My Desire Sunday Update 24th July 2022


My Desire Sunday Update 24th July 2022

Prisha looking for Saransh. She says great, Rudraksh started the rehearsals. Rudra sings will you marry me…. Prisha smiles. She says you should sleep now. Saransh says you know Rudra had sung this song when we met him for the first time. They dance. Saransh asks Rudra to come and sleep along with him. Rudra says I have to rehearse. Prisha thinks why is Saransh so scared. Rudra asks is there any problem. Prisha says no, Saransh don’t get stubborn, come and sleep. Saransh says please. Rudra says let him be here, if he feels sleepy, I will get him to you, you also want to hear my song. She says no, bring Saransh to me. She thinks if Saransh sleeps here and wets the bed, then…. no I will take him in some time. Its morning, Prisha looks for Saransh. She sees him sleeping with Rudra. She checks if Saransh has wet the bed. Rudra wakes up. Prisha says you scared me. Rudra says you scared me, what were you seeing. She says I was waking him up. He says he held my hand and slept, he doesn’t want to go to his room, something is wrong, I will ask him. She says he wanted to sleep with you.

He says he was scared, he wasn’t ready to go to his room, is there something, what happened, is there any problem. Prisha thinks what shall I do. She says I had to tell you something. He asks is Saransh fine, tell me, what are you hiding. Prisha says let me say. Balraj comes and says I m so excited, Ahuja also liked the idea, he is coming, we will talk to him. Prisha gets a call. Nurse says a lady is admitted, her delivery is due, she is virus positive, she is in pain. Prisha says so what, I will come and talk to HOD, her delivery will happen, what if anything happens to the lady or her child, I m coming. Balraj stops her and says you are risking our lives by taking this case. Prisha says any other doctor can also refuse, that lady needs me. Balraj says I need my family. Prisha says I have to do my duty, Rudra explain him. Rudra says dad is right, sorry, you can’t risk the family. Balraj says you won’t go anywhere. Prisha says sorry, I won’t listen to you.

Rudra says if you get infected then, I can’t take risk for Saransh. Prisha says all doctors have children, they are also working in the hospital, who will treat the patient, you are stopping me. Balraj says my decision won’t change by your lecture. Prisha says if any doctor didn’t treat me and Saransh that day. Rudra says you weren’t infected. Prisha says doctors don’t know about patients, I m lucky to know about the patient’s infection, I will take precaution, think of your state that day, if doctors didn’t treat Saransh that day, you would have lost Saransh, that lady is pregnant, none is there to save her, you are stopping me, we can’t become so mean, you cancelled the concert to save your fans, can’t I think for my patient, its a big responsibility, if Saransh knows that I left the patient to die, what will I teach him, I will go for my and Saransh’s sake, none can stop me. Balraj says I will make you out of this house, like I was ready to make Rudra out. Prisha says do anything, but I will go. Rudra says Prisha will go to the hospital, she will save that pregnant lady and that child, you won’t stop her.

Balraj says fine, Prisha you will be responsible for what happens with you. He goes. Rudra says I will drop you, come. Prisha gets ready. She sees Saransh sleeping and says I m going to hospital to treat the virus infection patient, I may not meet you for 14 days, you will feel proud of my work, take care. Rudra drops Prisha at the hospital. She advises him to take care of himself and Saransh. He says relax, you go, all the best, I worry for Saransh and for you too. Yeh hai chahatein….plays…. She says I remember we are together for Saransh. She asks him to leave her dupatta. He asks what, I didn’t hold anything, I m innocent. She sees dupatta stuck. He says you wanted me to hold the dupatta and stop you. She says not in dreams, go home and take precautions.

She thinks I m mad, why will he hold my dupatta, we are together just for Saransh. Rudra says she has solid attitude and courage, she is going knowing the risk. He prays for her. Prisha meets the patient Usha. Usha’s husband Naresh says none is helping my wife. Prisha asks nurse to do the tests, its imp to immediately operate her, we have no option, I will talk to HOD. She asks Usha not to worry and just take a long breath. She goes to HOD and asks him to see the patient’s state. HOD says she is virus positive, the infection can spread. Prisha says we can make separate ward for that patient. He says you won’t treat that lady here. She asks are you threatening to fire me. He says you will be losing the job. She argues and says I will treat the patient, you type my termination letter, I will save their lives. She prepares herself and goes.

