My Desire Monday Update 4th July 2022


My Desire Monday Update 4th July 2022

Rudra says I have an aim to prove child care services people wrong, they can come in any get up and they will see Prisha and me together, we have to get Bunty’s marriage done well. Balraj says we are thinking same for the first time, it means a lot, lets celebrate this moment. Rudra hugs Bunty and thinks Prisha, I will punish you with my love. Vasu and Gopal pack bags. Gopal says you won’t get scared, you are Jhansi ki rani, Prisha went on you. She says we will meet Prisha and Saransh. He says I will call child care services. He calls the lady and says I called to say about Bunty and Bubbles’ marriage, the rasams are starting tonight, come there and keep an eye on Khurana family. The lady agrees. Gopal says the lady is sending some to the marriage, Prisha isn’t understanding, this is the only way to get Prisha and Saransh out of that house. Ahana says marriage is happening in our farmhouse, but it was be huge expense on us, what’s the need to do this for Bunty. Balraj says its for publicity, just imagine how popular Rudra would be, I will earn more than the expenses.

Ahana says you always think of the bigger picture. Yuvraj comes and greets Gopal and Vasu. He says I will also keep the suitcase, I m also going in Bubbles’ marriage, maybe she forgot to invite me. Gopal says Yuvraj…. you won’t come with us, in fact, I asked Bubbles not to invite you in the marriage. Yuvraj asks why are you saying this. Gopal says for Prisha’s image, she is married to Rudraksh, the world knows her as Rudraksh’s wife, I don’t want you to come and spoil her image. Yuvraj says I m such a big fool, you are right, you guys go, I won’t go, enjoy the marriage. They leave in the cab. Yuvraj gets angry and kicks the bag. He says you regarded me lucky, you changed today, Prisha and Saransh will be defamed because of me, fine I will bear all this, I can’t kill many people, I will go in the marriage, money is such, it can change anyone’s intentions. Rudra asks Prisha to sit in the car. He thinks I will cross limits now, wait and watch, it will be fun. He drives. He plays the romantic songs. He says what a song, its my fav. He dances while driving. She changes the radio station. Aao raja….plays… Prisha makes him away.

She stops the radio. He asks why did you stop the romantic songs. She says stay away, I will jump down if you touch me again. He says then you will die and I will get Saransh, simple logic. The old song plays. Chahe raho dur…..plays…. Everyone enjoys and dances on dhol. Gopal and Vasu come. Gopal says its loud music, we shall sit and discuss about the marriage. Balraj says sure, we are a happy family, come, there is no problem. Vasu says Bubbles is like our daughter, marriage should be done in our way. Balraj says why not, we will do as you say. She asks the time of rounds. He says 12. She says fine, good he didn’t say about 12 noon. He says its 12 midnight, but I won’t say that to them. Ahana jokes on Vasu. Vasu argues. Balraj asks Ahana to leave it. Ahana says good music, lavish food, exotic drinks… Vasu says we will keep coconut water. Ahana says I was saying about hard drinks. Vasu says no way. Gopal says no liquor. Balraj asks what will we do till rounds at night, 12 o’clock, are you thinking of morning time, no… Vasu says yes. He says that’s impossible, how will it be fun. Vasu says we don’t want this drama. They argue. Bunty and Bubbles worry. Rudra and Prisha come.

Rudra shouts stop, behave like elders, Bunty will say when he wants to marry, day or night. Bunty says whatever Bubbles wants. Vasu says tell them about daytime marriage. Bubbles says sorry, but I like daytime. Rudra says fine, there won’t be liquor. Balraj asks why did you agree. Rudra says media is fine, try to understand. Balraj says fine. Wedding planner comes and asks them to get ready. Balraj asks Rudra to see Prisha’s clothes, she is bahu of Khurana clothes, make her wear designer clothes. Rudra says don’t worry, I have already arranged this. He goes to Prisha.

He says this is for you. She says what’s this, I won’t wear this. He says I m acting, smile for the camera if you want Saransh. She says nice. He says its a gift from my side, shall we go, we are also newly weds, we should get some time too, smile now. She goes with him. They go to room. They argue. He asks her to go and change. She refuses. He says fine, forget Saransh. She says don’t threaten me. He says child care people threatened, its a torture to come close to you, I m doing this to look as a happy couple, else Saransh will get away, you decide what to do now.

