My Heart Knows Full story Zee world, Casts, Plot Summary, teasers


My Heart Knows Full story Zee world, Casts, Plot Summary, teasers

My Heart Knows Zee world starts 15th of October to replace The Good Son. It is a dramatic tale of a girl who gets a stepmother after her mother’s death. However she refuses to accept her despite the latter doing everything to win over her love. My Heart Knows is a bittersweet relationship between stepmother and daughter. Zeeworld is getting entertaining and interesting concepts. The girl loses her mother at a young age. She disapproves her stepmother. She doesn’t want anyone to take her mother’s place. The girl’s hatred gets evident, while the stepmother bears it all for the sake of winning her love. Their connection, though weak, will get realized by them with time. The stepmother holds the hope and fulfills all her duties.

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My Heart Knows Full story 

Kalyani Deshmukh lives in Aurangabad with her parents. Her mother Madhuri slips on the balcony and dies, and her father Atul is jailed and gives her custody to his caring ex-wife, Anupriya who is dominated by her family. Sampada, Kalyani’s cousin loves Atharv but was forced to marry ACP Malhar Rane. She delivers a son, later named Moksh and elopes with Atharv. Malhar marries and troubles Kalyani, believing she was behind Sampada and Atharv’s elopement.

Kalyani raises Moksh. Atharv and Sampada live poorly. He marries the landlady, Mugdha, proclaiming she is mentally unstable and takes over her property. Atharv and Sampada try to create problems for Kalyani but fail. Anupriya’s brother, Keshav takes revenge on her by kidnapping Moksh, but Malhar finds him. After learning his mother Kavita died due to an accident by Atul’s father Sayajirao, Malhar is angry. Sayajirao commits suicide. Atul returns from jail.

My Heart Knows October Teasers 2021

Malhar and Kalyani reacquire Moksh’s custody from Sampada. Atharv turns mentally unstable due to an accident. He befriends a man, in fact Malhar’s father, Madhav. Kalyani introduces him to Malhar. A dead body is found. Madhav’s brother, Sarthak reveals he killed the man. Malhar’s sister Swara tells the man was Radheshyam, a transgender whom she fell in love with and married her. Kalyani realises Sarthak isn’t responsible for Radhe Shyam’s death.

Soon, it turns out Malhar’s half-brother Aahir killed Radhe Shyam. He kidnaps Moksh but is jailed after Malhar and Kalyani save Moksh. Her friend Rachit enters. In a taxi, Malhar realises the driver is Aahir and saves Kalyani. Aahir escapes. Kalyani meets Madhuri’s twin sister Mamta, who lost her right hand and works for the Naxals. Rachit reveals he loves Kalyani. Diagnosed with cancer, Moksh needs an urgent bone marrow transplant.

Rachit tries to molest and later kill Kalyani, but Malhar saves her. Atharv, disguised as a transgender, kidnaps Atul’s mother Ahilya and tries to kill the child. Kalyani faints. Malhar learns her health is deteriorating, and abortion is necessary. Kalyani sends Divya in car. The car explodes, and she dies. Kalyani and Malhar realise Moksh was also in it and assume him dead. Kalyani blames Malhar who shoots her, and she is presumed dead.

5 years later

Malhar is now Sub-Inspector and lives in guilt for having lost Kalyani. She is now District Magistrate of the area. Swara is married to Vivek. Anupriya no longer considers Kalyani, her daughter. During her engagement to Minister Damini Deshpande’s son, Vikram, Kalyani is caught in a fire, and Malhar saves her. Vikram rejects Kalyani after seeing her face. But Kalyani removes her bandages, thus revealing that she has only minor burns. But Kalyani refuses to marry Vikram due to his attitude.

On Avni’s baby shower, it is revealed that Avni is not Malhar’s wife. Ahir had left Avni when she became pregnant with his child. Madhav’s dying wish was that Malhar would take care of Avni and her child in his name. Meanwhile, Kalyani finds out that Mukku is none other than Moksh. Moksh accidentally kills Ahir. Kalyani hides Moksh from Malhar, fearing that if Malhar finds Moksh, he will send him to the correction home. Meanwhile, Vivek accidentally burns Swara and is arrested.

