My Heart Knows Friday Update 25 February 2022


My Heart Knows Friday Update 25 February 2022

Kalyani telling Ketki that she likes challenges and is very stubborn that once she thinks something then do it. She says Malhar ji and my relation is not weak to break by your conspiracy. She takes the burning mask in her hand and says I will unmask your real face and will save my Papa also from the false accusation She says she is Kalyani Rane and asks her to remember. Ketki gets angry. Kalyani comes to the factory and thinks how to remove this terrorist tag from Papa’s head. She thinks Malhar ji will not trust me. Anupriya comes and asks what is happening? Kalyani says how to save Papa and says Malhar ji is not supporting me. She tells that Ketki tried to drown Atharv in water and threatened him and then confessed to her everything, threatened her. Anupriya says whatever Atul said was right. Kalyani asks what did he say? Anupriya says Atul had said that he is doubtful on Ketki and now he remembers that she used to come to jail to meet someone and there is some truth about her. He says he will enquire with his co prisoners and asks her not to tell Kalyani. Kalyani asks where is Papa? Anupriya says he went to find out about her. Malhar comes there and looks upset seeing her.

Kalyani asks Anupriya if she shall tell Malhar and says he will not believe her. Anupriya says Malhar will not believe her. Kalyani comes to talk to Malhar and hears him talking to police Inspector and giving them instructions not to shoot Atul. She thinks he is concerned for her still. Malhar sees her and asks if she wants to say that her baba is innocent, his phone is stolen and someone else messaged you. Moksh starts crying. Kalyani takes him and asks if he thought baba scolded her. She says we will beat baba. Moksh laughs. Malhar smiles.

Ketki shouts. Malhar runs to her. He finds the dart injuring her neck and takes it out. Ketki says Kalyani’s father wants to kill me. Malhar says he is not here. Kalyani presses her neck angrily. Malhar asks her to leave her. Kalyani says dart might be poisonous and I have to stop the poison from spreading in her body. Malhar asks if this is the way. Kalyani says I genuinely want to help her. Malhar says I am there for her and asks her not to worry for her. Kalyani smiles. Ketki prays to Ganapati to give her strength to prove her Papa’s innocence. Ketki comes and says you have proved that you are not matured enough and can’t face challenges. She says you have become wife and mother in this age. Kalyani says I will tell you what 18 years girl can do and tells about Deepshika, page 3 woman who married at the age of 18 and became a mother. She says she didn’t accept defeat facing the challenges and tells that even she likes challenges. She asks her not to worry about Malhar, Billu and her and not to put pressure on her little mind. Ketki goes.

Aao Saheb says don’t know when Malhar will stop troubling her. Pallavi and Vivek worry that Malhar will do something with him. Aao Saheb asks about Anupriya. Pallavi says she must be with Kalyani or with Sarthak on a call. Malhar and Ketki come home. Anupriya also comes there. Malhar asks her what did Atul say? Anupriya says I didn’t talk to him. Malhar shows Anupriya’s pic with Atul in Ketki’s phone. Anupriya recalls meeting him and tells him about Ketki. He tells that he was attacked and someone snatched his phone. He tells that he couldn’t talk to his friends and will bring proofs. Ketki clicks their pic. Atul asks her to take care of herself and Kalyani. Malhar asks Anupriya why she is lying to him. Anupriya feels drowsy. Kalyani comes to her and holds her. Malhar says you both have lied to me before and asks Kalyani if she wants her name to be connected with him then she shall not meet Anupriya. He says if she goes against him then she will become Kalyani Deshmukh from Kalyani Rane. Ketki smiles. She comes there and asks Malhar not to be angry on Kalyani. Malhar goes out. Ketki smiles and acts to feel pity on her.

Malhar talks to Pawar and asks him to keep him informed. Kalyani brings food and asks him to eat. She asks him not to take out anger on food and says she will throw it. She then says she will eat it and says it is a bad habit to throw food. He looks at her angrily. He takes the food plate and says you are scared that I will scold you when you talk about throwing food and asks if she is so scared then why do she does big things. He gets a call and coughs. Kalyani snatches his phone and makes him drink water. Malhar looks at her. Kalyani says you can scold me and punish me, but I can’t stop myself from helping you when you are in pain.  Malhar and Kalyani having an emotional moment. Chadariya song plays..Aao Saheb blames the day when Malhar take over their house. She asks Sampada about Aparna. Sampada says she left with baba. Aao Saheb says Malhar had brought Vaman here. She tells Anupriya that she praised Malhar so much and he asked Kalyani not to talk to her. She says who will fight Atul’s case. Sarthak comes and says I will fight the case. Pallavi asks if he wants to take the case because of Anupriya. Sarthak asks them to think what they want and says he believes Atul is innocent. Malhar hears him and says even you. I will get him punished. Kalyani misses Anupriya and cries sitting on her side of wall. Anupriya also cries sitting at the other side. They realize that they are near each other, gets up and hug each other. Kalyani asks about Anupriya. Anupriya tells her that he said that his phone was stolen before he could meet his friend. Kalyani says I will prove my Baba’s innocent and will bring him here with full respect. Aao Saheb comes there and says I can tell Malhar that you both were talking, but I will not do this and do a favor on you. She says next time he himself will kick you out.

Ketki acts hearing Malhar coming. Malhar comes there. Ketki says I used to call you as my bodyguard and tells that if she had known how to protect herself then this day wouldn’t have come. Malhar says I am your bodyguard, don’t you trust him. She keeps her head on his stomach and asks him to take her with him. Kalyani hears them and thinks Malhar is easily believing Ketki, but she will not let her go. She tells Ketki that she has kept puja for her husband soul’s peace. Ketki says it should have been done at her house. Malhar says this is also your home. Kalyani says you shall do the puja and apologizes to her for yesterday’s incident. Malhar says I will keep two constables for you. Kalyani takes Ketki to guest house and asks her to do puja. She asks Pandit to help her do puja. Kalyani talks to Moksh and says she fooled Ketki. Atharv comes there and tells her that some people are beating Anupriya. Kalyani comes to her rescue and takes Anupriya inside. Ketki see the video and says you tried to be smart with you. She says what Malhar will do now and smirks. Kalyani asks Anupriya to come to hospital. Anupriya asks her not to talk madly and asks her to go. She says who will take care of Moksh then. Kalyani takes Moksh and gives to Sampada asking her to handle the baby.

Sampada says you are giving Billu to me even after I have done so much with you. Kalyani says you are his mother too and I am sure you will not let anything happen to him. Atharv asks why are you giving baby to her. Kalyani says if one gets the chance then can become good. She asks Atharv to get big The people are still throwing stones in the house. Aao Saheb comes out and tells the people that she has done so much for them. The corrupt people throws stone on Aao Saheb. Pallavi comes and takes her inside. They tell slogan against Atul. Kalyani comes out wearing big basket on her back in which Anupriya is seated and unconscious. The people say that she is taking her mum to hospital and asks each other to beat her. Kalyani throws kerosene oil on them and threatens to burn them alive if they stop her from taking her Aai to hospital. She says nobody will stop me and if anyone follows me then it won’t be good. She walks with much difficult.