My Desire Saturday Update 9th July 2022


My Desire Saturday Update 9th July 2022

Prisha asking are you fine. Rudraksh asks who shouts in ears like this, I already have a headache, give me my phone. She says its in room, go and get it. He stumbles. She says you be here, I will get the phone. Bunty and Bubbles are in mandap. Sharda takes Prisha fora talk. She says I have come in the family 20 years back but no one supported me as you did, you are blamed for Rajeev’s murder, I know you can’t do this, you love Saransh, you hugged me and supported me, just a bahu or daughter can do this. Ahana looks on. Sharda says this is our ancestral necklace, it was with Rudra’s real mum and then it was given to me, I wanted to give it to my bahu, its yours now. Ahana cries. Sharda says its my blessing for you. Prisha says no, I can’t take this. Sharda says don’t refuse for blessing. She makes Prisha wear it. Prisha says thanks aunty ji. Sharda says Maa, Rudra calls me Maa. Prisha says thanks Maa.

Ahana goes and drinks. Mishka comes and says you are either too happy or super upset. Ahana says I m bahu of Khurana family since 7 years, Sharda didn’t give me any jewellery, she has given ancestral necklace to Prisha, its worth crores. Mishka says you can wear more expensive necklace and go to her. Ahana says matter is of respect, I should get that respect, Prisha is Rajeev’s murderer, Sharda proved she is stepmother, I will kill Prisha. Mishka says we will solve this, let Bunty’s marriage get over, lets go, do you want to upset Balraj, its must to control him. Ahana says I m telling you, Prisha…. I will kill her and that drama queen also, they are dead.

Bunty and Bubbles are getting married. Saransh asks Prisha to say sorry to Rudraksh. Gopal goes kanyadaan. Prisha goes and says my blame was wrong, so…. I m sorry. Yuvraj looks on angrily. He thinks she is sticking to Rudraksh and then telling me to support her, I will meet her. Prisha says you are listening right. She removes his glasses and sees him sleeping. She says I told sorry and he wasted it. She goes.

Saransh wakes up Rudraksh and asks why do you sleep on wrong time, mumma came to say sorry. Rudraksh asks really. Saransh says yes, you were sleeping. Rudraksh says send her, I will give her a chance to say sorry. Bunty and Bubbles take rounds. Everyone claps. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Prisha comes to Rudraksh. She says actually…. He goes. She goes after him. Bunty fills sindoor in Bubbles’ maang.

Prisha tries to say sorry. Rudraksh avoids her and angers her. Saransh asks her to say sorry. She goes again. Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan….plays….. Prisha and Rudraksh go and congratulate Bunty and Bubbles for their marriage. They all take pics. The ladies call Prisha lucky for getting such a loving husband and family. Ahana gets angry. Balraj thanks everyone for coming. The lady says I got to know the truth, you all love Saransh. Balraj says next time, come as a guest, we know you do social work, a small contribution for her organization. He thinks its a price to get rid of you. He thanks the media. The lady says you have done such good arrangements. Ahana comes to Balraj. He says everything went well.

Ahana says Sharda took big decision without asking you, she has given your first wife’s ancestral necklace to Prisha. He asks what. She says shocking right, I feel bad, I m elder bahu, she should have given it to me, I m a widow now and maybe I m not counted in humans, but why Prisha, she killed Rajeev, Sharda gave the necklace to Prisha, its insulting. Balraj says come with me, we will see her, she has lost it. Saransh says marriage has happened, you didn’t say sorry. Prisha says I tried a lot. Yuvraj looks on. Saransh asks her to go out. She goes. Yuvraj says so Saransh is also busy in setting. Saransh looks for Rudraksh. Yuvraj says Rudraksh has gone to a room and kept icecreams for you. Saransh runs. Yuvraj says Rudraksh isn’t there, I will go there.

