My Desire Thursday Update 16th June 2022


My Desire Thursday Update 16th June 2022

Prisha arguing with Rudraksh. Yuvraj asks Prisha is there any problem. She thinks if I tell Yuvraj, there maybe a problem. She says there is no problem. They leave. Rudraksh says I m sure its our money, I will talk to dad. Yuvraj says we will keep function in a hotel. Gopal says we can keep sangeet and mehendi rituals at home, after Prisha and Saransh go, we will just have their memories. Yuvraj says as you say. He goes and thinks its good I will save my money. He messages Rajeev to ask for 5 crores.

He says I m worried for mum and dad, why don’t we stay together. Prisha says you are so good, I m lucky to get a life partner like you. He says Saransh is lucky for me. He thinks he is getting money for me. Rajeev asks Rudra to stop the marriage, its just a compromise. Rudraksh asks him about the money. Rajeev asks why, you said I won’t need to say. Rudraksh says I didn’t know you gave the money to someone, I have… Rajeev asks do I need to clarify. He gets Yuvraj’s message. Rajeev goes. Rudraksh says that message…. He thinks I didn’t see him so worried, how is Prisha involved in this.

Rajeev thinks how will I arrange 5 crores. Ahana asks him to let her sleep, else go out and sit. He switches off the lights. He thinks if I don’t give money, he will reveal Mahima and my secret, I will get 5 secrets some how. Its morning, Ahana asks Guru ji to come. She says Mishika is going to marry Rudraksh, you need to find mahurat. Rudra asks why so soon. Ahana says there shouldn’t be any gap between engagement and marriage. Balraj says yes, pandit ji find some mahurat. Rudraksh asks where is Rajeev. Guru ji says mahurat is after one month. Rudraksh says give us some more time. Mishika says I m okay with it. Ahana says dad is going to Australia after a month, lets finish this before that. Balraj says sure.

Ahana says we will keep engagement tomorrow and marriage after one month. Mishika says then we will keep mehendi today. Ahana says its a nice idea, we will keep a cozy mehendi function today. Mishika hugs Rajeev and says our marriage date is final. Rajeev says congrats. He goes. Rudraksh thinks he went again, he never did this before, what happened to him. Ahana goes with Guru ji. Rudraksh sees his mum. Ahaha thanks Guru ji for giving a good mahurat. He says you asked me to give next month date, so I told. She says thanks and gives him money. She smiles. She says Mishika, none can stop you from entering this house. Bubbles comes to meet Prisha. Vasu asks her to see if Prisha is ready. She gets worried. Prisha hugs her and calms her. She says you are sad that Saransh and I are going, don’t be sad, we will come to meet you, promise.

Vasu hugs her. Gopal and Vasu get emotional. Saransh comes and asks them to hug him. They hug. Balraj asks where is Ahana, she has to supervise this. Mishika asks her to relax. Ahana says I lost my diamond necklace. Balraj asks where will it go from the locker. Ahana says it was worth 5 crores, someone has stolen it, I want that necklace. Balraj asks where did it go. He shouts on everyone. Rudraksh sees Rajeev tensed. He asks Balraj not to call police. He says I know where is the necklace. Balraj says then tell me. Rudraksh says Ahana forgot such a big thing, she gave me the necklace for cleaning. She asks when did I give it. He says when you came back from kitty party, when you were much drunk, I gave the necklace to my friend. She says correct, I gave it to you for shining, thanks, tell your jeweller friend to give it to me tomorrow, I have to wear it. Mishika asks her to relax. Ahana says so sorry and goes. Rudraksh gives tissue to Rajeev. He says now tell me where is the necklace. Rajeev says I don’t know. Rudraksh says I want to help you. Rajeev says you said you gave it to jeweller. He goes.

Ahana stops Rudraksh. He thinks Rajeev is hiding truth from me. Rajeev says I will not leave the blackmailer today. He leaves the bag far. He sees someone coming on the bike. Rajeev follows the man. He stops and scolds the man. He asks him to return the necklace. The man asks did you get mad, you can check me, see if you get anything. Rajeev checks him. The man threatens to call police. He goes. Rajeev says he picked the necklace, then where did it go. The man has thrown the bag in Yuvraj’s car. Yuvraj says I asked for five crores, did Rajeev act smart again. He gets the newspapers inside. He sees the diamond necklace. He says so he has sent diamond necklace, right, how would he arrange money so soon, I will trouble Rajeev until he gives his property to me, I pity him. He gets Gopal’s call. He says no, I won’t get late. He leaves for his mehendi.

He comes home and says I will change clothes. Saransh says I have done my packing also. Yuvraj says call me Appa. Saransh hugs him. The bag falls. They see the necklace falling outside. Vasu picks the necklace and says its very beautiful, it will be very costly, its of real diamonds. Yuvraj says its nothing in front of Prisha. Vasu shows the necklace to Prisha. Prisha says its beautiful, but it was not needed. He says it will suit you. Vasu says wear it in the function today. Yuvraj thinks its fine, Prisha is coming to my home, I will get the necklace, but I will take just cash from Rajeev now.