To save Vivek from Sarthark’s wrath, Anupriya tells him that Mukku is her and Sarthark’s daughter. Avni keeps trying to separate the family and make them against each other fortunately Malhar gets to know about Mukku’s identity that he is none other than his son Moksh and becomes exteremly happy but other hand Sarthark gets depressed and the case of Ahir’s death is opened and Malhar, Kalyani and Anupriya try to save Moksh but Malhar is shot by Avni and Anupriya is blammed and Moksh becomes mute as he is the witness to the incident of Malhar’s death.

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Brief Information and Details on My Heart Knows Zee World Series

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 15 October, 2021
  • Total number of episodes: 729
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee TV
  • Original name: Tujhse Hai Raabta
  • Tele Series Country: Indian
  • Time Slot: 6pm

Main Casts, Picture and Real names 


  • Reem Shaikh as Kalyani Rane: Former DM officer; Madhuri and Atul’s daughter; Anupriya’s adopted daughter; Sampada, Godavari and Nal’s cousin; Malhar’s wife; Moksh’s adoptive mother (2018–2021)


  • Sehban Azim as Malhar Rane: ACP or Sub-Inspector or Commissioner; Kavita and Madhav’s son; Swara’s brother; Aahir’s half-brother; Sampada’s ex-husband; Kalyani’s husband; Moksh’s adoptive father; Gungun’s cousin (2018–2021)/Shera Chowdhary: Malhar’s look-alike (2020–2021)


  • Poorva Gokhale as Anupriya Rane: Advocate; Keshav’s sister; Atul’s ex-wife; Kalyani’s foster mother; Sarthak’s wife; Gungun’s mother (2018–2021)


  • Rajat Dahiya as Sarthak Rane: Advocate; Madhav’s brother; Anupriya’s second husband; Malhar, Swara and Aahir’s uncle; Riddhi’s adoptive father; Gungun’s father (2019–2021)
  • Mahi Soni as Moksh Bapat: Sampada and Atharv’s son; Kalyani and Malhar’s adoptive son (2020–2021)
    • Arzaan Shaikh as Baby Moksh Bapat (2018–2020)
  • Purvi Mishra as Gungun Rane: Anupriya and Sarthak’s daughter; Kalyani’s adoptive sister; Malhar, Swara and Aahir’s cousin (2021)

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  • Savita Prabhune as Ahilya Deshmukh: Sayajirao’s wife; Atul, Aparna and Vivek’s mother; Sampada, Kalyani, Godavari and Nal’s grandmother (2018–2021)
  • Shagun Pandey/Varun Vijay Sharma as Atharv Bapat: Pallavi’s brother; Swara, Sampada and Mugdha’s ex-husband; Moksh’s father; Godavari and Nal’s uncle (2018–2021)
  • Sneha Shah as Sampada Bapat: Aparna and Vaman’s daughter; Malhar and Atharv’s ex-wife; Kalyani, Godavari and Nal’s cousin; Moksh’s mother (2018–2021)
  • Shahab Khan as Sayajirao Deshmukh: Ahilya’s husband; Atul, Aparna and Vivek’s father; Sampada, Kalyani, Godavari and Nal’s grandfather (2018–2019)
  • Priya Shinde as Pallavi Deshmukh: Atharv’s sister; Vivek’s ex-wife; Godavari and Nal’s mother; Sampada, Kalyani and Moksh’s aunt (2018–2020)
  • Rajeshwari Datta as Aparna Verma: Ahilya and Sayajirao’s daughter; Atul and Vivek’s sister; Vaman’s wife; Sampada’s mother; Kalyani, Godavari and Nal’s aunt (2018–2021)
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Atul Deshmukh: Ahilya and Sayajirao’s son; Aparna and Vivek’s brother; Anupriya’s ex-husband; Madhuri’s husband; Kalyani’s father; Sampada, Godavari and Nal’s uncle (2018–2019)
  • Amrapali Gupta as
    • Madhuri Deshmukh: Vaman and Mamta’s sister; Atul’s second wife; Kalyani’s mother; Sampada, Godavari and Nal’s aunt (2018)
    • Mamta Verma: Madhuri and Vaman’s sister; Sampada and Kalyani’s aunt (2019–2020)
  • Bharat Arora as Vaman Verma: Madhuri and Mamta’s brother; Aparna’s husband; Sampada’s father; Kalyani, Godavari and Nal’s uncle (2019)
  • Preetika Chauhan as C.P. Meenakshi Parmarth Borkar (2021)
  • Anuj Khurana as Vivek Deshmukh: Ahilya and Sayajirao’s son; Atul and Aparna’s brother; Pallavi’s ex-husband; Swara’s husband; Godavari and Nal’s father; Sampada, Kalyani and Moksh’s uncle (2018–2020)

My Heart Knows Brief Review

The first promo of Zee world’s upcoming show, My Heart Knows was out a while ago and it did create waves in terms of the concept that is will reflect.

