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My Desire March Teasers 2023

Vaijayanti turns suspicious over Bunty while Rudraksh meets Roohi. Read My Desire March 2023 Teasers:

Starlife My Desire March 2023 Teasers

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Episode 529

Mukhiya’s goons come to Preesha’s house and create a rampage. Witnessing the same, Rudraksh beats up the goons.

Episode 530

Preesha rudely asks Raj to go away from her and Roohi’s life, and not to show his face again. On her way back home, Roohi gets kidnapped by Mukhiya’s men .

Thursday 2 March  2023

Episode 531

Raj saves Roohi from the kidnappers and she too likes his company. Later, Roohi asks Rudraksh to find a way to patch up things between her mom and Raj.

Episode 532

Roohi takes Preesha to meet Yuvraj privately. On the other hand, Rudraksh becomes Santa Claus and plays games with the children.

Friday 3 March 2023

Episode 533

Rudraksh entertains the children with some fun activities. Elsewhere, a desperate Yuvraj puts forth an appeal in front of Preesha. Will she accept it?

Episode 534

Preesha is taken aback after encountering Rudraksh at the Christmas party. Later, Bunty meets Rudraksh with a huge sum of money.

Saturday 4 March 2023

Episode 535

Preesha confronts Yuvraj when he takes credit for paying her rent. Later, Yuvraj gets kidnapped by the notorious goons of the village.

Episode 536

Roohi finds Yuvraj injured and takes him to Preesha for treatment. Later, Yuvraj plans to use Roohi to extort money from Rudraksh and Preesha.

Sunday 5  March 2023

Episode 537

Roohi presents Rudraksh with a unique attire for the New Year’s party. Later, Preesha feels insecure as Yuvraj attends the event with someone special.

Episode 538

Preesha scolds Yuvraj for trying to impress her. Meanwhile, Rudraksh disguises himself and escapes narrowly from the goons of the village.

Monday 6 March 2023

Episode 539

Yuvraj saves Roohi from the firecrackers while Preesha takes her home. Later, Yuvraj ties Roohi’s hair in a funny manner and sends her to school.

Episode 540

Roohi vents her anger at Rudraksh for his carelessness. Later, Rudraksh takes the help of Bunty and decides to host an event in Rohtak.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Episode 541

Preesha warns Yuvraj to stay away from her and Roohi’s life. On the other hand, Rudraksh performs for the young kids of Rohtak.

Episode 542

While Roohi neglects Yuvraj, Preesha decides to take part in the contest to mint quick money. Later, Bunty surveys the women of Rohtak in search of Preesha.

Wednesday 8 March 2023

Episode 543

While Rudraksh escapes with Roohi, the goons thrash Bunty for holding a contest. Meanwhile, Saaransh and his friends arrive at Rohtak.

Episode 544

Roohi guides Saaransh when he gets lost from his friends. On the other hand, Bunty is filled with joy after meeting Preesha at her clinic!

Thursday 9 March  2023

Episode 545

Bunty lies to Rudraksh about Preesha and requests him to return to the Khurana mansion. On the other hand, Yuvraj is taken aback after spotting Rudraksh!

Episode 546

An emotional Rudraksh writes a letter for Roohi and departs from Rohtak. Meanwhile, Preesha rebukes Yuvraj after he secretly enters her house.

Friday 10 March 2023

Episode 547

Vaijayanti turns suspicious over Bunty while Rudraksh meets Roohi. In the meantime, Preesha meets with an accident at the market.

Episode 548

Rudraksh bids Roohi farewell before leaving Rohtak. However, upon learning about Roohi’s mother’s accident, he decides to accompany her to the hospital.

Saturday 11 March 2023

Episode 549

While the goons belt Yuvraj, Rudraksh has a narrow escape from the hospital. Later, Rudraksh spends quality time with Roohi and Saachi.

Episode 550

Vaijayanti informs Sharda about Bunty’s strange behaviour with her. Meanwhile, Rudraksh plans to stay back and celebrate Lohri with Roohi in Rohtak.

Sunday 12  March 2023

Episode 551

Yuvraj makes Rudraksh unconscious and informs the Mukhiya. Later, Roohi and Rudraksh get trapped inside the burning storeroom.

Episode 552

As Rudraksh breaks open the door and come out with an unconscious Roohi, he sees Preesha. Later, they are rushed to the hospital.

Monday 13 March 2023

Episode 553

Preesha rushes to visit Roohi after she regains consciousness. While Preesha confesses the truth to Rudraksh about Roohi, Vaijayanti arrives.

Episode 554

Preesha gets Roohi discharged from the hospital and leaves discreetly for Shimla. Meanwhile, Rudraksh searches for them after regaining consciousness.

