My Desire Tuesday Update 14th June 2022


My Desire Tuesday Update 14th June 2022

Prisha saying I don’t have ego, I did mistake, I will say sorry. Rudraksh thinks something is wrong. She goes to him and says I m …. She faints down. Bunty says she fainted. Yuvraj sprinkles water on her. She gets conscious. She asks what happened, where am I. Rudraksh thinks she is acting so that she doesn’t say sorry, I will not leave her. Yuvraj says I will call a doctor. Rudraksh asks what happened. Prisha thinks he is doing a drama of concern. She says I was worried for the case and didn’t eat breakfast, so I fainted. He says let me help you, you act well, say sorry. She refuses.

He says Kaveri’s truth came out, even then am I bad. She says yes, you are ill mannered man, I will never say sorry. He says let me help you, you are weak, come. He lifts her and says say sorry. She refuses. He says fine. He drops her and says what are you doing, don’t say sorry like this, don’t fall in my feet, I have no complains, don’t think much about me, you will feel guilty. He goes. Prisha gets up. Yuvraj thinks where did Kaveri and Surya go, I will find them. He goes to Prisha and says I have imp work, I need to go. She says its okay, I have to go to hospital.

Yuvraj says Kaveri you switched off the phone, we lost ten crores and my reputation got damaged, I won’t leave you. Peon says congrats for becoming new judge, you are a big lawyer, and son in law of retired judge. Yuvraj happily goes to see the selection committee meeting. Gopal and everyone talk about Yuvraj. The man says Gopal, your daughter was also involved. Gopal says Rudraksh impregnated his co star. The man says the case was fraud, Yuvraj didn’t study the case well. The man says we can’t decide on basis of one case, at least for Gopal, we shall select Yuvraj, shall we make him the judge. They ask Gopal. Yuvraj thinks Gopal saved me.

Gopal says no, I m not in favor of this, one needs talent, not recommendation, I think he needs more experience, sorry, I don’t break my rules even for family. Yuvraj gets angry and says I was after you and your daughter, you aren’t willing to break rules, I will break you, I have to end Kaveri’s chapter. Balraj wakes up Rudraksh and says after winning the case, we got 77 contracts, go and get ready. Rudraksh says I have body ache, maybe fever, shall I rest for a day. Balraj says I said get up. Balraj takes Rudraksh out for the meeting. He asks Rudraksh to go for rehearsals, forget the pain. He says Rudraksh will come wherever you say. Rudraksh goes. He gets a call from Ahana. She asks him to come to school for a charity matter. He says I will finish rehearsal and come. She says come here first. The manager asks Rudraksh to take medicine, madam has said this. Rudraksh says this isn’t imp, contracts are imp. He gets upset and goes. The lady says madam, parents are upset seeing Saransh. A lady Mishka comes. Ahana says my little sister Mishka. She hugs her. She says I made the plan of your marriage with Rudraksh, I spoke to Balraj. Mishka asks really.

Ahana says yes, I made him greedy for business, just remember, there shouldn’t be anyone between you and him, spend more time with him, you will accompany him on his rehearsals, let me call him. Yuvraj comes to Kaveri’s house. He scolds her and ruins the room. She asks him to stop it. He threatens her. She cries. He says now I have to settle scores with Gopal, why shall I marry Prisha, I will break her heart now. Ahana tells Mishka about Saransh. She asks peon to call Saransh. Mishka says you should talk to his mom. Ahana says yes, he will talk to his mom. Saransh comes. Ahana asks him to fill the form and get his dad’s sign. He says my mum says she is my dad. She says she can’t become your dad. He says she can become dad, she is very strong. He praises Prisha. Ahana asks can your mum take you to gents toilet, do you know about your dad, did she tell you about your dad, maybe she doesn’t know it, so she said fathers aren’t imp, but fathers are very imp, you are nothing without dad, so everyone has a dad, except you, take the form and get your dad’s sign, else don’t come to school from tomorrow, go, out. Saransh cries and runs out.

Ahana says we shall see, what will Prisha do, what’s next, Rudraksh didn’t come. She calls Rudraksh. He says I m in school, don’t take much time. She says I know, you have to take Mishka with you on rehearsals, she has holidays, she will stay with us. He asks why. She says come and pick her, she has interest in music. He says as you say. Mishka hugs Ahana. Rudraksh goes to washroom and sees Saransh crying. He asks him to just urinate and leave. Saransh says I can’t since I m crying. Rudraksh asks what’s this, you have pressure, but no execution. Saransh says you can make me do it by singing. Rudraksh says fine, why are you crying. Saransh says I don’t have a dad, my mum can’t become my dad.