The 40+ second promo isn’t convoluted for anyone to understand, where the makers have made things clear that this saga is about three women overall.

A daughter, her mother and her step-mother. Teenager Reem plays the daughter, where we see visuals of how she has the most amazing and sweetest mother-daughter bond with her mom, Amrapali’s character. But in absolute stark contrast, we see how she is unhappy and infact angry on how she has to live with and accept another woman (Poorva Gokhale’s character) as her mother.
The best things about the promo is the ease with which the plotline is explained to the viewers. There is no complicated or cryptic language here to make you wonder your interpretation.
Coming to the storyline, it indeed is fresh and bold in it’s own sense, but there is a certain cliched feel to it, where things seem rather obvious.
My Heart Knows First Episode

A girl, Kalyani, is screaming as she gets tattoo done in her hands. She tells the tattoo guy it’s a surprise for someone. She then goes to a mall to help Madhuri with dress selection. Kalyani and Madhuri share great bond, just like best friends. Kalyani spots someone taking her and Madhuri’s photos. She catches the guy and says girls don’t like guys like him who hide and take pictures. Girls like guys who are straight forward. The guy asks her if she can give her friend’s number to him. She says that will require permission of her husband. The guy says sorry as he didn’t know her friend is married. Kalyani says she is married and also have a daughter and that’s her. She scolds him and tells him not to dare again to secretly take any girls photos.

Later, Madhuri tells Kalyani that is why she should refer her as mother and not call with her name. Kalyani says “maa” sounds so old and there is “ma” already in “Madhuri”. Kalyani goes to a store. Madhuri sees her husband, Atul, following a girl. She follows them and come to parking lot. The girl asks Madhuri to help her. Madhuri asks Atul how can he… Kalyani comes and asks the girl whether she even asked Atul why he was following her? Atul shows her ID card and girl realizes she dropped it and he was chasing her to give it to her. Kalyani asks Madhuri to say sorry to Atul for doubting him.

As they leave the mall, it’s revealed that they have come to Goa as Kalyani has planned her parents re-marriage on their anniversary. She asks them to get ready as she goes and checks all preparations. Madhuri asks Kalyani what’s on her hand. She says it’s a surprise. She got tattoo done. Madhuri gets excited saying tattoo means she got a boyfriend. Atul says how she can have a boyfriend. She is just 17 years old. Madhuri says she’s already 17 and in 1 year, even government gives permission to marry. Atul tells Madhuri that she’s spoiling her. Kalyani reveals she got her parents’ names tattooed in her hands, 2 most important people in her life. Madhuri says she must have had so much pain. Kalyani says so what? she must have had a lot of pain as well when she gave birth to this. Tattoo pain was nothing compare to that.

Kalyani comes to a shop to buy champagne. The shop guy refuses to give without checking her ID. Kalyani sees a lady, Ajji, and does drama that her mother is very sick and she wants to give her champagne as medicine. Ajji gives her address of a very good doctor and asks her to take her mother there. Kalyani emotionally blackmails Ajji and she eventually agrees to buy champagne for her even though she has never ever touched alcohol. Ajji comes to shop and feels very awkward. She buys champagne and brings it to Kalyani. The shop guy catches them. Ajji says her mother is sick and she wants as medicine. The shop guy says she’s lying. Kalyani runs away with bottle saying she had to lie. The shop guy tells Ajji despite so much experience, this kid fooled her. Ajji gets furious at Kalyani and her parents for raising her like that.

