My Heart Knows Monday Update 14 February 2022


My Heart Knows Monday Update 14 February 2022

Swara crying in her room. Malhar comes there and asks what is all this? He asks what do you want, why are you doing this? He says I don’t know you tried to burn Kalyani or not, but you hurt Maai. He says I was happy that I got my sister back and asks her to answer him. Swara wipes her tears and turns to him when Asawari comes there and signs Swara not to say anything to him. Malhar asks Swara what does she wants? Swara asks him to send her to jail if he is so ashamed of her. She says I have no hope from you and asks him to handcuff her and put her in jail. Asawari asks Malhar to go from there and not to talk to a mad girl. Malhar goes. Asawari tells Swara that today she is saved, and will be saved if she becomes bad for Malhar and Kalyani. She says if you try to go near Malhar or Kalyani then you know what can I do. Malhar looks at his hands and feels the pain. Kalyani recalls Malhar burning his hand to save her. She brings toothpaste and applies it to his hand. She says before that, you think me wrong and don’t trust me, I shall tell you that it is applied on burns and says only teeth can be cleaned, but your skin color will not change. She asks him to google and checks if she is saying wrong. Malhar calls her and holds her hand. He sits on his knees surprising her. He says Swara said right that I don’t deserve forgiveness, but still, I am trying my luck. He apologizes to her for not trusting her. Kalyani smiles and turns to go. Malhar holds her hand again.

Kalyani smiles and then asks why shall I give you a chance, so that you can think me wrong again and scold me, I will not forgive you. Malhar asks for the chance so that he can become suitable for her. Kalyani says ok, I will give you a chance, but you have to prove something. Malhar asks what? Kalyani says you can’t get angry for 24 hours. Malhar says what is anger, I don’t know and asks her to take 36 hours. Kalyani says ok and asks him to wear the clothes given by her. Malhar asks do you want to make me orange from a human. Kalyani says yes as it is my choice, you have to wear it as it is for your betterment, you will look 5 years less than your age. She says Navratri will start tomorrow and you shall wear the clothes of my choice. Malhar thinks he will become fruit salad in 9 days. He says from where you get such thoughts. Kalyani says you will learn from me and asks him to sleep, for now, says you have to wear this in the morning. Malhar says ok, Kalyani ji. Kalyani goes. Malhar sings Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli….Kalyani sings yeh Ishq haaye and thinks she will keep Malhar in her control. She finds the ring outside the kitchen and thinks it may be of the attacker. She thinks to ask Anupriya tomorrow as she is already stressed. She thinks this ring is found today, thinks the attacker came home.

The next day, Kalyani makes arrangements for the Navratri celebration along with Anupriya. Atharv comes there. Anupriya stops him and asks him to remove his slippers outside. Atharv says ok and goes out. Kalyani says you didn’t tell me about Navratri and didn’t tell me why these rituals happen. Anupriya explains to her about the ritual which they did for the prosperity and safety of the house. Sarthak comes there and asks how is he looking? Kalyani says, as usual, handsome and asks Anupriya to say. Atharv says less handsome than me. Anupriya asks Sarthak to give the receipt. Sarthak says I tried to get the information and the receipt is at my house if you say then I will bring it now. Anupriya asks him to bring it later. Malhar comes there wearing an orange trouser and a white shirt. Everyone smiles. Aahir says you are looking funny, which means handsome. Atharv comes and says baba is looking like Govinda. Malhar asks Kalyani, she must be very happy. Kalyani says you are looking as it is my choice, but you can’t carry well. Malhar thanks her. Asawari compliments Kalyani’s choice. Kalyani says let’s do aarti. Pawar says forensic report came, but don’t know how the death happened? Kalyani says puja is starting now and asks Malhar to talk about work later. Malhar tells Pawar that they will talk later. Kalyani and Malhar do the aarti together. She prays to find the attacker. Anupriya, Sarthak, Madhav and others do aarti. Asawari swears to God that she will wipe off all the proofs, just like she changed the report.

Malhar reads the report later and tells Pawar that it is written just about the mark on the skeleton’s foot. Kalyani comes there running asking Atharv to eat the food. Atharv refuses and hides behind Malhar. Atharv asks Malhar to eat food first. He says Aai has to eat too. Kalyani makes Malhar and Atharv eat it. Atharv says I can’t eat more and runs inside asking her to make baba eat it. Kalyani is about to run behind him but falls down. Malhar says Kalyani and runs to her. He asks her to walk carefully and asks about the mark on her foot. Kalyani says it is the punishment for wearing ghungroo which I had worn and you pulled it out with force, this mark is not going. Malhar asks Pawar if the mark on the skeleton was because of ghungroo. Kalyani says this means that the skeleton must be of a dancer.