Rudraksh coming to sleep with Saransh. Saransh hugs him. He wakes up and says you are sleeping here, I will get a good sleep now. Rudraksh says you were already snoring. He says I will always protect you, I have some problem with your mumma, but I will bear her for your sake, she is stubborn and went, I hope she manages. Prisha checks Usha and asks her to calm down, her BP is high. Usha cries. The guards stop Prisha and say its HOD order, you can’t take her inside, its our duty. Prisha scolds the nurses for not saving the patient, and saving their jobs. She calls Rudra. He answers her call. He asks what happened.

She says I m fine, I need your help. He asks what help do you need. She tells everything. He asks is everything fine there. Usha screams. Prisha checks her and says baby’s heart beat is getting slow. He asks how will you manage. Prisha says just do as I said. He says sure. She says we have to do her delivery here. Naresh asks how, here in this open place. Prisha says I can just see her life, nurses won’t help, you have to help me. Naresh agrees. Nurses think if we go to help Prisha, then we will lose the jobs. Prisha says I will go and get few things needed. She goes. Saransh shouts save me. Rudra rushes to him and hugs. He says I m here, just sleep. He thinks don’t know, he is scared since that time, what shall I do, don’t know how is Prisha managing.

Prisha takes the necessary things. HOD asks what’s all this. Prisha says I need this for Usha’s delivery, I will do it in the lobby, I m just taking the equipments, keep it and go. HOD asks her to keep the equipment and get out, else he will call the security. She gets shocked. She says I need this cover her up, I will return the double. Prisha goes to Naren and says HOD didn’t let me take anything, we have to do the delivery ourselves, we have courage and blessings of Lord. Usha asks if anything happens to my baby. Prisha asks Naresh to take Usha aside. They take Usha to a corner. Prisha asks Naren to hold Usha’s legs upwards. Usha says please cover me up, everyone is watching. Prisha scolds the staff. She asks her to just do as she tells. Some nurses come to help and get the stuff to cover up Usha. They say we will help you, even if we lose our job. They cover up Usha.

The media reaches the hospital. Reporter says we will be reporting live. Rudra says great, is Prisha there. Prisha answers the media. She says we have got a warning that we will be fired from the job, I m a doctor and doing this delivery in an open area to save the life. The reporter says the hospital management is treating the patient badly, Dr. Prisha is facing a difficulty and still doing her duty. Rudra plays the news and sees Prisha. Sharda asks what is Prisha doing there. Rudra says Prisha called me to expose the hospital. Usha shouts to her mum. Reporter asks Usha’s mom to come to her daughter, she needs her. She salutes Prisha who is helping a patient so much. She says Prisha is Rudraksh’s wife, Rudraksh is live now, what will he say in this, will he support Prisha. Rudraksh says yes, this work has become a challenge for Prisha, I know she will win. Reporter says we hope so.

Ahana wakes up and answers Kanchan’s call. She asks what, Prisha is on tv, live, okay, thanks. She ends call and says she will infect all of us, Balraj should know about it. She comes to Rudraksh and asks what if Prisha gets infected. Rudra says I know, I dropped her to the hospital, she is doing the delivery with much difficulty. Balraj says I know it, she went against my wish, it happened because of Rudra, he supported her. Balraj argues with Rudra. He says we have a risk, we are staying with Prisha at home. Ahana asks Balraj not to get angry, its good publicity, its beneficial for Rudra’s concert. Balraj says I don’t care, I told her that if she goes out of the house, then she won’t come back. Ahana smiles and thinks I like it, thanks Prisha for doing this. Vasu gets a call and asks what, really, Prisha is on tv. She checks the news and prays for Prisha’s safety. Prisha delivers the baby. Usha and Naren get happy. Everyone claps.