My Desire Monday Update 27th June 2022


My Desire Monday Update 27th June 2022

Rudraksh getting Saransh to the jail. He says your mum is here, she is a criminal, she will get punished, you be with me. Saransh says no, its a game, mum isn’t wrong, you are lying, she will tell the truth. Rudraksh asks him to listen to him and come. Saransh says no, I have to meet her, I will find the truth. Rudraksh asks guard about Prisha. Guard says you can’t meet her, kids aren’t allowed. Rudraksh and Saransh argue. Rudraksh goes. Saransh thinks what to do, how to meet mumma. He sees a trolley and recalls Prisha’s words. He sits in the trolley and hides under clothes. Guard leaves the trolley into laundry room. Saransh hides from him. Prisha hugs Vasu. Vasu says I have brought a bridal dress for you. Constable comes and asks what’s all this, this won’t work here, call off the marriage. Vasu says she will wear the bridal dress, let her wear it, please. Jailer says no, we permitted the marriage as Yuvraj is a judge, don’t make jail a wedding destination. Vasu says let her wear chunri and bindi at least.

Jailer allows. Vasu makes Prisha ready. She says your Appa said when all the doors get shut, then the universe opens another door for us, maybe this marriage saves you. Gopal asks Yuvraj to reopen the case and save Prisha. Yuvraj thinks did you get mad. He does drama again. He says I have seen Prisha doing this accident. Gopal says I feel she is saving someone else. Yuvraj worries. Balraj and his wife look for Rudraksh. Ahana thinks Rudra is an idiot to go at this time. Balraj asks guard why didn’t he go with Rudra. Guard says he refused. Balraj shouts on him. Ahana says call Rudra’s friends and ask them. Balraj calls Bunty to ask. Bunty says Rudra isn’t at the studio, I don’t know about him. He says where can Rudra go, he was upset when I told him about Yuvraj and Prisha’s marriage, did he do anything. Gopal says whom is Prisha saving, once I know the truth, then see what I do, I will get him hanged. Yuvraj nods. Gopal goes. Yuvraj laughs and jokes on Gopal.

He says no use now, once I marry Prisha, then I will get trust fund of Saransh. Balraj says I have lost Rajeev and don’t want to lose Rudra. Maa says ask the bodyguards. Prisha comes for the marriage. She recalls her family. Dilbaro…plays… Prisha and groom sit in the mandap. Gopal and Vasu look on. Saransh looks for Prisha. Constable asks who are you, kids aren’t allowed here, wait. He throws the files at her and runs. Bubbles look for Saransh. Constable says is he a kid or a ghost, where did he hide. Bubbles says Prisha will worry knowing this, where did he go. She calls Gopal. She gets Bunty’s call. She says Saransh isn’t here. He says relax, we will find him, where can he go. She says news was playing on tv. He says I m sure he has seen about Prisha’s marriage and went there, I will come there. Prisha and groom exchange garlands.

Prisha and Rudraksh exchanging the garlands. Saransh runs away from constable. Prisha and Rudraksh sit in mandap. Vasu does the ghatbandhan and blesses. Pandit asks the bride and groom to take rounds. Prisha and Rudraksh take the rounds. Saransh asks where is mumma, please meet me mumma. Pandit says rounds are completed, we will do kanyadaan ritual now. Gopal does the kanyadaan. Charkha mera rang la…. Saransh runs to see if any puja is happening. Gopal cries. Rudraksh fills sindoor in Prisha’s maang. Saransh comes and looks on. Rudraksh makes her wear the mangalsutra. Prisha looks at him. He says congrats for the marriage. She says Yuvraj…. pandit says marriage is completed. Vasu thanks Lord. Everyone claps. Pandit says you both have become husband and wife now. Yuvraj comes there and gets shocked. He shouts stop. Prisha turns and gets shocked seeing him. Gopal and Vasu are also shocked. They ask who is this, if you are here Yuvraj. Yuvraj says stop this marriage, I don’t know who is he. Pandit says marriage has happened. Vasu asks who is he. Yuvraj removes sehra. They get shocked seeing Rudraksh as the groom.

Yuvraj asks what’s this drama. Rudraksh laughs. He says Prisha is my bride, I m her groom. Yuvraj says no. Rudra says I have filled sindoor in her maang and made her wear mangalsutra, we both got married, I m her husband and Saransh’s dad. Yuvraj says leave her hand. He throws things and says this marriage can’t happen. Rudraksh laughs and asks are you a joker to roam here like this, go and wear clothes. Yuvraj says you have taken my clothes. Rudraksh asks are you such a stupid to give your clothes. Yuvraj says no, something happened. He recalls getting ready with sehra. Rudraksh comes and faints him by injection. He says you didn’t die, you fainted for some time, I did this for my brother, I came inside by difficulty, police thought I came to see marriage, truth is I came to marry. He takes Yuvraj’s clothes and wears. He says Prisha, your real groom is coming. He leaves. FB ends. Yuvraj says you gave me injection and fainted me, you took my clothes and sehra, tell the truth. Rudraksh asks who told, did I say it, no.

Yuvraj says you have taken my clothes. Rudraksh asks who will listen to you, law wants proof, you are a judge, right. Yuvraj says I know, I will show the powers of a judge. He shouts jailer, arrest him, he cheated and married. Jailer says we can’t arrest him without the warrant. Yuvraj says arrest him, I m a judge, I m saying it. Jailer asks for what charges, the marriage didn’t happen forcibly. Gopal says we didn’t know that he is the groom, arrest this man. Jailer says get FIR written or get your daughter divorced. Rudraksh says yes. Yuvraj says you have gone mad, I will get the divorce done, you can’t think what will happen with you. Rudraksh says do what you want. Yuvraj says Prisha, this marriage can’t happen, I will talk to commissioner and minister. Rudraksh says wait, listen, wear clothes and go, else they will think you are mad. Yuvraj says I won’t leave you. Rudraksh stares at Prisha.

Vasu scolds him for ruining Prisha’s life. Saransh shouts mumma. Prisha hugs him. Vasu and Gopal ask where is Bubbles. Saransh says she isn’t here. Prisha asks how did you come here. He says Rudraksh got me, I requested him to stop this game, but he said its all a lie. Rudraksh asks why are you lying to her. She says don’t dare to come between us, if my son gets hurt, then I won’t tolerate. Rudraksh says never mind, you just have 4 days, then you will get hanged. Prisha and her family cry. Saransh asks will you get hanged, tell me, who will take care of me, I can’t stay without you. Prisha hugs him and says God won’t let us get separated, when you go home, just pray that we never get separated.