My Desire Monday Update 14 November 2022


My Desire Monday Update 14 November 2022

Kabir insists Sulochana to tell how did she change Alisha’s mind. Sulochana says she has a magical wand and calls Sonia. Sonia walks in. Sulochana says Sonia is their new group member who informed her about Alisha. Sonia goes into flashback where she meets her old friend Sonia in washroom and asks if she is Khurana family’s relative that she came to attend Kabir and Ahana’s sangeet. Alisha reveals that Preesha hired her to trap Kabir and expose his true face. Sonia thinks she needs to inform this to Sulochana so that Sulochana doesn’t expose her. She insists Alisha to meet her aunt and messages Sulochana to meet her as she needs to talk to her something important. Sulochana meets her, and she informs her Preesha’s plan and asks if they should take Preesha to family. Sulochana says Alisha will execute Preesha’s plan as expected by Preesha and then create double trouble for Preesha at the end, then Rudra will get angry on Preesha. She tells Alisha that she will pay double than what Preesha paid. Out of flashback, Kabir says now he realized why Sonia behaved like that. HE goes into flashback where he tries to seduce Alisha and she pushes him and says she is trying to save him and shows Preesha’s message. Out of flashback, Sonia says Alisha was her friend and helped them. Sulochana scolds Kabir to control himself till marriage finishes, then they will tackle Preesha. He agrees and says let us rejoin function.

Preesha drives car back towards farm house thanking god that her work finished on time. She sees car’s petrol empty and thinks how to reach farm house now. She stops a passing car. Driver reverses car towards her and she is shocked to see a known person/must be Yash.

Next morning, Rudra gets busy in arrangements when Preesha insists him to have breakfast. He denies. She force feeds him saying if he eats, she will kiss him. He eats sandwich and asks her to kiss him. She says one more bite. He eats and tries to kiss her. She stops him and says one last bite. He eats and tries to kiss her again. She pushes him and feeds him juice. He asks where is his kiss. She says she just lied to feed him breakfast. He holds her and says he will not let her go until she kisses him. Decorator walks to him and asks to check entrance decoration. He nervously separates from Preesha and walks away saying his kiss is still pending.

Preesha thinks to message her aide and find out if he is ready or not. Sharda walks in and asks if everything is alright between her and Rudra. She says yes. Sharda asks what she has planned to stop Kabir and Ahana’s wedding. She says she is messaging for the same reason. Sharda says there shouldn’t be any problem between her and Rudra. She says Rudra may get angry on her, but cannot for long as he loves her. Sharda hopes she succeeds in her plan and leaves. She calls her aide and asks if he reached farm house.

Rudra gets ready for Ahana and Kabir’s wedding in Saransh’s room. Saransh pushes him saying its his room and he needs to get ready first. Rudra says Preesha is getting ready in his room and sent him out. Saransh says he should have informed him first and asks why is mamma not yet ready. Rudra says he will go and check and walks back to Preesha and gets mesmerized with her beauty seeing her getting ready. Jo Tum Na Ho.. song plays in the background. He makes her wear jewelry and reminsices quality time spent with her. He then fixes flowers in her hair and asks if she wants something. She says she wants to cancel honeymoon. He asks if she is sure. She says yes. He sasy He will go and check if Kabir is ready. She says I love you. He says I love you too wifey and leaves. She then walks to her aide who gets ready as groom and asks if he is ready. He nods yes.

Kabir’s baraat arrives with Rudra, Preesha, and others dancing. Sharda performs Kabir’s aarti. Preesha looks happy.

