My Desire Tuesday Update 25 October 2022


My Desire Tuesday Update 25 October 2022

Dance bar owner CC asks disguised Rudra what was he talking to Chameli and leaves him warning him not to show his oversmartness. Rudra waits for Sonia and goes back into dance bar. He doesn’t find her even there and thinks where she must have gone. He asks manager about Chameli who was dancing. Manager says there is no one named Chameli. Rudra says he took him to CC seeing him with Chameli. Manager asks if he is out of his senses and walks away. Rudra thinks something is really bad here, Sonia is in big danger. He returns to Preesha and informs her that Sonia went missing after he meet CC, now only god can save Sonia. Preesha says they should seek police help and calls inspector. Inspector with his team raids dance bar and asks constable to call its manager. Preesha says Sonia is missing. Rudra says they should question bar’s owner CC. Constable returns and informs that bar’s owner and manager escaped. Preesha asks inspector to file complaint against bar owner. Inspector asks how can he when no one is avaible. They walk out. Preesha sees truck, feels something odd, runs and stops truck. Driver yells if she has gone mad to come in front of truck. Preesha asks what is inside truck. Driver nervously says there is only grass in truck. Preesha asks inspector to check truck. Driver nervously tries to stop them. Constables find grass bundles and big trunk. Driver says there are only old utensils in trunk. Constables insist, open it, and find girls in it. Rudra identifies Sonia among them. Sonia pleads Rudra to save her. Rudra says she is safe now, asks inspector to take other girls to police station, and takes Sonia in his car. A man watching all this thanks god for sending Sonia at the right place and thinks his job is over now.

In police station, inspector insists Sonia to give evidence. Preesha tells Sonia that its very difficult for her, but she should explain her whole story. Rudra says Preesha is his wife and she should inform what happened to her in detail. Sonia describes that she came to this city with great hopes, she got a modeling contract in CC’s Jena’s modeling agency, one day CC lied him of giving a big modeling contract where she can show her talent. CC takes all girls to a dance bar and forces them to dance and entertain guests if they want to be alive. Sonia resists. CC gives her and other girls hypnotic injection, and a man molests her. Out of flashback, Sonia says her life changed after that night. She further reminisces today’s incident where she sees Rudra searching her, but bar’s guard catching her and hiding her into a trunk. She says thought she wouldn’t be alive after that, but thank god that Rudra and Preesha saved her.

Constables bring Bhuvan. Sonia is shocked to see Rudra’s doppelganger. Rudra says he is her brother Bhuvan whose face changed after surgery. He asks Bhuvan to meet his sister. Sonia tries to hug Bhuvan. Bhuvan shouts she is not his sister and asks if she is not ashamed to become a bar dance, how will their parents feel when they find about it, etc. Preesha asks what is he saying, he should be thankful that his sister is alive. Bhuvan says its better they consider her dead instead of bearing humiliation from society. Rudra asks if he has gone mad, he came here to search his sister, supported Mahima and even killed Balraj; his sister suffered a lot and he should be thankful to god that his sister is alive. Bhuvan asks what he would have done if this had happened with his dear ones, if he had accepted her. Preesha says they would have accepted her like they accepted Mahima, she assures Sonia that they will support her. Rudra says he will let her stay in his house and fulfill her singing dreams. Bhuvan apologizes Sonia and says he is helpless. Preesha says he is not helpless but weak.

Next morning, Ahana and Mishka come down after exercise and seeing Sonia asks who is she. Rudra says she is Bhuvan’s sister who will stay with them from hereon. Preesha says she will stay with them in their guest room. Rudra takes Sonia to show guest room. Ahana asks Preesha how can she keep a beautiful girl at home who can lure Rudra. Preesha says even Mishka is beautiful and wanted to marry Rudra, but that didn’t happen. Ahana says she is doing a big mistake and will regret this. Preesha says she trust Rudra completely and is sure he will not betray her. Ahana says fine, it was her duty to warn her. Preesha walks away saying she will handle. Ahana thinks let’s see.