Kalyani now comes to a temple to check all preparations. There has been a robbery and priest informs her there won’t be any functions in temple until they catch the thief and get Goddess’ jewelries back. Kalyani says he promised he will do her parents’ marriage. Priest says he can’t do anything until thief is caught. Kalyani thinks how there can be people who steal Goddess’ jewelries. She spots a guy on a bike with a bag and jewelries hanging out. She thinks he’s the thief. He tells her that it’s her girlfriend’s jewelries. He is waiting for her. They planned to run away today as their families wouldn’t accept them. Kalyani doesn’t listen and screams thief is here. Everyone comes and beats the guy. The guy tells Kalyani because of her, he lost his love today. He curses her she’ll also lose someone whom she loves a lot.

Kalyani comes to her hotel room and is shocked to see Madhuri hanging outside window and Atul holding her hand to save her. Kalyani runs to help save Madhuri and in that, she falls down with champagne bottle. The bottle breaks and a piece of glass erases Madhuri’s tattooed name in her hand. Atul looks back and his and Madhuri’s hands separate. Madhuri falls down and dies.

Kalyani returns to hotel room is shocked to see Mahduri hanging outside balcony and Atul trying to pull her up. She drops champagne bottle in a shock in a shock and falls down. Glass strand pierces Madhuri’s tattoo on her hand. Aturl turns hearing her shout and leaaves Madhuri’s hand by mistake. Madhuri falls down and falls on ground. Atul shouts Madhurii…Kalyani rushes down and holds Madhuri in her hands. Atul also rushes down. They both plead Madhuri to open eyes. People discuss she must have suicide, maybe she was drug, she is dead. Kalyani shouts Madhuri is not dead and asks to pen eyes. Madhuri shakes hand and opens eyes. Kalyani shouts Madhuri is alive, call ambulance. They rush her to ambulance. Doctors take her to OT. Kalyani asks Atul how did he leave Madhuri’s hand, what had happened.

Atul reminices getting ready as a groom aand waiting for Madhuri to come out of room. He says his whole pocket is empty in decoration. She while getting ready asks not to be so cunning. She walks out wearing Marathi bridal dress and asks how is she looking. He says beautiful, walks into room and seeing flower decoration and panics that flowers are very costly. She says their daughter planned since a month for this day. Atul looks at his Shimla pic and excitedly asks where did Kalyani get it from, he is looking so handsome and young. Madhuri asks where is young Atul. Atul asks if she wants to see young Atul and gvets romantic with her. Out of flashback Atul shouts..Nurse rush out of OT shouting patient’s condition is critical. Kalyani sees an injured boy on wheelchair whom she got trapped in temple by mistake thinking him as thief. People trash boy brutally, and injured boy curses that he lost his love because of her, even she will lose her dear one soon. She runs to boy and pleads to take back his curse. Nurse takes boy away. Another nurse informs Atul that Madhuri’s conditionn is critical. Kalyani and Aturrl rush into OT. Doctors try to revive Madhuri via electrical shock. Kalyani gasps for air, says Anu..Anu…Anupriya and breathes last. Machine says please check the pulse. Doctor checks pulse and pronounces Madhuri as gone already. Kalyani shouts no. Madhuri’s dead body is taken away. Kalyani resists to let her taken away. Atul says let her go, even god needs beautiful people.

Police questions Atul and asks what had happened. Atul goes into flashback where Anupriya calls him. Madhuri asks him why Anupriya is calling him, if he is still having affair with her. He says no, she is misinterpreting. Madhuri starts arguing that he is having an affair and did not even think of their daughter. He says she is alleging him wrongly. She asks to prove. He says he will not prove his innocence, she has gone mad. She asks if he wants to see her madness. Anupriya calls him again. She asks to pick call and switch on speaker. He says he will not. Out of flashback, Kalyani hears inspector alleging Atul to have murdered his wife, walks in and shouts how can he allege her papa. He says there was no one in the room except Atul, so he must have murdered Madhuri.

Atul reminisces Madhuri standing on balcony railing and threatening to pick call. He says she has fear of heights, please get down. She insists to pick call. He is about to pick call when she feels dizzy and falls down. He runs and holds her hand… and rest of the even follows. Inspector says until postmortem report is back and Atul is proven innocent, he will be under police custody. He handcuffs Atul and drags him away. Kalyani shouts he cannot arrest her papa. Inspector warns not to each her what to do. Kalyani says Anupriya has killed her Madhuri, her Madhuri herself told her, he should find out Anupriya instead of catching her father. Inspector warns not to teach his duty and drags Atul away. Kalyani pleads Madhuri’s dead body to speak once and tell who killed her.

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