My Desire Wednesday Update 13th July 2022


My Desire Wednesday Update 13th July 2022

Prisha asking Saransh how is he feeling now. Saransh says nice. Prisha says there is a surprise for you. He says wow, breakfast. Ahana and Mishka wake up and say it was too much fun to enjoy. Mishka says if we had the coffee, it would have been good. Rudraksh gets the coffee. Ahana asks why did you get the coffee. He jokes. Ahana says come to the point, why this new avatar. Rudraksh says Bhabhi is like mum. Mishka says she can’t be your mum, else I will be your Maasi. Ahana says you are buttering for some purpose, tell me, what’s the work. He says I have a small work, tiny thing, I have to get a kid’s admission done. Prisha asks Saransh what did you do, you hugged Rudraksh and slept, you didn’t hug me. Saransh says you stay awake all night, if I hug you and sleep, so I slept with Rudraksh, he is strong, you get soft hearted.

She asks him to get ready for school. She says you got the admission by much difficulty, don’t you like the school. He thinks I can’t tell you, you will be hurt. He says I like it. He thinks where is Rudra, help me. Rudraksh says he is intelligent and cute, he is a celebrity’s kid. Ahana asks who is the kid. Rudraksh says you can meet him, its okay, big schools are ready to give him admission. Ahana says you can get the kid for admission. Rudraksh says thanks, how is the coffee. They saw awesome. Mishka asks who is that kid. Ahana says maybe some special kid. Saransh thinks Rudraksh, come and stop Prisha from taking me. Water falls over the school leaving certificate. He says sorry, what shall we do now. She says we have to go to old school to get the certificate, we will meet Ahana there.

Saransh sees Rudraksh at school and hugs. Prisha says we were going to get Saransh’s leaving certificate, it got spoiled by mistake. Rudraksh says I will help. He goes to Ahana. She says you came on time, is that kid here, his parents. Rudraksh says they are also here. Ahana asks who is the kid’s father, famous celebrity like you. He says you know I m unique, none can be like me, I have to get Saransh’s admission done. Ahana gets angry seeing Prisha. She says I don’t like such joke. Rudraksh says I m Saransh’s dad, superstar, your school will get famous if my son studies in this school, don’t worry. Ahana says this isn’t fair, I will try to figure out just for your sake, but everyone has to follow protocols, wait outside, I will discuss about admission.

Rudraksh says you have to give the admission, please. He goes. Ahana says it doesn’t matter, Saransh won’t get admission here. Prisha asks why did you talk of admission. He says Saransh didn’t like the school, he lied to you, don’t you know him, see he wanted admission here, he is so happy. She sees Saransh and says fine, get his admission done in this school. Ahana says not so soon, I spoke to principal, there will be a test, Saransh has to pass it to get admission, I m school’s trustee, I can’t bend the rules for our benefit, you said Saransh is creative, smart and intelligent like you.

Rudraksh says fine, he will surely pass the test. Ahana says I hope so, else he will not get the admission. Rudraksh and Prisha leave. Ahana says set the paper so that Saransh doesn’t pass. Rudraksh asks Saransh to give a test. Prisha says Ahana is making excuse to stop the admission. Rudraksh says I will get the paper home, you can do cheating. Saransh refuses. Prisha says I will teach him, he will pass. Prisha comes to Sharda and says I care for you, I called you Maa, I don’t know about Yuvraj, please believe me. Sharda says I just want my family to be happy. Prisha thanks her.

The society men coming and asking for Gopal. Vasu asks the matter. The men ask Gopal for ten lakhs. Vasu asks which ten lakhs. The man says he has withdrawn the money and its missing. Gopal says the money got stolen, we will get the money soon, I have filed the police complaint, i thought to tell you after the right time. The man says its good for you and us if we get the money. They go. Vasu says you didn’t tell me. She says you are already worried for Prisha. She says we can’t bear it more. He asks her not to worry so much. He says you only say that time is never the same, just keep the courage.

Niketan asks Rudraksh and Prisha to go the puja. Sharda also asks them to start the puja, its their first holi. Rudraksh and Prisha do the holika dahan puja with Saransh. They pray. They wish to get away from each other. Saransh looks at them and prays that they always stay happy and united. He asks will you fight in prayer also, I want this, we three together, any problem. Saransh goes to washroom. He sees the read saree woman and goes to see. Prisha says I will go and see. He gets locked insde.

Saransh shouts for help. Prisha asks where are you. She goes and opens the lock. He hugs her. He says red saree aunty locked me here, I m feeling scared. She says I will always go with you. She sees Balraj and Natasha going. Rudraksh comes. Prisha thinks why was Balraj alone with Natasha in the room, how can he do this. Saransh hugs Rudraksh and says someone locked me here. Rudraksh shouts on the servants. Prisha says don’t be so angry, Saransh is already scared. Saransh says that red saree aunty….

Rudraksh asks who is it. Prisha says Saransh will play his fav festival on holi. Rudraksh and Prisha take Saransh with them. Prisha thinks maybe I m misunderstanding Balraj, I have to keep an eye on them. Ahana and Mishka are at the pub. Ahana says Sharda is pampering Prisha a lot. She gets angry. She says I won’t give any admission to Saransh. Yuvraj meets a judge at the pub. He says I have come to say that my defamation is a conspiracy against me. The man asks what nonsense. Yuvraj says Gopal has done this, he was my would be father-in-law, he threatened me that Prisha should come out of the jail, I m honest, he saved Prisha and took away my judge’s post. He bribes the man. Mishka shows Yuvraj to Ahana. The man scolds Yuvraj. He says I heard a lot about Gopal, he is an honest man, better get lost, else I will call the police. Yuvraj is thrown out. He shouts. Ahana thinks to find out what’s happening.