My Desire Monday Update 11th July 2022


My Desire Monday Update 11th July 2022

Rudraksh and Prisha having the icecream challenge. They try to finish one whole tub of icecreeam. Saransh says you both are winners. Prisha asks him to sleep. Saransh says I will sleep here. Rudraksh asks will she also sleep here, fine, sleep well, I don’t like to fall down the bed, I will sleep on the sofa. Saransh asks will you get sleep on the sofa. Rudraksh asks do I have any option. He sleeps. Saransh and Prisha switch on the Ac and sleep.

Rudraksh feels cold. He wakes up and sees AC on. He says who keeps temperature at 16, Prisha won’t have AC at her home, they fed me icecream first and now making me freeze. He looks for AC remote. Prisha wakes up and asks what happened, you are from rich family right, you are feeling cold. He says no, I was thinking for you both. He goes and feels cold again. He says you have stolen my blanket and sleeping well, I will also sleep here. He also gets under the blanket. Prisha asks what happened, are you feeling cold. He says no, I came to find my phone. She says you can sleep here if you want, we are from poor family, but we can do charity. He asks will you do charity in my house. He goes to the sofa and covers himself with cushions. He says if it was not Rajeev’s last wish, I would have thrown them outside. He opens the door. She asks what happened, are you feeling cold. He says yes, you snatched my room, bed and blanket, keep it. He goes. She smiles. Saransh wakes up and asks did you change temperature. She says no, sleep.

Its morning, Prisha goes to the washroom. The tap leaks. Saransh asks what’s happening, I will call Rudra. She asks him to get something to fix it. He gets a dumbbell. She says this won’t help. He gets Rudra’s briefs. Prisha asks why did you get this. Saransh says I have to go to washroom. He goes. She tries to fix the tap with the briefs. Rudra comes and asks what are you doing with my underwear, move, I will fix it. He goes and gets a spanner. She says I can fix it, take your underwear. She tries to fix the tap. He asks her to fix it and show. She gives the spanner to him. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan…..plays…. They argue. She says you helped me in fixing it. He says I fixed it. She says thanks for help. He goes.

Niketan comes to Ahana and Mishka. He says surprise…. Ahana wakes up and says dad, you here, what are you doing here. Mishka wakes up. He says surprise for you too. Mishka asks is that really you. He says you guys aren’t hugging me. Mishka hugs him. Ahana says you don’t give such surprises, sorry. She hugs him. He says its my fault, I know to rectify mistakes, this diamond necklace is for you. Ahana says its nice, thanks. He shows a necklace for Mishka. He says sorry, I was busy and couldn’t come in your marriage, I thought Rajeev will take over the business, sorry, I couldn’t come even that time, Rudraksh is my son-in-law now, he will handle the business.

Ahana asks when did you come, who met you. He says Rudraksh, Balraj, Prisha and Saransh met me at night. Ahana thinks they didn’t tell the truth to dad, now my dad will throw out Prisha and her son. Saransh says wow, mumma fixed the tap, she is so strong, superwoman. Rudraksh looks on. Prisha says don’t worry, I will tell him. She gets his message. He writes… you didn’t tell the truth when you had to, no need to tell truth to Saransh and break his heart, you taught him that child doesn’t need his dad, he told me, you broke Rajeev’s heart and killed him, at least let Saransh be happy. She asks what’s all this, why are you messaging, can’t you talk. Rudraksh signs no. She asks him to say it. He is unable to talk. She asks what happened to your voice. He messages…. you both fed me icecream and made me sleep in AC, be thankful that just my voice went, I didn’t go. Prisha laughs. Ahana and Mishka cry. Niketan asks what happened. They say you were not with us when we needed us. He asks what happened, tell me. Ahana says Rudraksh isn’t your son-in-law, he didn’t marry Mishka. Mishka says he got married to Prisha.

Ahana says Prisha is Rajeev’s murderer. He gets shocked. Ahana says Rudraksh married her in jail, poor Mishka came in the mandap, rounds were going to happen and Prisha stopped the marriage. Mishka says Prisha is here and it hurts me, I wish to commit suicide. Ahana says don’t say this, dad wasn’t with us. Mishka says see what dad does now. He asks how can Rudraksh do this, I asked him about Prisha, he didn’t tell me anything, Balraj didn’t tell either. Ahana says they just worry for business, not our values and feelings. Mishka says they are still humiliating us, Rudra accepted Prisha and her son also. He asks about punishment by the court. Ahana says Prisha got death sentence, but her dad saved her. Mishka says you have to take revenge for Rajeev’s death. Ahana says you have to manage Mishka, promise me, you won’t leave them. He says I won’t leave them. He goes. Ahana says game is on.