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Episode 555

Bunty confesses the truth to Sharda and Vaijayanti while Rudraksh is over the moon meeting Preesha. However, their happiness is short-lived as Yuvraj arrives!

Episode 556

Preesha informs Rudraksh that Roohi is Yuvraj’s daughter. Enraged, he insults her and vows to hate her.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

Episode 557

Roohi longs to meet Rudraksh before he leaves Rohtak. Meanwhile, Preesha lies to Sharda about her feelings for Yuvraj and Rudraksh.

Episode 558

As Preesha searches the house for her, Roohi shows up in the backseat of Rudraksh’s car. Later, Roohi and Rudraksh have a great time in the studio.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Episode 559

The police barge into Rudraksh’s studio to arrest him at Yuvraj’s command. On the other hand, Roohi is hospitalized after meeting with a severe head injury.

Episode 560

Roohi insists on spending the night with Rudraksh and Preesha at the hospital. Later, Rudraksh and Preesha reminisce about their romantic moments together.

Friday 17 March 2023

Episode 561

In an intoxicated state, Yuvraj notices Roohi and Preesha outside the hospital and decides to barge in to catch them redhanded. However, Rudraksh outsmarts him and flees.

Episode 562

Sharda spots Vaijayanti in the hospital and quickly sends her away before seeing Rudraksh. Later, Bunty has an idea to bring Preesha and Rudraksh closer.

Saturday 18 March 2023

Episode 563

Rudraksh and Preesha get into an accident as he gets distracted while driving. Later, they share a romantic moment after being stranded in the forest.

Episode 564

While Preesha falls in a deep mud trench, Rudraksh manages to save her. On the other hand, an anxious Yuvraj tries to call Preesha.

Sunday 19  March 2023

Episode 565

While Preesha and Rudraksh find refuge for the night, an awkward moment brings them closer. Elsewhere, Vaijayanti gets restless after Rudraksh fails to return home.

Episode 566

Rudraksh and Preesha sing for Roohi in order to make her fall asleep quickly. Later, Roohi makes a shocking request to Preesha on their way back to the village.

Monday  20 March 2023

Episode 567

As Preesha faces humiliation from the villagers, an inebriated Rudraksh returns home and reminds Roohi of his love. Elsewhere, Saaransh becomes anxious.

Episode 568

Preesha returns Yuvraj’s money before departing from Rohtak. Meanwhile, Saaransh strikes a remarkable idea and shares it with the family lawyer.

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Episode 569

Saaransh seeks Bunty’s help and departs for Rohtak to meet Roohi. While the lawyer proposes the scholarship details, Preesha declines the proposal.

Episode 570

Preesha changes her mind by accepting Roohi’s scholarship offer and leaves for Delhi. Meanwhile, Yuvraj goes crazy as Preesha and Roohi are missing.

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Episode 571

Preesha and Roohi arrive in Delhi and visit their new house. Meanwhile, Saaransh has a narrow escape when Rudraksh desperately hunts for him.

Episode 572

Roohi sneaks inside the Khurana mansion to meet Rudraksh. After understanding the reality, Rudraksh confronts Preesha in her cabin at the Khurana school.

Thursday 23 March 2023

Episode 573

Rudraksh admires Roohi as she stands her ground in front of the kids at school. Later, Rudraksh is on a mission to unearth a scam at the Khurana school.

Episode 574

Preesha and Rudraksh share some lovely moments with Roohi in the former’s house. Eventually, they both highlight the scholarship program issue.

Friday 24 March 2023

Episode 575

After locating Preesha with Rudraksh, Yuvraj concocts a plan to kill the latter. Meanwhile, Preesha and Yuvraj follow a clerk involved in the school scam.

Episode 576

Preesha, Rudraksh and Bunty race against the clock and chase the peon. On the other hand, the children mislead Roohi to the boy’s washroom.

Saturday 25 March 2023

Episode 577

Rudraksh and Bunty visit a bank in search of the culprit connected with the Khurana school scholarship scam. Meanwhile, Saaransh senses Preesha around.

Episode 578

Sharda learns about Roohi’s admission to the Khurana school. Later, Rudraksh catches Preesha sneaking into the Khurana mansion at midnight.

Sunday 26  March 2023

Episode 579

At midnight, Vaijayanti visits the Shrinivasans and informs them about Preesha’s existence. Later, GPS and Vasudha meet Roohi in the school.

Episode 580

While Vasudha tells Preesha to not address her as her mother, Saaransh plans a surprise for Rudraksh. Further, Rudraksh spends quality time with Roohi and Saaransh.

Monday  27 March 2023

Episode 581

Preesha notifies Rudraksh about Bunty’s hidden intentions and his connection to the Khurana school scholarship scam. Meanwhile, Bunty hunts for the crucial documents.

