My Desire Tuesday Update 5th July 2022


My Desire Tuesday Update 5th July 2022

Rudra and Prisha arguing over the gift for Bunty. Rudraksh says Bunty is my friend, I may give him any gift. Saransh asks him to gift him the same thing. Rudraksh says its not for dogs. Saransh asks then what is it for. Prisha says tell now. Rudraksh says leave it. Prisha diverts Saransh and takes him for having panipuri.

Maa applies mehendi to Bubbles. Rudra asks why do you want to marry Bubbles. Bunty says I love her. Rudraksh says you still have time, run away, I will tell everyone that you have STD. Prisha asks what are you teaching him, photographer is calling Bunty. Bunty goes. Prisha asks Rudra to stop doing this. He says I remember you told this before. She says you won’t get anyone to love you. He asks did you understand Rajeev’s feelings, you are lecturing me, you killed me, you will yearn for long, you will be alone always if you stay alive. She goes sadly. He says I will take revenge for Rajeev’s death. She cries. Vasu asks her what happened.

Prisha says nothing. Vasu says get mehendi applied. She takes Prisha for applying it. Ahana argues with them. She asks Prisha to move. Prisha says let it be. A lady looks on and says Ahana is a widow and getting mehendi applied. The ladies taunt Ahana. Prisha asks them to stop blaming others and enjoy the function. She defends Prisha. Mishka says she is very smart. Ahana says she is clever, I will give her answers when time comes. She goes. Vasu asks Prisha to get mehendi applied now. Saransh comes and asks lady to write Rudra on her hand, Bubbles got Bunty written. He sees Bunty feeding food to Bubbles. He smiles and goes. Pia says I love Bunty, I didn’t have courage to tell him. Tia asks her to forget it and enjoy the function.

Saransh gets Rudraksh to Prisha. He asks them to see Bunty and Bubbles. He asks Rudraksh to feed Prisha. They refuse. Rudraksh thinks I will feed it now if she doesn’t want. He says come on, have food, I will get it. He adds much salt in the food. He says I m sure you will remember this experience always. He feeds her and asks do you think there is much salt, my love is such, don’t make faces, as if its nearly good, smile for the camera, darling. Yuvraj says look at the love birds, money is wrong, I m not wrong, Prisha changed seeing Rudraksh’s money.

Manager scolds him and asks him to do work. Yuvraj gets angry. He drops the glasses. Saransh asks why did you throw it, I want an icecream, get it. Yuvraj says go and get it. Saransh says you are a waiter. Manager comes. Yuvraj lies again and says I will get an icecream for you. Ahana and Mishka hear ladies praising Rudraksh and Prisha’s jodi. Ahana says Prisha came in between, else I would have paired up with Rudraksh, that murderer…. She drinks. She says now just wait and watch, how I insult Prisha. Ahana tries to stop her.

Mishka takes the scissors and goes. Rudraksh takes Prisha with him. They take pics. Mishka joins them. Ahana signs no to Mishka. Mishka cuts the button of the blouse. Rudraksh gets shocked seeing the blouse torn. He hugs Prisha. Everyone looks on. Prisha asks what are you doing. Rudraksh says nothing, I have a right to take cute romantic pics with my wife. Vasu and Gopal get angry. Prisha says get away. Rudraksh says your blouse got open, I can’t get away. She says you are lying. He says you will know I m not lying, smile now, I will cover up for you. He says sorry guys, I can’t stay away from my wife. He takes her. Yuvraj sees them.

Rudraksh collides with him and asks him to get aside. Yuvraj asks what’s happening, how did they come so close, this can’t happen, I have to meet Prisha and tell her that she loves me. Manager asks him to go to guests. Yuvraj leaves. Rudraksh takes Prisha to the room and shuts the door. She says you just need a reason to touch. He leaves the blouse. She worries and says hold it. Yeh hai chahatein….plays….

Rudraksh and Prisha arguing. She says I have to change, where is my suitcase. He says I got that thrown, it was poor type clothes. She asks what shall I do. He says come and beat me, we will fix the safety pin, problem solved. She says no. He says your wish. She says fine, fix it. He asks where is the safety pin. She asks where is it, you said you will fix it. He asks do I have it in my pocket always to fix blouses. She asks him to take it from the pouch. He fixes it. She says hurry up.

Ahana calms down Mishka. She says Rudra is romancing Prisha, you are getting tortured, I will sort out everything. She goes. She hears a lady saying I m from child care services, I will keep an eye on Saransh and get him if anything wrong is happening with him. Ahana asks shall I inform dad or Rudra, no, they will solve the matter and Saransh will stay in our house, along with that Prisha, I should do something that this lady takes Saransh, then Prisha will go after him. Saransh collides with her and spoils her dress with the icecream. He says sorry. She says its okay, what’s this. He says icecream. She asks what’s in your other hand. He says handcuffs, I liked it and kept it. She laughs and says you want to play a game. He says yes. She says follow me.

She takes him to park. She says I will lock you there, if anyone asks you, what would you say. He says you locked me. She says no, say your mum and Rudra did this, you have to do what you don’t do, if you win, then you will get unlimited icecream, will you do this. He asks really, fine, lock it. She ties him to the bench with the handcuffs. She says sit here, we will see if you win or not. She goes.

Ahana goes and talks to the child care lady Shikha. Shikha asks where is Saransh. Ahana says he is such a cutie pie, you have to meet him, please go. Shikha goes. Ahana says take him away from our lives, I m a genius. Prisha gets hurt. Rudra says sorry. Rishte apnepan ke….plays….

He says I m doing this for the first time. He fixes the pin. He sneezes and says its because of your hair. They argue. Saransh gets the key. It falls down. He looks for it. Prisha plays a prank on Rudra and laughs. He runs after her. She says see, your sneeze stopped.

Gopal looks for Prisha. Vasu says you have seen her with Rudra, maybe he is making her helpless. Gopal gets a call from child care services. The lady says our staff member Shikha has come there, you can meet her. He says thanks. He says now we will see how Rudraksh and Khuranas get saved. They go to look for Saransh. Maa looks on. Ahana comes to Balraj and asks all well. He says yes. Maa says a lady came from child care. Balraj asks how do you know. Maa says Gopal was saying this to his wife. Balraj says take care of Saransh well. Ahana asks are you sure, I didn’t see them. Balraj asks where is Saransh. Maa says they are finding him. He says my plans will fail. Ahana thinks it will be a big drama when the lady finds him hand cuffed. Saransh shouts mumma…. Rudra and Prisha hear him and rush to see.

Shikha says is that Saransh, info was right, I will take him to child care. Ahana thinks now none can save him. Everyone hears Saransh. Rudra and Prisha reach Saransh first. Prisha asks who did this. Rudra tries to take the keys. He gets the keys. They all come. Rudra, Prisha and Saransh sit calm. Saransh makes excuses. Rudra asks why did you all come here, you felt Saransh is in trouble, we got to know everyone loves Saransh. Balraj says yes, we love this naughty cute kid, I m glad to see them spending time together, happiness, just like one happy family, look at Rudra, he is a responsible father, I m so proud of you, we should all be proud of him. Everyone claps.

Yuvraj gets angry seeing them and thinks to meet Prisha. Ahana thinks how did my plan fail, Prisha covered the handcuffs, see what I do now. She goes to Saransh and says you scared us. She sees Saransh’s hands free.