My Desire Sunday Update 26th June 2022


My Desire Sunday Update 26th June 2022

A him, he will stay with me, congrats to you, you are going to become his Rudra Chachu, I love you. Rudra hears the recording. He says why didn’t I get this message before. He sees Rajeev there. Rajeev says you didn’t get late, I got late, its my mistake, I have to come to say my wish to adopt Saransh, Saransh is still here, you will give him a good life and take my place, you will get him a place in this house, I won’t be happy seeing him in pain, I will feel that I came back to you, will you get me back as Saransh, will you fulfill my desire. Rudraksh says I m living for you, I will fulfill your wish, I will do anything for you, he will become a part of this house, I love you. Rajeev disappears. Rudraksh calls him out.

Saransh goes to buy candy floss and gives money. The man scolds him and says your mum is a murderer. The people laugh. Saransh says don’t say bad about my mumma. The man says she is a murderer. Saransh says no. Everyone calls out the same. Prisha shouts no, Saransh isn’t a murderer’s son. She wakes up. Sapna asks what happened. Prisha says I m very bad. She thinks I thought Yuvraj will take care of Saransh, I didn’t think of Saransh, I will tell the truth after talking to Yuvraj, I will tell that I didn’t kill Rajeev. Vasu asks about Saransh’s admission. Gopal says no school is ready to take him. Yuvraj smiles and says don’t worry, I will manage. Saransh brings his robot and shows them. Yuvraj hugs him and thinks you are my trust fund. Gopal says I will try in a school. Vasu says it would have been good if Yuvraj and Prisha got married. Yuvraj says good and bad times change, it will happen as you want, just bless me. He takes their blessings. He goes.

Yuvraj comes to meet Prisha. She says don’t misunderstand me, I have to change my statement, they are going to hang me in 5 days, I didn’t think of Saransh, I promise I won’t take your name, sorry. He says I came to ask you something, I want the answer right now, will you marry me. She gets shocked. He says so what if we didn’t get married, my love didn’t get less, I want to marry you. Prisha asks what are you saying. Yuvraj says this is the answer, all the problem will solve. She asks do you understand it. He says once we get married, you will become a judge’s wife, I will defend you, say yes for marriage. She cries. He thinks what to say that she agrees, I m marrying to get Saransh, he is her weakness, she will agree.

Bubbly says Prisha should have not gone to Yuvraj that night. Vasu says don’t know what will we see more. Gopal comes home. He feels unwell. Bubbly asks him to have water. Gopal says everything is over, Prisha is going to get hanged. Yuvraj says I have to tell you about Saransh, didn’t Amma and Appa tell you. She asks what happened to him. He says Saransh is expelled from the school, everyone thinks he is a criminal’s son, why will they give him admission. She says I saw this dream. He says I will become his legal dad, our case will become strong, Saransh has a long life, forget about us, think of him, he won’t be called an illegitimate, say yes for marriage. She says yes, I will do this marriage. He smiles. She says I can give life for Saransh, promise me, you won’t leave him alone, you will always protect him. He hugs her and says I will protect him, I promise.

Yuvraj saying Prisha agreed for the marriage, I will get Saransh’s trust fund, I have to give good news to Gopal and Vasu. Gopal cries and says Prisha will get hanged in 5 days. Vasu cries. She asks her to sell her jewellery, save Prisha. Saransh comes and asks what happened to mumma. Yuvraj says nothing happened, she is fine. Saransh hugs him. Yuvraj says we all are with her, can anything happen. He gifts a toy to Saransh. Saransh says thanks, is mumma really fine, did you meet him. Yuvraj asks why would I lie, your mumma asked me to buy this gift, go now.

Vasu asks is Prisha fine. Yuvraj says I came to say, that I won’t let anything happen to Prisha, I m going to marry her, she will be called a judge’s wife, this case will look different, no one will call Saransh illegitimate, this is the solution, start preparations, I m marrying tomorrow. Bubbles says she is in jail. He says marriage will happen there, I took permissions, I have to marry her and get her out of jail, you both be there, I will get pandit, kids aren’t allowed in jail, manage Saransh somehow. He goes. Bubbles says I will manage Saransh, you can go. Vasu asks will everything get fine. Gopal says maybe this is right way for Prisha and us. Bubbles meets Bunty. She says I was sad that Prisha was getting hanged, Yuvraj is marrying her to support her. Bunty says are you mad, Prisha is a murderer, Rajeev was like my brother. Bubbles says Yuvraj is better, I respect him, he is marrying Prisha in jail. Bunty goes. Rudraksh misses Rajeev. He asks Rajeev to come. He sings and recalls his past performance. FB shows Rudra getting stuck. Balraj shouts on him. Rajeev says I will talk to him. He sends Balraj away. He asks Rudraksh to sing well. He plays guitar with Rudra. They start the recording. Rudra sings har kisi ko…. FB ends. Rudra sings. Bunty plays the guitar.

Sapna says you should be happy that Yuvraj is marrying you. Prisha says his name shouldn’t spoil, and what about Saransh. Sapna says good will happen with Saransh. Prisha says Saransh will be called Yuvraj’s legitimate child, I will be glad that Yuvraj is with Saransh. Ahana says well done. Mishika says you were awesome, this song will be super duper hit, lets have some lavish dinner. Ahana says I will practice and come. Bunty says I know you didn’t forgive me yet, Balraj told me that he will remove me from band, I should have not lied, you can beat me, don’t ignore me. Rudra says promise me, you won’t leave me. Bunty promises and hugs.

Rudra says I miss Rajeev, I have to fulfill his last wish, Saransh is Rajeev and Prisha’s son, he had prepared adoption papers, I will legally adopt him. Bunty says no, Prisha and Yuvraj are going to marry tomorrow, Yuvraj will become Saransh’s legal father, they are marrying in jail, Yuvraj is a judge, he would have taken legal permissions. Rudra thinks Prisha is greedy, I told her about trust fund, what will I do now.

A lady calls Gopal to tell about Yuvraj’s wrong decision. She says why isn’t he answering. Gopal and Vasu leave from home. Yuvraj dances and says I m looking so good, Prisha will die and everything will get fine. Saransh wakes up. He asks how did you come here. Bubbles says by magic, I wanted to meet you, Gopal and Vasu went to watch a movie, I will make breakfast for you. She gets breakfast. She asks him to watch tv. She goes to answer call. He sees the news. He learns about Prisha’s punishment for the murder of Rajeev. He says mumma didn’t do anything, we are playing this game, maybe we are losing, how, I will talk to Rudraksh. He takes his piggy bank and goes. Mishika comes and says Prisha is marrying inside the jail. Ahana asks are you serious, its weird, who is marrying her.

Mishika says her fiancee Yuvraj. Ahana asks why is he marrying her. Rudra thinks Prisha wants Saransh’s trust fund. He says I m going for jog. He goes out and asks guards not to come. Saransh comes to meet him. He asks him to stop the game, take money from piggy bank, buy fav toy, stop this game. Rudraksh asks what game.

Saransh says you made this game, mumma will come out and stay with me. Rudraksh thinks don’t know what she lied. He asks do you want to meet her. Saransh says yes. Rudra says she will tell about the game.