls seeing same tape recorder before and Pallavi was trying to play the cassette, but nothing was playing. Atharv gets upset with his gift and walks out. Anupriya was also leaving when she hears from the tape recorder, “please help me whoever is listening this. I don’t have time to tell my story. My name is Radhe Shyam and my life is in risk. Sarthak Rane wants to kill me. Whoever finds this cassette, please help me”. Anupriya gets shocked.

Kalyani asks the informer to find out whether Sarthak went to Solapur on 26th July and if he did then did he meet Radhe Shyam? She says she wants this information today only. Sarthak comes there. She changes the topic.

Malhar tells Swara that he might be getting angry at Kalyani, but he truly respects her. He’s trying to change his nature. But still he will be more careful from now. Swara then asks if she can ask a question. He says go ahead. She asks it’s been a year since their marriage.. why they sleep separate? Both Malhar and Kalyani have no answer. Kalyani’s phone drops. Swara sees Radhi’s picture in it and gets nervous. She leaves from there. SB and others also see and get tensed. Malhar asks what happened to her? SB says leave it, she does strange things like this at times.

Later, SB tells Sarthak that Swara saw Radhe’s picture in Kalyani’s phone. Swara and Malhar are slowly finding out everything. If Swara opens her mouth, then they all will be ruined. She asks him to let her control Swara her way and don’t say anything. He doesn’t like that idea. She tells him, then let Anupriya live a widow’s life again. Anupriya is standing at the door. SB asks her to come in. She says she was talking about Swara’s condition and she wants to do something about it. She leaves. Anupriya is tensed as she still has cassette playing in her mind. He asks her if everything is okay? She thinks of playing the cassette, but decides against it as it wouldn’t be nice to ask him directly what his connection was with Radhy Shyam’s death.

Malhar is doing the bed. Kalyani comes and thinks wow he took Swara very seriously. She asks him to move saying she can do her bed by herself. She puts her stuffed toys back. They get ready to sleep. Both want to keep Moksha on their side. They fight. Moksha starts crying. They both say sorry and try to make him laugh. Her phone rings. Malhar is busy playing with Moksha. She goes out and picks it up. Her informer tells her that Sarthak was in Solapur on 26th July.

Swara is sleeping. SB comes and says she’s getting too much love on Malhar and Kalyani. She threatens her, beats her up, and warns not to open her mouth else she will ruin Kalyani’s life.