Kalyani tells Anupriya about the same. Anupriya says if she was a dancer then we will not do business with her as Aao Saheb doesn’t like dancers. Kalyani says Malhar ji will find out that, but we have to find out about the attacker and shows the ring. Anupriya remembers seeing the ring and identifies it to be of an attacker.

Kalyani showing the ring to Anupriya. Anupriya identifies the ring of that of attacker. Kalyani asks if this ring is of the attacker? Anupriya says yes and asks if that woman burnt your dupatta. She says if we are thinking wrong and says may be Swara burnt your dupatta. Kalyani says Swara was shocked when I told her about the attack on you. She says Swara was not aware. Anupriya says then who could be the woman? Kalyani says it is very weird, how we can’t see any stranger coming here. She says that woman will not be saved. Atharv is talking to Moksh. Malhar comes to room talking on phone and says because of Kalyani, we came to know that the skeleton had worn ghungroo. Kalyani asks Atharv to tell his baba not to talk to her, and their fight is still on. Malhar says I accept that I did a mistake. Atharv says Aai said that you shall not talk to her, and asks him to talk later. He pushes Malhar. Malhar is about to slap him, but then controls his anger and says sorry to Atharv. Kalyani scolds Atharv to say sorry to baba. Atharv says sorry. Malhar thanks him and tells Kalyani that he did a mistake. He gets a call and says he got the report and is working on it.

Asawari is holding the juice bottle and shaking. Aahir says Dada will reach the truth soon and ask what we will do. Asawari says I have sworn to destroy all the evidence of 26th July and tells that she will kill Malhar and Kalyani. Aahir looks on.

Kalyani asks Atharv to give juice and keeps on the kitchen slab. She drinks juice and her condition starts deteriorating. She asks Atharv not to drop the juice. Atharv says I will not give my glass. Kalyani takes the glass from his hand and throws it on floor. She faints. Atharv calls Malhar. Malhar comes there and holds Kalyani. Aao Saheb, Pallavi, Asawari and Aahir come there. Atharv tells everything. Aao Saheb asks Malhar to make her salt water. Malhar makes her drink salt water and makes her vomit. Swara looks from outside and gets shocked. Malhar asks Asawari to hold Kalyani and takes the bottle in his hand. He takes out the wrapper stick to it and says someone pasted juice sticker on phenyl bottle. He asks Kalyani if she was wearing gloves. Kalyani says yes. Aao Saheb says may be Swara did this. Malhar gets a call and says I am leaving now. He tells that he will keep this bottle in fridge now, but will send it for testing later. Asawari and Aahir get shocked. Asawari comes to room and slaps Aahir. She asks him if he did. He says no. Asawari says then who did this?

Anupriya comes to Sarthak’s house. Sarthak says you might have come to get the receipt and says he will search it and give to her. Anupriya says the mess shall be cleaned sometimes. She is about to clean his room, when he holds her hand to stop her. Anupriya says I am habitual to clean the house, it is a illness since childhood. Sarthak says I wish, I would have such illness. She picks the pant kept on the bed and the receipt falls down. She picks it and tells Sarthak that this is the advantage of cleanliness. Sarthak is shocked. Anupriya says Malhar is about to solve the case and tells that the skeleton was wearing ghungroo. Sarthak recalls and two dancers are shown. Anupriya asks if you are fine. Sarthak says he is having headache. Anupriya says I will leave.

Kalyani calls Malhar and asks if he liked her acting. Malhar says it was overacting. Kalyani says I thought I will not forgive you, but told you a big secret. A fb is shown, Kalyani shows the ring of the attacker and says she was not Swara. She asks him not to tell that she hides the things. Malhar says this lady might have burnt your dupatta also. He says who can be this person, how can an outsider do this so easily. Kalyani says I feel that a family member is doing this and I have a plan to expose that person. Fb ends. Kalyani tells Malhar that the culprit will come to change the bottle cap. Malhar says why he will come, when he/she didn’t change. Kalyani says human fear. Sarthak comes to Anupriya and tells her that he will find out about the address. Anupriya says Kalyani will do. He tries to snatch it from her hand and she falls on the car. Anupriya looks at him surprised. Sarthak says sorry and sits in car. He recalls a man indisguise of a woman dancer removing his artificial hairs and make up.

Malhar comes home and asks Kalyani who changed the bottle cap. Kalyani recalls seeing Swara changing it and tells her name. Malhar is shocked.