Prisha and Saransh laughing on Rudraksh. Niketan shouts out. They go to see. Mishka says there will be fireworks. Ahana asks her to get tears. Balraj and Sharda come. Balraj asks staff to leave. He says I know, it was unfortunate, even I wasn’t ready for it. Rudraksh and Prisha come. Niketan scolds him. He says I asked you about Prisha, why didn’t you tell me that she is your wife. Rudraksh says actually…. Niketan asks aren’t you able to talk. Balraj asks what happened to your voice. Prisha says he has a bad throat, its not his mistake, you were tired yesterday and he didn’t tell anything. Niketan says great, you are beauty with brains, its a lethal combination, so you snatched him from my daughter, Mishka is my daughter, come here. Ahana says now Prisha will be out of our lives forever. Prisha goes to Niketan. He blesses her. Everyone is surprised.

Niketan says you have understood Rudraksh, I m sure you will handle Khuranas, I have to give you shagun. Balraj says yes. Prisha smiles. Niketan asks did you think I m be annoyed and blame you, I m happy you didn’t marry Mishka, you both would be not happy with this compromise or deal, I m proud of you that you accepted Prisha and her son, if Prisha is let free from court, then she isn’t a culprit, lets accept the destiny and move on. Balraj says yes, lets go for the breakfast. He talks to Patel about Rudraksh’s event. He steps on the toy and falls down. He gets angry and shouts Saransh. He scolds Saransh. Prisha comes and asks what happened. Balraj says he has made entire house a dustbin. Niketan asks him not to be angry on a kid. Balraj says I fell down because of his toy. Niketan says you didn’t get hurt, you should be happy to have a grandson, you can relive your childhood. Prisha says thanks and goes. Niketan says get a life, Balraj. He goes. Balraj says I would have thrown you out first, if you didn’t invest in my business.

Prisha takes Saransh to get him admitted in the school. The principal asks his dad’s name. Saransh says Rudra is my new dad, he doesn’t like me calling him dad, so I called him dad, I don’t like when he gets angry on mumma, they fight a lot, I have to make them friends. Principal asks him to wait outside. He says sorry, but there are no seats available for new admissions. Prisha says I know why you are saying this, anyway thanks. She goes to other schools. Prisha talks to Vasu on the way. She says no, Niketan didn’t get angry and explained his daughter, school admission didn’t happen. Saransh says I want to meet Gopal and Vasu. Prisha says we got late, we will go some other day, don’t trouble Balraj. He asks her to get pastries for him. She says you had it recently. He shows Balraj. She sees Balraj with Natasha. Saransh asks her to come.

Prisha says later, promise. Saransh says okay. She thinks strange, what is Natasha doing with Balraj, why do I care about it. Yuvraj comes to meet Gopal. He says I just want Prisha and Saransh, they are my lottery, Gopal should get a job for me, I will go and start acting. Gopal asks Vasu to practice well. She says I m fine, I m worried for Prisha, she never tells us anything. He says this happened because of Yuvraj.

Yuvraj comes to them and cries. He says I heard you talking about me. Gopal asks why did you come here. Yuvraj says you are my family, you are right, I should have not come here. He makes Vasu slap him. He says I love Prisha and Saransh, my fate was bad, that I went to meet Prisha and they had come. Vasu asks why did you come there, how did you get that necklace, by hugging Prisha…

Rudraksh sees Saransh crying. He asks where is Prisha. Saransh says she went to get milk for me. Rudraksh writes and asks why are you so sad. Saransh says for mumma, she took me to schools, I didn’t get admission in any school, they asked me about family, I told the truth that you are my new dad, you both fight a lot, I call you Rudra, not dad. Rudraksh writes, what is the need to say this. Saransh says its true, none gave me admission, but we got the admission. Rudraksh asks what’s the problem. Saransh says its not like my old school, it has no facility, its far from home, I have no friend there. Rudraksh writes, don’t worry, I will talk to Prisha. Saransh says no, she is already sad. Rudraksh thinks look at her ego, she won’t ask for my help, Saransh is Rajeev’s son, he will go in top school.