My Heart Knows Saturday Update 12 March 2022


My Heart Knows Saturday Update 12 March 2022

bomb squad telling Malhar that he can break the car’s door as there is no bomb or explosives in the car. Pawar asks constable to get the hammer and tries to break the door. Malhar asks him to try the back door. Pawar tries and says it is not opening. Malha asks him to use his strength. Pawar opens the open the back seat of the car and looks inside. Malhar and Pawar look inside. Sarthak tells Madhav that he don’t have any other option than to stop Malhar from opening the car door. Kalyani knocks the door and comes there with Atharv. She says sorry to Madhav and says whatever happened because of ghungroo. She says it was my mistake and asks him to forgive her. She says if you don’t forgive me then Malhar ji will not talk to me nicely and I can’t see him sad. Malhar and Pawar couldn’t see anything on the back seat.

Atharv asks Kalyani to wait and calls Madhav as friend and asks him to forgive his Aai. Kalyani asks Atharv to stop it and says he is a child. Madhav gets up and says I have forgotten bahu and tells Atharv that he has forgotten his Aai. Kalyani thanks him and says she will tell Malhar about this. Pawar tries to open the decky. Kalyani calls Malhar and says Madhav ji has forgiven me and asks him to talk to him. She asks Madhav to tell Malhar. Madhav says the same. Malhar gets happy. Kalyani asks where are you lost? Pawar tells Malhar that the decky opened. Malhar sees skeleton and says kankaal. Madhav, Sarthak and others get tensed. Kalyani hears him and asks if it is skeleton and asks if it is the same car which was found inside the pond.

A fb is shown, a lady wearing saree is shown. Malhar says I will talk later and ends the call. Sarthak says I have an important work and leaves. Malhar asks Pawar to get water and puts water on the clothes of the skeleton. Kalyani says Aao saheb and others were against the clearance of pond. She says don’t know what is happening. Sarthak comes out and asks did you find out about the number. Anupriya sees his hands shaken up and asks if he is fine. Sarthak asks her not to interfere in his matters. Kalyani comes out. Anupriya tells that Sarthak was worried. Aahir goes with Sarthak and asks why he was angry at Anupriya. He says Malhar got the skeleton, God knows what will happen now. Sarthak recalls the lady wearing the saree. Malhar puts the water on the cloth and sees the saree. Anupriya says may be he was shocked as the skeleton was in the car. Malhar sees Deshmukh saree wrapper and gets shocked. Pawar asks what happened? Malhar tells Pawar that nobody shall know that skeleton was found and the lady was wearing the saree of Deshmukh’s factory. He says I will talk to Aao Saheb. Pawar says ok. Kalyani checks the number in the last dialed, but it is deleted. Anupriya says I don’t know how to delete the numbers. Sarthak and Aahir come somewhere. Aahir asks did you erase the number. Sarthak says I deleted the call list also. He says now Anupriya will not know. Aahir says if Malhar finds whose skeleton it is, then? Kalyani asks Anupriya to get receipt from kaka. Anupriya tells that Sarthak gets angry when she talks about it. Kalyani recalls and tells that may be you sold the saree to Swara. She says she will talk to her.

Malhar shows the pic in his mobile and asks if this saree is bought from you. Aao Saheb says we didn’t do anything. Malhar says I am alerting you as the dead body is wearing saree of Deshmukh factory. Pallavi taunts malhar. Aao Saheb tells that he has accused Atul also, but he proved innocent. Malhar says you are thinking me wrong and tells that july is written on the saree. Aao Saheb says I will not help you. Anupriya says I will help you. Kalyani says I will help my Aai. Madhav says no and tells that you will not do any work of that house, who don’t give respect to my son. Aao saheb says outsider will tell us, how to behave with my grand daughter. Kalyani asks Asawari to think how Aai will do the work alone. Madhav says bahu. Malhar tells that kalyani takes up equal responsibility of inlaws and mayka.

Aao Saheb asking if outsider will stop our grand daughter from helping us and plan her behavior towards us. Kalyani says how Aai will keep check on the records without my help. Madhav shouts Bahu…Malhar says Kalyani is married and that doesn’t mean that her relation is broken with her maayka. He says Kalyani takes up equal responsibility of Maayka and sasural. He says even we’re having a girl and we don’t want her sasural to break our relation with her. Kalyani gets touched taking him taking a stand for her and thanks him. She says I will give you the details. Malhar thanks her. Kalyani smiles.

