My Desire Wednesday Update 18 October 2023


My Desire Wednesday Update 18 October 2023

Samrat shatters seeing Nayantara sleeping clothless with Raghav. He wakes her up. Nayantara covers herself and asks what he doing here, how dare he is to enter the room. Samrat shouts how dare she is to share a bed with another man and call him wrong instead. Nayan says who is he to disturb her privacy, how does it matter to him if she shares a bed with Raghav. Samrat says it matters to him as she is his wife. Nayan says he never treated her like a wife and always used here to make Mansi jealous, so he should stop showing his fake right on her; he married her to take revenge from her for what she did to his sister. She then walks to Raghav and asks if he is fine. Samrat warns her to stay away from Raghav.

Raghav says Samrat is jealous because he slept with even his second wife. Sam says cheap Raghav’s taunting words don’t affect him, but he considered Nayan at least as a friend and even she had problem with Raghav when he misbehaved with her and now she slept with him. Nayan says he is jealous as he can’t sleep with her, the truth is he can’t satisfy any girl like Raghav does. Raghav taunts Samrat again. Samrat angrily trashes him. Raghav continues that Samrat can’t tolerate that he slept with both his wives. Nayan shakes Sam and asks if he is fine. Samrat gets out of his imagination and asks if she is here, who is on bed then.


Nayan turns girl’s face and is shocked to see Ishani. Ishani heavily sedated asks her to let her sleep. Reporters throng in and asks Samrat what would he say seeing Raghav and Ishani sharing a bed. Sam tongue lashes them for trying to highlight someone’s problems and sends them out. Nayan vents out her frustration on Raghav. Raghav thinks Nayan doesn’t know that Ishani drank a spike drink he prepared for Nayan. He recalls seeing intoxicated Ishani in corridor and took her to room to take revenge from her. At home, Mohit searches for Ishani. Malati informs him that even Ishani didn’t return home from Raghav’s party. Mohit assures her that he will go and bring both Ishani and Nayan home.

Nayan continues to tongue lash Ragvhav and says she will file a rape case against him. Raghav asks her to stop accusing him as Ishani herself came to him. Mansi gets angry hearing and confronts him for cheating on her and sleeping with Ishani on their wedding day. Raghav says she knows how he is, he got carried away in Ishani’s beauty and spent night with here, there is nothing wrong in it. Mansi slaps him and says he is a monster who doesn’t have any emotions. Mohit reaches venue and hearing reporters discussing that Raghav created a biggest scandal this time thinks Sam must have done something to Raghav. He walks towards Raghav’s room. Mansi throws water on Ishani and wakes her up. Ishani covering her modesty asks what is happening here. Mansi accuses Ishani of trapping her would be husband on their wedding day. Nayan warns her to mind her tongue and stay away from her sister. Mansi continues accusing Ishani. Mohit walks in to room and stands shocked.