Prisha waiting for Rudraksh to say sorry. Yuvraj comes. She asks why did you come here. He says you changed for the sake of Rudraksh’s money, I had changed and got ruined for saving you, I can see you wearing costly clothes and jewellery, you call this a drama, you don’t need me, since I got poor. She asks him to leave. He asks her to come with him. She says I gave Saransh’s custody to Rudraksh. He says I know, I will ask my lawyer friends to file case. She says like you saved me from death sentence, right, I won’t let Saransh fall in trouble, you left me with Rudraksh, I won’t go. He thinks to take the necklace from her. Balraj scolds Sharda for giving the ancestral necklace to Prisha.

Ahana says maybe Prisha trapped her in her words. She sees Rudraksh and Saransh going. She says where are they going, when we are here, something is wrong, Prisha… Balraj says now I have to show her place. Yuvraj says really sorry Prisha, I will go, I can hug you, right, please. Prisha nods. Yuvraj hugs her and says I love you Prisha, I missed you a lot. He removes the necklace. He says once I get Saransh’s custody, everything will be fine. He smiles seeing the necklace and keeps it in his pocket. Balraj and everyone come. Balraj asks what’s happening here. Balraj asks what are you doing with this water. Ahana thinks this is better, Prisha’s character will get blast, I will expose Prisha and Yuvraj. Yuvraj says I will get water. Ahana stops him. She says this waiter was roaming around Prisha. How can she have an affair with a waiter. Prisha says its nothing like that.

Ahana says you just hugged, we came early, else we would have seen more scenes, I know your low level, think of our level. Saransh says bad aunty. Rudraksh asks him to go to his room. Saransh says I won’t go leaving mumma. Prisha asks him to go. Saransh asks Rudraksh to promise, he will support Prisha and take care of her. Rudraksh promises. Saransh goes. Ahana says I feel bad for Saransh. Mishka and Ahana insult Prisha. Ahana asks Yuvraj what’s his name. He says Punnu. Mishka laughs. Ahana says I know his face, Prisha’s ex lover, that failed lawyer, Yuvraj. He worries. She pulls off his fake beard and moustache. Everyone is shocked. Ahana says look at them.

Gopal and Vasu look for Prisha. Saransh comes and says everyone is getting angry on mumma. Dia says something has happened there. Gopal and Vasu rush. Balraj slaps Yuvraj and scolds him. Prisha asks what are you doing. He asks her to shut up, she has shown her level today by acting cheap. He says you are enjoying with your ex-lover in our farmhouse, did your parents teach this to you, it was my mistake to give you a place in my respected family. Gopal and Vasu come. They stop Balraj and argue. Balraj says our bahus and daughters don’t do such cheap things, which your daughter did with this guy. Vasu asks who is he. They see Yuvraj. Gopal asks why did you come here. Balraj says he would have come to steal something, he is a thief. Ahana says someone would have helped him to get an entry. Prisha says no. Ahana asks where is the necklace which Sharda gave to you, our ancestral necklace. Prisha says I was wearing it, where did it go, maybe it fell down somewhere. Mishka says it wasn’t a small nose pin to fall, it was a huge necklace. Sharda asks how can you be so careless. Prisha says I had worn it. Ahana says this girl doesn’t value it.

Mishka says you should have seen if she deserves it, find it. Yuvraj thinks I got caught up with Prisha and now I will be caught with this necklace. Ahana sees the necklace string and thinks its in his pocket, now Prisha’s leftover respect is also gone. She asks Prisha did you lose the necklace or give it to someone. Prisha asks why will I give it to anyone. Ahana says you come here, empty your pocket. Prisha asks why are you telling him, he didn’t do anything. Ahana says you are shameless to support him. Mishka says show the pockets, what’s the problem, why are you afraid. Prisha says Yuvraj, show the pockets. Yuvraj gets worried. He says there is nothing. Ahana gets the necklace out of his pocket. Prisha says Yuvraj…. He asks who kept this necklace in my pocket, I didn’t take it, I don’t know anything. Rudraksh asks Sharda not to trust Prisha.