Aahir asks Asawari if Maai remembers about that night delivery. Asawari says Sarthak has destroyed all the proofs and also the receipt of the saree. Aahir says but Kaka has no hold on her memory. Just then Asawari cuts her finger while cutting fruits. Kalyani comes there and says I would have cut the fruits. She makes Asawari washes her hand and applies haldi on her cut. She sends Aahir to bring ointment. Asawari’s hand is shaking. Kalyani asks what happened? Asawari tells that she don’t like the arguments at home. Kalyani says even I don’t like. She says Madhav ji asked me not to go to Swara’s room, but let me go to her room for 5 mins. Asawari asks why? Kalyani says I have checked all the receipts, only 26th july receipt was missing. She says when Aao Saheb asked about the saree and blamed her from theft, then Swara said that she has purchased that saree and has the receipt too. Asawari says Swara didn’t buy it. Kalyani says may be she has stolen the saree and receipt came with it. She says it is very important and asks her to let her go for 5 mins. Asawari says ok.

Aahir brings ointment from Kalyani’s room. Kalyani applies ointment to her finger and asks her to let her go for 5 mins, says Swara might be sleeping. Asawari says ok and tells that Madhav and others shall not know. She asks if Anupriya doesn’t remember anything about the receipt. Kalyani says no, Aai don’t remember anything. Asawari asks her to give apple to Swara. Kalyani thanks her and leaves. Aahir asks why did you let her go? Asawari says Kalyani will not get anything and tells that she is worried about the skeleton.

Kalyani comes to Swara’s room and finds her sleeping. She calls her. Swara opens her eyes and sees Kalyani. Kalyani asks her to tell about the 26th july receipt and tells that it is needed for Anupriya’s accounts. Swara says nobody knows about it and pushes Kalyani before leaving from the room. Asawari comes and asks what happened? Kalyani says Swara went out. She comes out calling Swara. Malhar asks what happened? Kalyani tells that she had gone to Swara’s room to keep the apple, but just then Swara pushed her and left from the room. Madhav says I asked you not to go to room and says did you decide not to obey me? He says don’t know where she went? Pallavi says I am coming from outside, but didn’t see her. Aao Saheb asks what happened? Pallavi says his daughter went somewhere. Asawari comes and says Swara is not in the house and the knife is also missing which was with the fruits.

Everyone search for Swara in the house. Just then electricity goes off, Anupriya shouts Kalyani’s name. Kalyani goes to the room and finds Anupriya’s wrist slit and she is unconscious. She shouts calling Malhar. Malhar comes and sees her unconscious and injured. Kalyani asks him to see. Aao Saheb and others see Anupriya unconscious and injured. Atharv says Nani’s hand is bleeding. Malhar asks Pallavi to take care of Atharv and Moksh. Aao Saheb says what your daughter did with our bahu. Malhar checks her pulse and ties cloth on her hand. He asks her to bring bandage. Kalyani stands far and recalls Atul’s death. She is in shock and asks how can Swara do this, what wrong did my Aai do with her. She says she tried to live without Papa, but can’t live without Aai. She cries and says she will not leave swara.

Malhar asks her to trust him and says Aai is fine and her pulse is beating. Kalyani says I will bring first aid box and goes. Malhar asks his family to search Swara. Kalyani comes out and hears door knocking. Sarthak comes there. Kalyani tells him that Anupriya….Asawari says Swara cut Anupriya’s nerves. Sarthak asks if Anupriya is fine and runs inside. Madhav tells Asawari that they have to do something about Swara. Kalyani comes to her room and looks for the first aid box. Swara is behind the bed and is injured. She tries to call Kalyani, but the latter don’t hear her. Kalyani runs away picking first-aid box while Swara tries hard to call her and falls down unconscious.

Kalyani takes first-aid box to Anupriya’s room and asks Malhar to first aid Anupriya’s wrist cut. Doctor reaches and checking Anupriya’s cut says nerve didn’t cut deep, else she would have died. Aahir informs Malhar that Swara couldn’t be found in whole house. Malhar checks her in his room and finds Swara unconscious on floor. Madhav says Swara got asthma attack and asks to bring her asthma pump soon. Malhar makes Swara lie on the bed. She subconsciously repeats Kalyani’s name.