Rudraksh saying dad can’t become your mumma, I will sing a song for you. He sings a song for Saransh and hugs him. He recalls losing his mum in childhood. FB shows Rajiv and Rudraksh crying for their mum on her death. Balraj says she is dead. Saransh gets the pee on hearing the song and smiles. He signs Rudraksh. He asks are you also crying. Rudraksh says no, my tears were also stuck like your pee, we both got light now. Saransh wipes his tears and says thanks. Yeh hai chahatein…plays….

Rajeev calls Rudraksh. Rudraksh says Ahana called me at the school for some charitable event. Rajeev says she wants you to marry Mishka, so she called you, save yourself from her. Rudraksh asks what, thanks, that’s why I love you. Ahana waits for Rudraksh. Saransh says he got an imp call and left. Ahana asks did anyone ask you, go to your classroom, fill the form with your dad’s sign. He cries and goes.

Vasu and Prisha have a talk. Gopal says Yuvraj lost the judge’s post because of this case, hard luck, he took the case in his hand at a wrong time. Saransh comes home crying and locks the room door. Everyone goes after him. Yuvraj comes. He asks what happened. Saransh checks the photo album. Prisha says I m scared, we have to break the door. They break the door. Prisha hugs him. Rudraksh hugs Rajeev and says you saved me. Rajeev asks him to take medicine. Rudraksh takes it. Rajeev asks why did you come for rehearsal.

He says dad wanted to become a successful singer and wants you to fulfill his dream, if anything happens to you, I will die. He cries. Rudraksh hugs him and says don’t say this again, you are my mum, dad, brother and Lord, if anything happens to you, I can’t live. Rajeev says enough of this emotional scene. Rudraksh asks have you ever been in love, true love, say the truth. He recalls his GF.

Prisha asks why did you do this, I was scared. Saransh says Ahana said you can’t become dad, what’s his name, tell me, where is he. He asks Vasu and Gopal. Prisha says I will tell you everything when you grow up, I promise, see I broke the door and came in, I m brave, Ahana told wrong. Yuvraj thinks when will this fake drama end, don’t cry. Yuvraj sees the same pic and thinks I have seen Mahima’s pic with Rajeev, there is some solid relation, it means Rajeev is Saransh’s dad, he doesn’t even know this, now I will blackmail Rajeev all life, I have to marry Prisha, plan to cancel marriage is cancelled. Rajeev says I was in true love, I lost her. He recalls Mahima saying I m pregnant with your child, you aren’t taking divorce from your wife. Ahana refuses to give divorce. Rajeev says sorry Mahima, I couldn’t take divorce.

Mahima says I guess our journey ends here. FB ends. Rajeev says I lost my love, so I m scared to lose you. Rudraksh says impossible, tell me who was she, if I knew this before, I would have not let this happen. Yuvraj takes Mahima’s pic. Prisha makes Saransh sleep. Yuvraj asks why don’t we marry next week, we love each other, why are we delaying. Gopal says I think you should know each other. Yuvraj says its not about us, its about Saransh, I couldn’t see it, if Saransh gets a dad if I marry soon, then why not, I also need a family, don’t make me wait more.

Vasu says I will get a good mahurat. Prisha smiles. Yuvraj thinks my lifetime bank, you made my fate shine. Prisha sees Mahima’s pic. FB shows Prisha studying and taking stress. Mahima asks her to revise everything. Mahima says I won’t let you fail in life’s any exam. Prisha hugs her and smiles. FB ends. She says you didn’t let me fail. Gopal comes and says you will get married and go away, don’t know we will have a coffee time or not. She says I may go anytime, I will have some reason to have coffee with you. Rudraksh wakes up and gets shocked seeing Mishka. She says I m here in your house, don’t be shy, you have a nice physique, when are we going for rehearsals, we will also go for shopping. He thinks where did I get stuck. She says your room is nice, it will be ours, Ahana planned our marriage with Balraj, you won’t have problem after marriage. She goes. He says I m gone, dad will not leave me, this marriage will stop if Mishka rejects me, she will reject me.