My Heart Knows July Teasers 2022


My Heart Knows July Teasers 2022

Kalyani breaks down on learning about Malhar’s death and Anupriya gets arrested for murdering Malhar. Read Zeeworld My Heart Knows July 2022 Teasers.

Zeeworld My Heart Knows July 2022 Teasers

Friday 1  July  2022

Episode 236

Malhar gives away the ration of the house. Sarthak decides to send Mukku to school.

Saturday 2  July 2022

Episode 237

Avni comes with a ploy to learn about a secret from Mukku. Later, Kalyani decides to let Godavari stay at home. Avni conspires against Kalyani.

Sunday 3  July  2022

Episode 238

Malhar gives the task of making pickles to Kalyani. Avni plots to learn the truth from Mukku and Mukku gets trapped in a swamp. Malhar tries to rescue her.

Monday 4  July  2022

Episode 239

Sarthak gives Kalyani her transfer papers which forces Kalyani to make a decision. Kalyani decides to reveal the truth to Malhar but Anupriya stops her.

Tuesday 5  July 2022

Episode 240

Malhar tries his ways to get to Kalyani. Malhar forgives Moksh after learning about the incident with Ahir. He promises Kalyani that no one will be able to take Moksh away from them.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Episode 241

Malhar points a gun at the police and runs away with Moksh. Kalyani breaks down on learning about Malhar’s death and Anupriya gets arrested for murdering Malhar. Later, Kalyani asks Moksh to tell her the name of Malhar’s killer.

Thursday 7 July  2022

Episode 242


Friday 8  July  2022

Episode 243


Saturday 9  July 2022

Episode 244

Kalyani goes to the police station to meet Anupriya. Kalyani believes that Anupriya is innocent and sneaks inside to meet Moksh. Avni ties Kalyani and locks her in the room.

Sunday 10  July  2022

Episode 245

Aausaheb and Avni make Kalyani unconscious and decide to get her married off to an old man.  Moksh gets shocked on seeing the face of the masked man. Later, the police arrive at Ahilya Nivas.

Monday 11  July  2022

Episode 246

Kalyani gains consciousness. While Avni traps Moksh in the water tank, Kalyani seeks Godavari’s help and tries to flee.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 247

Avni tries to kill Moksh on the pretext of a surgery.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Episode 248

Shera saves Moksh. Later, Avni asks Shera a question to find out his identity.

Thursday 14 July  2022

Episode 249

Not Available.

Friday 15  July  2022

Episode 250

When Aausaheb beats Moksh, Shera teaches her a lesson. Later, Shera learns that Kalyani saved his life.

Saturday 16  July 2022

Episode 251

Sarthak tries to trap Shera in his ploy to learn the truth. Avni comes up with a plan to learn the truth about Shera, and he gets trapped in her plan.

Sunday 17  July  2022

Episode 252

Shera and Kalyani find a clue related to the idol of Vitthal. Later, Vitthal is found dead. Seeing that Shera’s life is in danger, Kalyani asks him to leave. Aausaheb asks Kalyani to observe a fast.

Monday 18  July  2022

Episode 253

Kalyani slaps Shera and Sarthak resolves to get Shera punished.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Episode 254

Shera gives Moksh an idea to make Kalyani happy, which she overhears. Shera, to bring a smile on Kalyani’s face, takes her to the market while a few masked men enter the house and begin to look for something.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Episode 255

Kalyani asks Anupriya about Malhar’s death.

Thursday 21 July  2022

Episode 256

Shera brings Kalyani home who gets furious on learning about his deeds. Anupriya gives a befitting reply to Avni’s ploy. Later, Shera approaches Moksh with a knife. Moksh calls out Kalyani’s name.

Friday 22  July  2022

Episode 257

Kalyani and Shera find a map from Malhar’s diary. When Kalyani is not able to find Shera and the idol, she looks for them. Anupriya finds Shera and he makes a big revelation.

Saturday 23  July 2022

Episode 258

Shera tells Kalyani to finish Malhar’s incomplete task.

Sunday 24  July  2022

Episode 259

The masked man on the wheelchair tries to flee with the idol but falls in Shera’s trap. Everyone is left baffled on seeing Ashawari under the mask. Kalyani decides to wait for Malhar. Shera completes his last task and leaves Ahilya Niwas.

Monday 25  July  2022

Episode 260

Avni tries to get Moksh to jump off the terrace on the pretext of meeting Malhar. Kalyani teaches a lesson to Avni and asks a question to Shera. Kalyani saves Shera from an accident and worries for his life. A strange, masked man comes outside the house.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 261

Godavari receives a threatening call. Godawari decides to commit suicide. Shera suspect that Sarthak might have been the assailant but he’s proven wrong. The police come to arrest Godawari.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 262

Shera shields Kalyani from Sarthak who insults Anupriya. Aau Saheb takes a big step for Anupriya. Shera takes Anupriya’s side and rebukes Sarthak. Kalyani and Sarthak place a bet and Moksh becomes a part of it.

Thursday 28 July  2022

Episode 263

A furious Kalyani slaps Shera. Moksh feels upset on learning about Shera. Aau Saheb gives Anupriya a task.

Friday 29  July  2022

Episode 264

Anupriya faces a new challenge. Avni cannot handle Anarkali’s behaviour. A new problem arises for Kalyani.

Saturday 30  July 2022

Episode 265

Sarthak And Avni make Anupriya Lose The Deal. Avni organises a ‘Haldi-Kumkum’ function and tries to insult Anupriya but Kalyani gives a stern reply. Shera and Tommy execute their plan against Avni.

Sunday 31  July  2022

Episode 266

Sarthak And Avni try to break Anupriya’s confidence but she faces them head on.

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