My Desire Saturday Update 12 November 2022


My Desire Saturday Update 12 November 2022

Kabir bribes Panditji for finding his wedding muhurat after 2 days. Sulochana says they will get 500 crores soon. Kabir says once he marries Ahana, he will grab while wealth and hopes Preesha doesn’t create any problem. Sulochana says Preesha is out of game now. Rudra takes family to their farm house. Everyone like it. Preesha thinks how to stop Kabir and Ahana’s wedding. Fashion designer shows designs on tab. Mishka selects Kabir’s dress. Preesha think how can Mishka change so soon as she was fuming just sometime ago. She takes Preesha aside and asks what happened suddenly. Mishka says she is on Ahana’s side now as Ahana told how much she loves Kabir, so is okay with their wedding. Preesha says she knows Kabir’s creepy nature. Mishka says whatever it is, Kabir is Ahana’s love, so she wants to enjoy their wedding and even Preesha should. Preesha stands confused.

Preesha calls inspector and asks about Jerry, Maria, Harish, and Mahima. Inspector informs that Harish in jail, Maria and Jerry became government evidences and were given simple punishment, Mahima escaped out of country as Harish had made her fake passport already, he has informed interpol and Mahima will be caught soon. She thanks him for his help and asks to take care him. He says even she should. She thinks Mahima will not think of returning to India soon, she now needs to concentrate on stopping Kabir and Ahana’s wedding.

After some time, Rudra gifts flower necklace to Preesha and says all ladies are wearing it for haldi ritual, so he bought one for his beautiful wife. She hugs and thanks him. He gets romantic and asks her to kiss him. She kisses his cheek. He kisses her forehead. She says if she is his best and beautiful wife, he is his bestest and handsome hubby. He says he is more lucky as if she had not rescued him on time from kidnappers, he wouldn’t have been alive. She says they both are lucky. He asks to wear yellow dress for function today. She says she got hospital call and is going to attend an emergency case. He asks her to return soon. She feels sorry for lying him and going somewhere.

Preesha reaches Kabir and Sulochana’s old locality where a neighbor identifies her as Rudra’s wife and asks how are Kabir and Sulochana. Preesha says they are fine and asks how well she knows them. Neighbor says not much as they had come to stay here only a few days before Rudra and Preesha took them along. Preesha is surprised to know about Kabir and Sulcohana’s lies and thinks Rudra will not believe her without proof.

Rudra clashes with Sonia while carrying Preesha’s flower necklace and it breaks down. He scolds her. she fixes it and says she was praying for him when he was in kidnappers’ grip. He hugs and thanks her for fixing necklace and leaves. She gets happy feeling his touch. Sulochana meets Rudra and says she needs to talk. Preesha returns home thinking if she should inform Rudra about Sulochana and Kabir’s truth when she sees Rudra angrily waiting with family for her. She asks if they didn’t start function. Rudra asks why did she go to maa’s locality. Sulochana acts crying and informs Preesha that neighbors called and informed that she was enquiring about her. Rudra scolds Preesha followed by Ahana who asks why did she go there. Preesha says for maa’s happiness as she had gone to invite her neighbors. Rudra tells Sulochana that Preesha cares for maa’s happiness. Preesha says she found out that maa was staying in locality since only a few days and asks where was she staying before. Rudra asks Sulochana if Preesha is right, where was she studying. Kabir asks Sulochana to tell truth to everyone. Rudra asks what truth. Kabir says they were studying in different locality before that and unable to bear high rent due to his jobless situation, they had to relocate. Sulochana acts as apologizing Rudra for hiding truth. Rudra says he will not let anything happen to them and hugs them. Preesha thinks they are so wicked and regained Rudra’s trust, even she needs to act good for the time being. She apologizes Sulochana for unable to give her happiness. Sulochana says its okay and says all her dear ones are here, so she doesn’t need any outsiders; thinks she will punish Preesha once Kabir and Ahana’s marriage finishes. Rudra says let us start rituals and takes family along.

Kabir and Ahana’s haldi ritual starts. All family members apply haldi to them one by one. Mishka smears haldi on Kabir’s whole face and laughs. He flirts with her that she is looking beautiful laughing. Mishka feels offended. Kabir insists Preesha to apply haldi to him. He hesitates, but agrees on Rudra’s insistence. Kabir thinks she should back off from rying to expose him or else will repent. Preesha walks aside fuming. Rudra walks to her and applies haldi on her cheeks saying they didn’t have hali ritual during their wedding. He gets romantic and rubs his cheek on her cheeks. Jo Tum Na plays in the background. Their romance continues when Saransh walks to them and drags them for dance.

Rudra joins family and dances on Badri Ki Dulhaniya song. Preesha walks to ehr room. Sharda noticing her walks to her and asks why she looks sad. Preesha says how to explain Rudra that Sulochana and Kabir are not right people. Sharda says Rudra loves his mother and brother, so he will not believe her and she needs to have proof than just doubt. Preesha describes how she tried to expose Kabir via Mishka but failed. Sharda says since Mishka is Ahana’s sister, Rudra will take it easy; her plan would have been successful if it was some other girl; Kabir’s creepy nature will not change and he will somehow show is true colors in front of other girl. Preesha thanks her and says she will find some other girl to expose Kabir. Sharda says she is happy seeing smile back on Preesha’s face.

During breakfast, Mishka tells Kabir and Ahana that their haldi ritual pics came really well. Kabir flirts with her again. Rudra returns with Sonia after song recording. Sonia says she is very happy and cannot believe that she sang with Rudra. Rudra says he even announced it in front of media during press meet and their final song version will be out today. Mishka asks when will it be out. Rudra says he will play scratch version now. Ahana asks him to play it some other time. Sulcohana jokes that even she is going for song recording. Saransh asks if she also sings. She says she is rockstar Rudra’s mother and then says she is going for shopping. Rudra asks her to return soon. Preesha thinks this is right time to hire a new girl and expose Kabir.

Rudra’s client listens to his song and praises him and Sonia’s voice. Sonia says she cannot believe she can sing so well. Rudra holds her hand and says she will be a next music sensation soon. She feels good sensing his touch. Client leaves. Sonia says she wants to spend some time out with him if he doesn’t mind. He agrees and says he will take her to his favorite place. She says today’s treat is from her side. He agrees. Sulochana stops car seeing a bar and restaurant and walks in to have some liquor. She orders and enjoys liquor and hopes once Kabir and Ahana marry, she will enjoy openly in Khurana House. She sees Rudra and Sonia enjoying champagne nearby, Sonia falls down and Rudra holds her. She fumes that there are many bars in town, but Rudra came only here.

Preesha goes to a modeling agency and asks agency head that she needs a model who is beautiful and can act well for a sensitive assignment. He says they don’t do any illegal work. She explains that she wants to expose her creepy BIL. He agrees and shows a few pics. Preesha likes one.

Sonia gets heavily inebriated and slips. Rudra holds her. She says she feels inebriated and dizzy. He asks her to sit and goes to washroom. Sulochana noticing that thinks why Sonia is hugging Rudra; hears Sonia telling that she likes being around Rudra and loves him, so she is making excuses to touch and be around him. She thinks she should make use of Sonia’s secret in her favor.