Sonia thanks Rudra and Preesha for helping her. Preesha says she should be happy and not think of her past. Rudra says she should thank god instead. Preesha says even a man who informed them regarding Sonia, and without his help, they wouldn’t have reached them. Rudra says someone called him and informed him and about Sonia’s location. Sonia says Kabir must have helped them, he was a physically disabled guard at bar who tried to help them once and was kicked out of his job. She goes into flashback where goon insist bar dancers to inject drugs, she refuses. Kabir supports them and opposes goon. Goon calls CC and gets him out of job. Out of flashback, Rudra says that is why Kabir called him. Sonia says Kabir is a good man, she has her address and will go and thank him personally. Preesha asks her to rest and takes address.

Preesha and Rudra reach Kabir’s address. Rudra goes to pick his mobile from car while Preesha walks to Kabir’s house and sees an old woman trying to thread a sewing machine needle. She helps old woman who thanks her and asks who is she. Old woman’s customer yells at her for spoiling her dress and insists to give her kurta’s money. Old woman says she doesn’t have money. Preesha pays customer double money and warns her to behave with old people. Old woman thanks Preesha, and Preesha says she did what anyone would have done. Rudra returns and is shocked to see old woman. Preesha asks what happened, why is he looking at old woman like this. Rudra calls old woman as his mother and asks if she is really alive, where was she and why didn’t she come to meet him. Old woman says she is not his mother. Preesha says he told his mother is dead. Rudra reminisces childhood incident where his mother’s dead body is taken away and says he had seen his mother dead, but he sees her alive here. Old woman says she is not his mother. He checks a birth mark on her wrist and says he used look at it when she used to make him sleep every night, if she will say even now that she is not his mother; she is his real biological mother.

Sonia asks Sharda if she can help her in household chores. Sharda says no and tells Ahana that Mishka should also help. Sonia goes to help Saransh in his homework. Ahana asks how can she insult Mishka. Mishka says Sharda is behaving as if she is an outsider and Sonia dear one. Ahana continues yelling. Sharda says she should behave with others if she wants others to behave with her. Ahana stands fuming.

Old woman continues telling Rudra that she is not his mother. Rudra continues insisting that she is his mother. Kabir enters on his stretcher and asks what is happening here and identifies Rudra. Rudra asks if he is Kabir who gave Sonia’s address, thanks him for saving Sonia’s life. Kabir thanks him instead for saving Sonia. Rudra asks how did he know that he was searching Sonia. Kabir says he heard Bhuvan’s conversation the other day in police station, reminisces the incident and rest of the events till Rudra reaches Sonia. Rudra says that is why he felt someone was following him. Kabir says it was him and thanks him for saving Sonia and other girls. He goes into flashback where he pleads CC not to expel hi from his job and CC slapping him and kicking him out. He says he had gone to police station for a typist job and heard their conversation, etc. He calls old woman as maa and asks if she gave them something to eat. Rudra says she is even his mother and Kabir is his brother.

Ahana sees advocate Gupta at home and asks why did he come. Sharda says she called him to read Balraj’s will as all properties can be transferred in Saransh’s name after that and Preesha will be his legal guardian, so Preesha will literally be the future owner and only she can handle the properties well. Ahana is shocked and asks advocate if will is valid only if its read in front of all family members. Advocate says she is right. Ahana says then how can they read the will without Rudra and Preesha’s presence. Sharda says she will call them here then.

Rudra hugs Kabir saying he is his brother and old woman is his mother, he had seen her dead years ago and now saw her alive. Sharda calls him, but he disconnects call saying he will call her back later. Sharda informs that Rudra is busy and asks advocate to come some other day and read the will. Ahana agrees and thinks she will not let Preesha take all the properties. Kabir asks his mother if Rudra is telling truth. Old woman says she is not Rudra’s mother and pleads Rudra to go from there. Rudra continues insisting and asks her to look into his eyes and tell that she is not his mother. She does same. He gives her promise and says he will die if she lies. Mother asks not to say that and agrees that she is his mother. He asks why did he act as dead. She says she was helpless as Balraj had ordered her.