My Golden Home Teasers December Zee World

My Golden Home Teasers December Zee World

Saturday 01 December

Episode 91

News spread everywhere about Abha “two husbands” while Karan join hands with her to bring justice to their deceased child. Shelly’s truth is finally exposed in front of the family.

Sunday 02 December

Episode 92

Abha shows her bravery in court as she proves the culprit guilty and Ranchod innocent in the face of the law. Karan takes a decision to leave the house for Abha and Ranchod’s happiness.

Monday 03 December

Episode 93

Just when everything get settled in the house, Abha starts to have scary daydreams. Kanika gives Sheetal an idea of mortgage to arrange for the portfolio money.

Tuesday 04 December

Episode 94

Thakur realizes that Abha dreams are connected to the secret book. He then try to find out the keys to the locked room without getting anyone involved.
Wednesday 05 December

Episode 95

Abha spots Shelly working at a Saree shop. Rashmi calls off her wedding to Veer but her decision happen to be in his favour. It looks like Jagmohan also knows the mystery behind the old room.

Thursday 06 December

Episode 96

Preparations for Veer and Priyanka’s wedding are in full swing. Vimal misses Shelly, Abha notices this and promises to bring her back.

Friday 07 December

Episode 97

The entire Prasad family go on a picnic. Thakur decides to make use of this chance to find out the past hidden secret.

Saturday 08 December

Episode 98

Thakur gets a hint that might help him dig up the past. Meanwhile, Shelly is finding it hard to get through to Asmi.

Sunday 09 December

Episode 99

Thakur gets a frightening dream about Abha. Pratibha demands for the ancestral jewellery and Abha goes to the cupboard only to find it gone! Could this serve as an imminent danger for the family?

Monday 10 December

Episode 100

Kanika and Sheetal continue going out for shoots behind everyone’s back. Abha overhears a conversation between her father and Jagmohan and her fears increases when everything begins to fall apart in the house.

Tuesday 10 December

Episode 101

Strange things keep occurring to the females in Swarn Bhavan. While viewing the clicked images, Abha sees a picture of Yashodara in the background.

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My Golden Home Teasers December Zee World

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