Prisha asking where is the washroom. He says I told her, its there. She goes. He says I understood how to make you agree, see how I torture you now. He gets ready. She gets ready and comes. He looks for her. She asks is this designer blouse, its backless, there is just a button to hold it, its wrong size. He asks how, I can just see the girl and measure the size, I have dated many girls. She says its wrong. He says I will check your size and say. He hugs her. She says get away, are you mad. He asks why. He thinks I have to see this fear on your face. Balraj says we can’t even take drinks. The man says your son forgot you after marriage. Ahana says we won’t listen to Vasu, we will drink here. Balraj says leave it, it will be a drama in front of the media. She shows the man spiking the sweets. He says that’s naughty, I love this. She says it will be real punjabi style wedding now. They all take the thandais.

Rudra and Prisha fall on the bed and have an eyelock. She warns him. He asks what will you do, will you kill me as you killed my brother. Everyone gets drunk and dances. Vasu comes and stops them. The lady says the Paisam is super tasty. Vasu checks the thandai. She shouts and throws the glasses. She shouts what’s this. Rudra and Prisha hear her shouting. Vasu says you have added wine in paisam. Media records it. Vasu says this mehendi rasam won’t happen, who did this with us. Prisha says its mum’s voice. Rudra asks what’s her problem, if child care service people see this, we will lose Saransh. Balraj asks why are you reacting like this. She says wine is added in the paisam. Ahana says actually, yes, who did this. Balraj asks who did this.

Ahana says its not a big deal. Vasu says its a big matter. Gopal comes. He asks what happened. She says wine is added in paisam, they cheated us, they are taking revenge. He says they cheat everyone. Balraj says let it go. Ahana argues with Vasu and Gopal. Balraj worries. Rudra and Prisha come. Vasu says wine is added in the paisam, they all are drunk, Ahana would have done this. Ahana asks what’s the proof. Rudra sees the reporters clicking the pics. Prisha says calm down. Ahana says middle class people created a big issue on a small prank. Rudra says media is recording everything. Balraj says he is right. Mishka says Rudra never supports us. Mishka and Ahana go. Rudra says it was a small prank, maybe my inlaws didn’t like it, its wrong, Prisha and I are sorry, waiter, get lemon water for everyone. The guests drink the lemonade.

Rudra says everything is fine now, forget it now at least for Bunty and Bubbles. He dances on the dhol. He takes everyone for dance. Balraj hugs Gopal and thinks I m helpless now, I will kick you out when time comes. Rudra holds Prisha closer. They dance. Maa comes to talk to Balraj. Ahana says Vasu is trying to make us middle class, you have seen her shouting on us. Maa says its your mistake. Balraj scolds her. Ahana asks are you from our family, then why are you taking their side, you are insulting dad. He says she is also a middle class woman, narrow minded, she can never reach our level, loser, let her go. Maa feels sad. He asks her to go. Maa goes. Mishka says that was rude. Ahana says shut up. Mishka says okay and wears her glasses.

Prisha sees Maa crying and eating food. She asks what happened to you. She hugs Maa. Maa says I m worried and eat food. Prisha thinks she doesn’t share her sorrow with anyone and eats food this way. She asks her to cry and lighten her heart. Yuvraj comes there in disguise of a sardar. He pays the taxi driver and sends him. He says once I get Saransh’s trust funds, I will own taxis and earn more, I will keep an eye on Prisha, is she saving Saransh, or got blind seeing Rudraksh. He gets a call. He meets the man and says I m Pannu Singh, you are wedding planner, right. The man says you have to become a waiter. Yuvraj says I have good face and personality, you are making me a waiter. The man says I m giving work on Sharma’s saying. Yuvraj agrees. He says I have to do this for Saransh’s trust fund. Prisha sees Saransh playing with some handcuffs. She says its not a toy, don’t play with this. Saransh says Rudraksh gifted this to Bunty. Prisha thinks Rudraksh has no shame, its not for kids. He says no, I have to play with this. He runs. She runs afetr him. She falls in Rudraksh’s arms.