My Desire Tuesday Update 27th June 2022


My Desire Tuesday Update 27th June 2022

Prisha asking Saransh to go home. He says no, I want to be with you. He cries. Prisha sends him with Vasu. Gopal says you should have not come alone from home. Prisha apologizes to Mahima for breaking the promise. She asks jailer to give her 5mins to talk to Rudraksh. Jailer says fine. Bubbles and Bunty request the guard to allow them entry. Gopal and Vasu get Saransh. Bubbles asks Saransh are you fine. She apologizes to Vasu. Guard asks how did you go in. Saransh says I got hidden in laundry trolley. Bunty asks is Rudra inside. Vasu says yes. Gopal says he married Prisha by cheat. Bunty asks what. Saransh says yes, I have also seen it, Rudraksh married mumma, is he my new Papa. Gopal says we will go home and talk. They leave. Bunty says you go Bubbles, I will wait for Rudraksh. Prisha asks why did you insult me and Yuvraj, why did you get Saransh here, how dare you touch him.

He shouts our son, we got married officially, he is my son too, you thought I m interested in you, but in your death sentence, I married you to get Saransh, I got to know Saransh is Rajeev and your son. Prisha thinks he doesn’t know about Mahima, what is he saying. He says you are using Saransh to take trust fund, you got ready to marry Yuvraj when you are dying, so that Yuvraj gets the money. She asks what nonsense. He says you don’t act, you trapped my brother, you married me now, not Yuvraj, I m your husband, you lost money, you will lose Saransh also, I will adopt Saransh and fulfill Rajeev’s last wish, this is my revenge, this is not sindoor, but Rajeev’s blood, this mangalsutra is a rope noose, you will get punished for killing Rajeev, I m your husband, give me all rights on Saransh. She says no, he is my son.

He asks how can you do this, think about your son, you are snatching his happiness, he is Khurana family son, he will get everything if he stays with us, think, what will happen if he stays with you, stain of being a murderer’s son, he can’t get rid of it, be a mother and take the decision, you have seen my limits to fulfill my brother’s wish, you also do a good thing for Saransh now. He leaves. She cries. Bunty asks Rudraksh how did you come here, Prisha’s parents were telling that… Rudraksh says yes, I married Prisha. Bunty asks are you mad, why, you hate her. Rudraksh says for Saransh, I will tell later, I have imp work. Bunty says swear on me, you have to share it with me. Rudraksh says you have to keep this secret, and don’t lecture me. Yuvraj says I m Prisha’s fiance, Rudraksh married her by cheat, I will give statement, who made you a lawyer, you are number one lawyer, fine I will manage. He gets angry and says its legal marriage, I lost my trust fund, I wish to kill Rudraksh like I killed Rajeev. The man comes and says estate agent has come to talk about farmhouse deal. Yuvraj says I have no money, I won’t buy it, go and tell him, how will I adopt Saransh so soon. Rudraksh comes home.

Balraj and Maa ask where did you go, what was so imp. Rudraksh says I had imp work, give me two mins. He calls the staff. He asks where are Ahana and Mishika. He calls them downstairs. Ahana says you had us so worried, why are you shouting. He says because I m excited, I didn’t think this can happen in my life, you would also not think of it. He proposes Mishika for marriage. Ahana asks are you for real, you genuinely want to marry Mishika. He says you wanted this since long, you were convincing dad, what can be better occasion than marriage to forget this sorrow. Ahana says you are such a darling, same thoughts, I told the same to dad. Mishika says I m on cloud nine. Rudraksh says she didn’t answer me, she wants to marry me or not. Mishika says I will marry you. Bunty says you know what you are doing. Rudraksh says I know.

Ahana says congrats, we will take over Khurana business. Bunty says you married Prisha and now you are marrying Mishika, how, two marriages are illegal. Rudraksh says I will marry Mishika after two hours of Prisha’s death, I went to lawyer for Saransh’s adoption, he told me… FB shows Lawyer saying you can’t get Saransh’s custody, sorry, you would have custody if Saransh was your son, we have to ask her for this right. Rudraksh says no problem, I will take full custody. Lawyer says court doesn’t give custody to single fathers, they want husband and wife to take care of kid. FB ends. Rudraksh says I m marrying Mishika for this.

