My Desire Wednesday Update 15th June 2022


My Desire Wednesday Update 15th June 2022

Saransh saying Ahana asked me to get dad’s sign, she won’t allow me in the class. Prisha says I will talk to her. She goes to Ahana and asks how did you torture my son, he was scared to come to school, why did you ask for dad’s sign. Ahana says its compulsory in school’s police. Yuvraj comes and asks him to show the policy, I m a lawyer, I know there is no such policy. Ahana says you are a rude man, we have to keep records of students. Yuvraj says you need father’s sign for records. He signs and gives the paper to Ahana. He says I m Saransh’s dad, my name isYuvraj Pillai, I don’t want my child to get harassed for this topic. He gives a cheque and says its 2 lakhs donation, my would be wife won’t do any work in school.

He asks Saransh to tell his dad’s name proudly, his dad is Yuvraj Pillai. Saransh and Prisha smile. Yuvraj holds their hands. He says your problem is mine now, come. Prisha gets a call. Ahana gets angry. Saransh calls Yuvraj as Papa. He goes. Yuvraj thinks you got much insulted, get happy, I m going to get 1 crores for 2 lakhs, he will never imagine that I m blackmailing him. Rudraksh comes to Prisha’s hospital. He meets Bubbles and says your name suits you. He flirts with her and compliments her. He asks will you sign my medical certificate. She says yes. He says you are the best doctor in the world. She signs the form. He goes. She says Rudraksh…..

She gets his BF’s call and says I love you too. The guy proposes her for marriage. She says yes, yes, Rudraksh is so lucky for me, my BF proposed me. Rudraksh comes to Rajeev and asks him to save him from Mishka. Rajeev gets Yuvraj’s blackmailing messages. Rudraksh asks who will understand me if you don’t listen. Rajeev gets worried. Yuvraj asks him to meet him. Rudraksh shows the medical certificate. Rajeev says I have imp work. He goes. Bunty, Tia and others come. Bunty says I want one week off for marriage, I love her. Rudraksh asks who is she. Bunty says we took baraat that day to the hospital, I saw her there. He shows Bubbles’ pic.

Rudraksh says she is Prisha’s friend, you will die, text her, you are breaking off with her, else leave the music group, choose, life or death, music or love, me or she. Bunty asks what. Bubbles dances with Prisha. She says I m very happy. Prisha asks did you just get Rudraksh’s friend Bunty. Bubbles says I have decided it. Prisha says give me his address, I will meet him and fix the marriage, since your parents aren’t here. Bubbles gets Bunty’s message… I took the decision in hurry, lets break up. She cries. Prisha asks is this a joke, don’t message him, I will go and tell him. Rajeev leaves in the car. Bunty says I have a heartbreak, you made me break up by sending message, I will go and say her thanks. Rudraksh says thank me, now save me, give this letter to Mishka. Bunty asks what’s this disease. Rudraksh says its secret plan, your Bubbles signed this form without reading, do my work. He hides. Mishka comes to meet Rudraksh. Bunty says he was here, he just went, he left this for you. Mishka checks the letter and says he is suffering from STD. She goes.

Rudraksh says Bunty, you saved me. Prisha comes. He asks why did you come here. She says I came to make Bunty say sorry. She scolds Bunty. Bunty says Rudraksh made me do it, I didn’t want it. Prisha says you are alone and you want others to be alone, who will marry you to ruin life. Rudraksh says you marry me, I want to ruin your life. Prisha asks Bunty to use his brain and not ruin his life. Rudraksh says you have no mind, girls hug me, you want to try, come. Prisha goes. Rudraksh gets a call from Balraj. Bunty asks did Balraj know about the disease drama. Rudraksh says relax, he called me, not you, where is Rajeev. He calls Rajeev. Mishka cries. Ahana consoles her. Balraj checks the report. Ahana says Mishka can’t marry Rudraksh, he is a rockstar, he has roadside disease, the letter has doctor’s sign also, I thought Rudraksh and Mishka will marry and two businesses will join, let me inform dad. Balraj says let me talk to him. Rudraksh comes. Balraj asks is this true, every doctor will check you if this is true.

Rudraksh says no, I don’t have any STD, this was just a prank, it was an excuse to know if Mishka loves me or not, will she support me or leave me. Ahana signs Mishka. Mishka says I will support you. Ahana says she loves you, silly boy, do you want to marry Mishka or not. Rajeev comes and looks on. Balraj says he will marry, why not. Rudraksh proposes Mishka. Mishka says of course, I will marry you. Mishka hugs Rudraksh. Balraj says we will have a new business merger. Ahana goes to get sweets. Rajeev asks did you go mad, why did you agree, I know you don’t love her. Rudraksh says dad is asking me to marry. Rajeev says look at me to keep loveless marriage, its frustrating.

Rudraksh says chill, I don’t believe in love, I just love you, we are enough for each other, what happened. Rajeev says don’t do this marriage. He goes. Yuvraj says our marriage mahurat is getting fixed. Pandit gives two mahurats. Yuvraj says we want to marry soon. Vasu asks how will we manage it. Yuvraj says my friend will manage all arrangements. Gopal says fine. Prisha smiles. Yuvraj says we will marry somewhere outside, I will bear all the expenses. Gopal says no. Yuvraj says Prisha’s happiness is my responsibility now, every girl has a dream of a grand wedding, I m just doing that. Gopal and Vasu agree. Prisha thanks Yuvraj. Yuvraj says thanks to you, you and Saransh are my everything. He thinks I will spend money and take it from Saransh’s dad.

