My Desire Wednesday Update 31 August 2022


My Desire Wednesday Update 31 August 2022

Preesha returns home, and inebriated Rudra yells that she went to meet her boyfriend Yuvraj. She says she went to meet Rahul’s wife Neerja. Rudra yells that she is characterless and is having affair with even Rahul now. Preesha warns him to shut his mouth, Rahul’s wife is in coma and she went to meet him. She confronts that people like him in society tarnish women’s character with their filthy thinking without thinking once; if a man goes to work late night, he is working hard and if a woman goes out, she is characterless and is having affair. She warns him to dare point at her character again and walks away, while Rudra stands in a shock.

Next morning, police arrive at Khurana mansion. Balraj asks how can they come without any prior notice. Inspector says they came to search for clue as they feel other pair of earring is in this home. Balraj asks how does earring look. Inspector shows pic. Mishka gets happy that its not her earring. Ahana warns her to zip her lips. Police searches house and finds earring pair in Sharda’s room. Balraj says this is his wife’s earring. Inspector says Sharda has to accompany him to police station. Balraj says he cannot arrest earring. Inspector says he is taking her for questioning. Sharda says he is mistaken as this is a common earring. He asks if this is not the the pair of earring which was in Kirti’s hand, then where is this earring’s pair. Sharda picks one from her purse and says she is preparing similar one for

her friend as she likes it. Rudra asks inspector to leave if his work is done. Inspector leaves. Ahana yells that all this problem is because of politician and Kirti’s father Harish Jain. Balraj says he will speak to his lawyer and teach Harish a lesson. Sharda relaxes thinking problem is solved. Preesha asks if she is hiding something and reminisces hospital incident where Sharda says she came to meet doctor for her diabetes, but doctor had prescribed her ointment for wound. She then follows Sharda to a jewelry store where Sharda orders pair of earring. Out of flashback, Preesha asks Sharda to justify. Sharda says her toe is injured, so she doctor prescribed ointment and her friend needs same earring, so she is gifting similar one to her friend; Preesha should stop thinking much.

Inspector returns to Harish who asks him why didn’t he arrest Khurana women as he is sure someone from Khurana family murdered his daughter. Inspector says there was same pair of earring and he cannot arrest without any strong evidence. Constable informs him that forensic team has found some evidence.

Saransh walks to Preesha tensed and asks her to come along. She follows him and is shocked to see Rudra drinking alcohol during online class. Teacher scolds him and complains against him to principal. Principal calls Preesha and says she cannot let Rudra set bad example on students, so she is restricating him. Preesha says he is stressed because of his cosinger’s death. Principal says she saw that news, but that doesn’t mean he will drink in class in front of small kids, so she is restricating him for 2 weeks to set an example. Preesha confronts Rudra, but as usual he blames her character for his stress and says she was with Yuvaj last night and lied. She warns him to stop his nonsense and calls Yuvraj, but Yuvraj thinks he wants Rudra to get out of Preesha life and hence doesn’t pick her call. Rudra continues alleging her. She holds his hand and says she will take him to where she was last night. He resists, but she gets adamant.

Rahul calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj acts and asks if Neerja is fine, he can’t believe she is in coma. Rahul says Neerja is recovering because of Preesha, Preesha saved Neerja’s life twice and he is feeling guilty that he troubled Preesha and created differences between her and Rudra, so he will inform Preesha everything and apologize her as he doesn’t want Neerja more to suffer because of his sins. Yuvraj thinks if Neerja gets conscious, he will be in trouble; he says its a good idea and when is he informing Preesha. Rahul says in some time as Preesha is coming to hospital to meet Neerja. Yuvraj says he will also come there.

At home, Mishka asks Ahana why didn’t she got Rudra out of school for drinking in class, it was a good chance. Ahana says because of Mishka Balraj and Rudra are angry on her and she wnats to win their trust back. Mishka says she is proven innocent, so there is no need for that. Ahana gets hotel manager’s message with CCTV footage. She checks footage and finds its old one, asks manager where is new one as others also went on terrace after Rudra came down. Manager says he will find out.

Preesha brings Rudra to Neerja’s room and says she came to meet Neerja last night. She speaks to Neerja who is in coma and asks her to tell Rudra that she came to meet her, but Rudra is doubting her. Monitor beeps. Preesha says this means Yuvraj walks in and flirts with her. Rudra yells at Preesha that her timing is wrong, she found this place to meet her boyfriend now. Preesha tries to explain, but he continues doubting her character and leaaves. Preesha confronts Yuvraj who says he was pranking her. She asks why did he lie Rudra that she was with him last night while she was with Neerja. He says Rudra had made up him mind, so he just enjoyed and when he thought of informing him truth, he disconnected call. Preesha walks away fuming. Rahul says he will inform Rudra that Preesha is innocent and will show him real video. Yuvraj gets tensed and says he shouldn’t, else Rudra will ruin his career. Rahul says it is better than losing life and he cannot see Neerja suffering.

Police return to Khurana mansion again, and inspector says they need to take whole family’s DNA test as they found culprit’s tissue samples in Kirti’s nails. Balraj overreacts, but agrees on Rudra’s advice. Lab tech takes everyone’s DNA samples. Sharda hesitates, but gives sample on Preesha’s questioning. During dinner, Balraj speaks to lawyer and fumes. Ahana asks him to calm down as Harish would have realized he can do nothing. Preesha says good they gave DNA test and will be proven innocent. She asks about Sharda, walks to her room and knocks door. Sharda sits in her room tensed. Servant informs that Sharda told she is sleeping and not to disturb. Preesha thinks she will check maa in the morning. Sharda cries thinking how to set things right.