Bunty says you won’t be happy. Rudra says I can do anything for Rajeev, Prisha has to give me full custody. Its morning, Yuvraj meets Prisha. She says I will divorce Rudraksh, and reopen this case. Yuvraj says what shall I say, it won’t matter now, you should have identified him in the mandap, you didn’t know our difference, you married him, Rudraksh will prove that marriage happened by everyone’s wish, what shall I do, shall I kill him, what can I do, I can’t save you now.

Prisha asks what are you saying, I trusted you and took your blame on me, not for this, Saransh will become an orphan, you told me that you will save me. He says I was doing that till now, I was saving you and Saransh, I m marrying you, Rudraksh finished everything in one moment, he ruined my planning, I m blank, I m not in a condition to think of some solution, can you understand my condition. She says yes, go from here. He says but I will help you, give me some time. She says I don’t have time. He says listen to me, why are you doing this. She goes. He shouts Prisha. She cries and thinks Yuvraj can’t do anything, what will happen with Saransh.

Everyone crying for Prisha’s death. Saransh says mumma can’t go, she said its a game, why isn’t she getting up, ask her to get up. Gopal says she has passed away. The ladies taunt him. He says my mum isn’t a murderer. He shouts. Prisha’s dream ends. She shouts Saransh. She thinks of Saransh’s birth and childhood. She cries. She says mumma is not with you, I can’t be with you.

Vasu comes to meet her. She hugs Prisha. Prisha says I called you for an imp work, you know my bank, I have a FD, you and Appa are the nominee, you claim the insurance also, collect Pf also. Vasu says no, nothing will happen you. Prisha hugs her and says go home, stay with Saransh, take care of yourself and Appa. Vasu goes. Rudraksh comes to meet Prisha. Prisha says this has everything written about Saransh, his likes, fav. things and allergies, I want him to get everything in his life, maybe I couldn’t give that to him, Saransh will stay with you as your family member, I m giving his full custody to you, I know you will do good to him, don’t leave him alone, hold his hand and sleep at night, promise me. He promises her. He says I will do anything but give everything to Saransh what Rajeev wanted. He asks her to sign the custody papers. He says I knew it and made papers ready, sign it. She thinks of Saransh and signs. He says today, my revenge and Rajeev’s wish got fulfilled. He leaves. He comes to Prisha’s house. Vasu asks how dare you come here. Rudraksh says call Saransh.

Gopal scolds him. Rudraksh says you know what Prisha did, I have come to take Saransh, he will stay with me. Vasu says he is our grandson, what’s your relation. Rudraksh says he is my son, its Saransh’s custody papers, Prisha signed it and gave his custody to me, I will take him right away. Gopal asks how can this happen. Rudraksh says Saransh is my brother’s son, no need to hide it, I know it, Prisha is going to die after two days, Saransh won’t be an orphan, don’t create a problem, call Saransh. Vasu shouts on him and says Saransh won’t go with you. Saransh comes and says I will go with Rudraksh, I will stay well with him, my new Papa, he has married mumma, mumma will come there.

Rudraksh says yes, she is also going to her permanent house. Saransh says wow. Rudraksh asks will you pack his stuff or shall I call the police. Gopal says don’t call the police. Vasu says he can’t take Saransh. Gopal says we will think later about it. Vasu and Gopal pack Saransh’s bag. They get emotional and hug him. Kya apna aur….plays…. Vasu says take care, have food on time, don’t refuse to drink milk, wear night dress before sleeping. Saransh says promise me, you won’t cry. Rudraksh asks him to come. Saransh asks him to lift his bag, he is young still. Rudraksh takes his bag. They leave. Gopal says I have an imp work, I have to meet someone, I will tell later. He goes. Vasu cries. Prisha says Rudraksh would have taken Saransh, how would have Saransh gone, sorry.