Ahana as bride enters mantap for marriage and sits next to groom. Wedding rituals starts. Pandit orders them to exchange garlands. They do same happily. Sharda asks Preesha if she will not stop the marriage. Preeshasays let the right time come. Pandit orders to perform bride and groom’s gathbandhan. Preesha happily performs their gatbandhan. Pandit then orders bride and groom tto start pheras. They perform pheras, then groom fixes mangalsutra on bride’s neck and applies sindhoor on her hairline. Pandit says wedding is complete and they can take their elders’ blessings. They touch Sulochana’s feet first. Sulochana blesses them and says she is very happy as Kabir is married today. Kabir enters in vest and brief and says how can his marriage happen when he is here. Sulochana asks who did this with him, where was he, and who is this man. Kabir says he was unconscious in bathroom and when he woke up, he found himself tied.

Rudra removes groom’s sehra and is shocked to see Yuvraj. Ahana cries in shock. Mishka says he is Yuvraj Pillai. Ahana asks how did he replace Kabir. Yuvraj says he heard about marriage here and thought of marrying. Ahana shouts to kick him out. Yuvraj says she is in shock and will accept him soon and will start loving him. She says she will not love him even in her dreams and

would never accept him as her husband, she shouts someone kick him out. He says whether she accepts or not, they are married and truth is he is her husband and everyone present are evidences of their marriage. She warns to dare not touch her or else she will kill him. He asks if she has gone mad, she will be a widow again if she kills him; she should accept him and hugs her. Rudra pulls him shout to dare not misbehave with his bhabhi. Yuvraj hugs him next. He slaps Yuvraj. Yuvraj reminds him that he got this idea from Rudra as he tricked and married Preesha like I married Ahana today. Rudra reminisces the incident. Kabir shouts to beat Yuvraj. Yuvraj nicks him Fakeer and asks him to have some protein shake and use his brain and not muscles. He asks pandit if this wedding is complete. Pandit says yes. Yuvraj says then he is Ahana’s husband legally.

Ahana slaps him. Yuvraj says let us do this violence later. Ahana asks Rudra to call police commissioner and send Yurvaj to jail. Yuvraj asks what is his crime. Ahana says she tricked and married her. He says she was smiling during wedding. Ahana says he replaced Kabir and married her wrongly. Mishka says exactly. Yuvraj asks if she couldn’t use her brain, last time Preesha did same foolishness, she should have at least said I love you and heard the reply to know whom she is marrying. Ahana shouts she needs divorce right now. Yuvraj holds her hand and says let us go then. Rudra stops him. Yuvraj says they need to stay together for 6 months legally for divorce. Ahana says she cannot tolerate him. Yuvraj says he will sit on their chest for 6 months and knows law as he was a lawyer and a judge before. Ahana walks away shouting. Sharda asks Preesha to handle the situation here while she takes Saransh away. Everyone walk away except Preesha.

Yuvraj asks Preesha if she will also blame and slap him. Preesha says she didn’t know he would stoop so low. He asks if she really didn’t know. She says she knew this time as she planned to get him married to Ahana. She reminisces the incident where her car’s petrol finishes and she seeks passerby car’s help. Yuvraj stops his car. She fumes seeing him and says she doesn’t need his help. He calls her B negative woman, reminds its her blood group, asks why is she hesitating to accept his help, and says he will drop her home. She agrees and warns to keep his mouth shut. He drives car and asks why she looks tensed as he knows her since childhood. She says she knows how he betrayed her many times. He says her husband betrayed her and married her by replacing him. She says she got an idea and asks him to replace Kabir and marry Ahana like Rudra married her. He asks if she has gone mad, why would lakir ka fakir/Kabir agree. She reminds that he exchanged Kabir’s DNA sample and says Rudra’s mother Sulochana and brother Kabir are planning to grab Khurana family’s wealth by getting Kabir married to Ahana and take Saransh’s custody. He says he will not marry makeup ki dukan Ahana as he may have to spend all his saving in her makeup. She emotionally blackmails him that he promised that he can do anything for her. He agrees and thinks he will marry Ahana to enter Khurana House and enjoy there, and once nalla Khurana Rudra finds out that it was Preesha’s plan, he will get mad and will divorce Preesha; now there will be his new entry in Preesha’s life. Out of flashback, Preesha thanks him for his help at the right time.