Gopal asking Yuvraj to get ready. Rudraksh comes to Prisha’s house with bunty. He asks why did you get me here. Bunty says its her mehendi, Bubbles is also here. Rudraksh says your break up happened with her. Bunty says no, I love her, Prisha is my love guru. Rudraksh says you don’t know her, shall I do her aarti. Bunty says please get friendly with her, else how will Bubbles and my love story develop. Bubbles compliments Prisha and says you are lucky to get Yuvraj. She gets Bunty’s message. She says we will get him. Rudra says I can’t bear Prisha’s face, she ends my peace, sorry, I don’t want to meet her. Prisha and Bubbles come.

Rudraksh sees Prisha wearing Ahana’s necklace. He thinks how did she get this, firstly our money and now this necklace, Rajeev is giving her, but why, maybe she compelled him. Prisha thinks I won’t let Rudraksh in. Bunty says sorry, but Rudra is my best friend. Prisha says but he isn’t my friend. He says you can become his friend for my and Bubbles’ sake. Rudraksh thinks why is Bunty folding hands in front of her, she knows black magic, she made Rajeev steal in his own house, I will find out. He says you are talking about it, Bunty I m here for you and Bubbles.

He says I m very happy seeing you two together, your marriage responsibility is mine, won’t you welcome me. Prisha signs no. Bubbles asks him to come. Saransh says I look like junior Rudraksh. Vasu says you look so handsome. Saransh goes. Vasu says he has no sense, you don’t spoil anyone’s mood. Gopal says okay. She shows the gold chain for Yuvraj. She asks will he like it, he got a big necklace for Prisha. He asks is there any competition, gift isn’t seen with a price, but emotions. He gets I love you dad medal for Yuvraj. Vasu says there can’t be better gift than this. He says then come, we will show it to mumma. Vasu calls mehendi artist and says you didn’t come. The lady says I can’t come. Vasu asks why, where did you go. The lady says Khurana house, we can’t help you more. Vasu says what shall I do, I will drag her from there.

Rudraksh gets selfies with his fans. Saransh greets him. Rudraksh smiles. Bubbles says he is so good. Prisha says he is selfish, he is going this for publicity. She asks Vasu where are you going. Vasu says I m going to get shagun items. Prisha says I will go. Vasu goes. Rudraksh says nice necklace, really, it would be costly. She says Yuvraj gifted it to me. He asks really. She says yes, Yuvraj is a successful lawyer. He says I doubt. She asks did I ask you to come here and say this, I don’t care for this. He says Ahana has exactly same necklace, she got to know its missing, you are smart, won’t you understand. She says you mean I have stolen it, I did a mistake to let you inside here. He says truth is its Ahana’s necklace. Prisha asks are you mad, Yuvraj gave me this necklace. Yuvraj comes and asks any problem.

She says he is saying I have stolen Ahana’s necklace. Yuvraj asks how dare you talk to her like this, I have bought this necklace and gifted her. Rudraksh asks him is there any proof, that she didn’t steal it, you gifted her, I m not in a mood to create a scene, give me the necklace and I will go. Prisha asks Yuvraj to say something to him, its his necklace. Yuvraj says yes, its mine, I have proof, this necklace’s receipt. Rudraksh says impossible. Yuvraj says stay here. Prisha thinks to slap him. Rudraksh says don’t think of it, else I will not be quiet. Yuvraj gets the receipt and thinks I got saved, I made this fake receipt to show Gopal, this will work well now. Rudraksh thinks this receipt… no ways, Ahana got the necklace, its specially designed, I have to stay here and find out. Prisha asks him to leave. Rudraksh goes to Bunty. Yuvraj says he is a cheap man, there are many guests here, just relax and smile.

Yuvraj gets angry on the waiter. Waiter says sorry. Yuvraj shouts on him. Prisha says its okay Yuvraj, Vasu got new silk kurta for you. Yuvraj gives his jacket to Prisha. Rudraksh looks on. She gives it to waiter for cleaning. Rudraksh thinks work is done. He says I will go, enjoy. Waiter gets the receipt to Rudraksh. Rudraksh thanks him and leaves. Ahana says I have changed the tradition for Mishika, she wanted a cozy mehendi function before engagement, the celebrity mehendi artist is on the way. She attends the guests. Mishika comes. Ahana compliments her. She asks the mehendi artist to apply the best design to Mishika’s hand. Vasu comes and shouts stop. She scolds the mehendi artist. Ahana says how dare you spoil my sister’s function like this.

Vasu says I have come to take the mehendi artist. Ahana says you book the mehendi artist. Vasu says guests have come at home, function won’t happen without her. Ahana says really sorry, take her, not without a price, I m spoiling my function to save your function, I m not asking for money, I heard you are a music teacher, why don’t you sing for us. Ahana says dance for us as well. Everyone claps. Ahana says everyone is music lovers here, don’t worry, they will clap for your dance, anyone can give you a tip also, I will surely give a tip, come on. Vasu cries. Ahana laughs on her. She says don’t waste my time, singing and dancing or just finish this deal. Maa stops her. Ahana says Vasu can do this, you don’t interfere and just enjoy. Ahana and everyone clap. Rudraksh comes and says she won’t sing. Vasu looks at him.