My Desire Monday Update 29 August 2022


My Desire Monday Update 29 August 2022

Yuvraj tells Preesha that he didn’t kill Kirti. Preesha says that means Kirti was alive when Rudra left after meeting Kirti, so he should come along and inform Rudra same. Yuvraj says if he does that, he will be in trouble, Rudra is a rockstar and will escape, but he cannot. Preesha thinks he is so selfish and backed off, he told Rudra is innocent and even he is, she needs to find out. She walks to terrace to find some clue and notices something. Back in hotel corridor, Balraj informs Rudra that he has called his team of lawyers and police cannot arrest him. Kirti’s father walks in and says he will get Rudra punished. Balraj says who is he, he doesn’t know who Rudra is. Father says he is Kirti’s father and minister Harish Jain, nobody can save Rudra now. He asks inspector why didn’t he arrest anyone so far and orders him to arrest Rudra as he was seen with Kirti last.

Preesha walks down saying nobody should dare arrest her husband as he is innocent. Harish argues with her. She tells its manager’s mistake that he didn’t inform whole thing and taking them to terrace shows another door to enter terrace. Manager says he forgot about it and door is locked since a long time. She opens it and says even she came come to terrace via it, she also saw Rudra and Kirti’s

argument and then she down after Rudra went out. She and Rudra then spent time together. Harish says what nonsense. Preesha says couple stay together, its normal. He asks why didn’t she inform police about it before. She asks if he remembers which dress he wore last night and forgot, even she forgot; it is proved that Preesha was alive when Rudra went down. Harish says she is cooking up story to save her husband. Inspector says Preesha is right, they need to find out who call entered terrace via that door. Balraj warns Harish that he cannot threaten Rudra without a proof and asks inspector to find truth first. Preesha walks towards Rudra, and he looks at her emotionally.

GPS and Vasu watch Kirti’s death news and get worried. Vasu calls Preesha, but she doesn’t pick call. She then calls Sharda who informs that Kirti fell from terrace and died, police is doubting Rudra, but Preesha rescued him.

Preesha returns to Saransh’s room. Saransh insists to meet Rudra. Preesha says he cannot. Rudra walks in saying why will he not. They spend quality time together enjoying pizza, etc. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Mishka goes on terrace to find her thing. Inspector informs Harish that they found some clue and take him up. Rudra confronts Preesha that she had not come on terrace last night and they didn’t spend night together, so she lied to prove him innocent and herself great; he will not forgive her whatever she tries.

Rudra tells Preesha that he will never trust her again. Preesha says she doesn’t want to be great and impress him for his forgiveness, she didn’t want to prove that she is pativrata, but prove that her husband is not a murderer and proved it as she trusts him, though he doesn’t trust him and hates him; she considers him as family and is fulfilling the promise they made together; he didn’t trust her and trusted Rahul’s manipulated lies instead; she trusted him even when he didn’t speak, that is the difference between her and him, his and her feelings for each other; she will not let anything wrong happen. She walks away while he stands silently. She then packs Saransh’s bags and asks him to hurry up. Rudra walks in and asks Preesha if she packed her bags. She says yes and asks what about him. He says there is nothing to pack as Kirti had selected clothes for him and he donated them all.

Balraj with family walks down to check out of hotel when inspector walks in and informs that Preesha was right, Rudra wasn’t last to meet Kirti as they found a woman’s earring in her hand. They are shocked, and Ahana says its strange. Balraj asks if they can see earring. Inspector says on Harish Jain’s insistence, case is transferred to Delhi police and he can check with him. Harish walks in and says he will make sure Rudra is punished for his sin. Balraj warns that he cannot allege his son wrongly and he walks away with family saying he will not keep quiet. Rudra with Saransh and Preesha gets into vanity van and looks at Preesha. Jo tumna ho…song..plays in the background.

Balraj drives car with Sharda, Ahana, and Mishka. Ahana continues blaming Preesha. Mishka silently drops her earring from window and relaxes thinking she escaped. Preesha notices that from vanity van window. Back home, Preesha stops family and informs that someone from Balraj’s car threw something. Ahana creates drama. Rudra says they should listen as its regarding Kirti’s murder. Preesha shows either Ahana or Mishka threw earring from car window, reminiscing getting out of vanity van with Rudra and picking it from road. Ahana reminisces Mishka throwing earring and tries to brush off by continuing to yell at Preesha. Balraj says he needs answer as Preesha saved Rudra and is right. Ahana says fine, its her earring.