Rajeev saying who is this blackmailing me, who knows about Mahima. He gets Yuvraj’s message… meet me and get 1 crore along. Rajeev says so he is blackmailing me for money. He replies I don’t have 1 crore. Yuvraj replies…. then get ready to see the news tomorrow. Rajeev replies I will get the money. He calls bank manager and says I want 1 crore from Rudra’s account, why can’t I withdraw it, I need dad’s sign, no thanks. He thinks now there is just one option, dad’s locker. He goes to Balraj’s room and gets the key. He opens the locker. He takes the money. Balraj says I think we should get their engagement ceremony done in 2 days. Rudraksh asks so soon. Balraj asks why, is there any problem. Ahana says we shall book the five star hotel, we need to inform dad. Balraj says don’t worry, invite all the guests.

Ahana says I will personal organize the event, it will be a grand event, just enjoy. Rajeev gets a call and says yes, I m just coming to office. Rudraksh says wait a min. Rajeev says I m getting late. He says I got the money, I will go and catch the blackmailer. Bubbles cries and says Bunty you didn’t do right with me. Prisha comes and says you will be happy with this news, my marriage is final in two days. Bubbles says I m very happy for you, I will give you a party. Prisha says sorry, I know you are so hurt. Bubbles asks her to come. Prisha says I will see if loneliness is written in your fate. Rajeev reaches some place. He gets a message…. put the money in the dustbin. He throws the bag in the bin and goes. He says that man is smart, I will not leave him, I will catch him. A truck comes there.

Rajeev gets down the car to see. Yuvraj takes the bag and goes. Rajeev sees the bag gone. He runs to see. The truck driver smiles. Rajeev leaves in the car. Yuvraj smiles. He gets inside the truck and gives money to the driver. He says Rajeev, you are acting clever to catch me, what happened, this is called cleverness, I got the money, you are empty handed, its just first instalment. Vasu says you are celebrity mehendi artist. The lady Sanaya says I will come there and ask the bride for designs. Ahana comes and says she will not come to your place, she will come to me. She throws the money and asks Vasu to book someone else. Vasu asks Ahana to book someone else and not talk badly. Ahana says I can buy any mehendi artist. Sanaya says don’t do this, I will go to Vasu’s place, she gave the advance first. Ahana gets angry. Rudraksh plays guitar.

Balraj shouts Rajeev. He asks Rudraksh to call Rajeev home. Rudraksh asks what happened, his phone is not reachable. Balraj asks where will he go. Rajeev comes. Balraj starts shouting on him. He says you have stolen 1 crore from your dad’s locker. Rajeev asks how do you know. Balraj says there is a camera fixed in my room, your fate is good that you are my son, tell me, where is the money. Rajeev says I needed money. Balraj asks will you steal it if you need it, I want my money, you can’t earn anything. Rudraksh says its 1 crore, you will get it. Balraj says I will kick you out if you don’t get the money. Rajeev shivers.

Rudraksh says that was your money also, you don’t need to say why you took it, don’t worry, Balraj will get the money. Rajeev says no Rudra, I will do something. Rudraksh hugs him and says you always did so much for me, first time I got a chance, don’t snatch my happiness, I m not so bad. Rajeev says you are my life. Rudraksh says same to you, go and take rest, I will handle everything. He calls Tia and says I will do the ointment ad, tell them that shoot will be today, I want 1 crore cash today itself, I m coming.

Bunty sees Bubbles weds Tinku board. He says Bubbles you made love a fashion, I still love you. He shouts Bubbles and asks why are you marrying. She asks shall I cry all life. He says I m a fool to hurt you, I won’t let you get married, call Tinku. Some guys come there and talk cheaply. Bunty gets angry and beats them. He scolds the guy and shouts I love her. Prisha comes clapping. She says finally, we wanted to hear this from you, these guys are ward boys from my hospital. The guy says our shift ended, we did this on Prisha’s saying. Bunty says I m sorry guys. He goes to Bubbles and says sorry to hurt you Bubbles, and Prisha ji sorry. Prisha asks him to always follow heart, its big thing to keep love, this marriage and invitation was just my plan. Bunty says it means she isn’t marrying Tinku. She says no. Bunty hugs Bubbles. Rudraksh gives money to Rajeev and says give this to dad, its 1 crore. He says I did the ointment ad. Rajeev says you didn’t like that ad. Rudraksh says you didn’t like cheating, even then you wrote the answer sheets of all the kids, since you wanted to get a new guitar for me, the list is long. Rajeev hugs him. Rudraksh hears Mishka shouting. He says I will just go, I have to fix marriage venue, its slow poison. Rajeev says then refuse, its about your life. Rudraksh says I wish dad should understand this.

Prisha and Yuvraj taste the food. Rudraksh and Mishka come there. His fans click selfies with him. Rudraksh thinks Prisha is here, she said I won’t get married. He says make us taste the menu. Prisha says you have come here. He says I m getting married. She asks who is that ill fated. He says she is good fated, she is my life partner, Mishka. Yuvraj goes on a call. Rudraksh says Mishka, people said none will marry or love me, imagine those people got this slap. Prisha wishes Mishka. Rudraksh taunts Prisha. Mishka says I will be back. She goes to see decor options. Rudraksh says poor baby, you are jealous, I will send you my marriage invite. Prisha asks him to get his nose treated. She says even I m marrying in two days. She gives advance. He sees the swastik mark on the money notes. He thinks its our money, how did she get this, did Rajeev give her. He recalls Balraj asking Ahana to do tilak on Laxmi/money notes. Ahana makes the tilak. FB ends. Rudraksh says its same Swastik, Rajeev took this money, its our money, why did he give this to Prisha.