Episode 582

A suspicious Preesha questions Bunty for double-crossing Rudraksh. While the police officers attempt to arrest Bunty, he makes an escape.

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Episode 583

Preesha is glad to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rudraksh, while Sharda warns Vaijayanti to behave nicely. Later, Bunty intends to abduct Roohi from school.

Episode 584

Rudraksh gets a hint that Bunty is to abduct Roohi, and he informs Preesha about it. Later, Bunty, posing as the bus driver, gets tensed as his plan flops.

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Episode 585

Rudraksh meets with an accident while he attempts to save the children from Bunty’s wrath. Later, Saaransh arrives at the spot with the students’ parents.

Episode 586

Rudraksh comes to rescue Preesha and Roohi from the bus, but Bunty’s vicious move makes them fall. Later they are sent to the hospital.

Thursday 30 March 2023

Episode 587

While Roohi’s life is at stake, Rudraksh orders Yuvraj to rush to the hospital. Later, Bunty makes an astonishing confession to Rudraksh.

Episode 588

Yuvraj’s plan goes awry as Rudraksh donates blood and saves Roohi’s life. Meanwhile, Bunty breathes a sigh of relief as Bubbles’ surgery went well.

Friday 31 March 2023

Episode 589

Rudraksh forgives Bunty and manages to get Preesha arrested. Later, Saaransh creates a fuss in front of the Khuranas as he departs to meet Preesha in prison.

Episode 590

Rudraksh is baffled since Saaransh managed to get Roohi discharged from the hospital. Later, Saaransh takes Roohi to the Khurana mansion.

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Malati hands over Preesha’s baby to Revati. Revati praises her and asks how she fooled Khuranas. Revati says Khuranas are too innocent people, so it was easy to fool them. She recalls spiking Rudra’s water to stop him from being near Preesha during the delivery and bribing the nurse for lying to Rudra that the delivery is delayed and give him a sedative injection to let him sleep till the morning. Out of flashback, Malati says she easily fooled them with her intelligence. Revati says she got what she wanted to and now her partner will get what he needs.

Armaan walks in and reveals he is her partner in crime. He congratulates Revati for getting what she needed and says now he needs Preesha. He recalls how Revati called him to Delhi and offering to help him get Preesha if he helps her get Preesha’s baby. Out of flashback, he reveals how he played a victim card to convince Preesha and showed his fake medical reports that he is suffering from cancer, then calling Preesha to meet Anvi at a hotel room and creating confusion between Preesha and Rudra. Revati asks what if Preesha had seen Anvi. Armaan says Anvi wasn’t in Delhi at all, he just kept pillow on the bed in place of Anvi and fooled Preesha. He recalls calling Revati and informing her about Preesha’s visit to his hotel room. Revati brings Rudra there and creates confusion between Preesha and Rudra. Armaan praises Revati for all her help and says he is glad that he could help her. Revati greets him good by and leaves. Armaan thinks he is going to Preesha to get her permanently.


Preesha cries realizing Revati took away her baby. Rudra walks to her and her about their baby. He hugs and thanks her for fulfilling the dream of his life. She cries and reveals that Revati took away their baby and Malati helped her. Rudra shocked hearing that asks why would Revati do that. Preesha says Revati had come to take revenge from them and describes the whole story. She says she kept quiet as Revati was threatening to kill Saransh and GPS. Rudra shouts at her that she made the same mistake again, he had set things right with great difficulty and even forgave her for hiding truth about Rajiv’s death, but she ruined everything. Preesha asks if he didn’t listen that Revati was threatening to kill Saransh and GPS.

Rudra continues to shout at Preesha blaming her for the loss of his son. Preesha says he was even her son as she carried him in her womb for 9 months. He shouts she is talking rubbish. She says she is not and asks what if Revati had killed Saransh and GPS. Saransh and Ruhi distribute sweets in the hospital saying they got a baby boy. Saransh then visits Preesha and stands shocked seeing Preesha and Rudra fighting. Preeshas says she cannot let anything happen to Saransh. Rudra shouts that she forgot her own son for Saransh and asks why she considers Saransh above everyone, says he lost his biological son because of Saransh. Saransh breaks down hearing Rudra doesn’t consider him as his son and leaves the room. Ruhi asks what happened and says let us go and see the baby. Saransh says he doens’tw ant to and leaves.

Preesha asks Rudra if he doesn’t consider Saransh as his son. He says he loves Saransh, but if she had informed him about Revati’s threat beforehand, he would have saved his son. Preesha says Revati and Malati manipulated her. Rudra says that is what happens when she trusts others instead of her husband and says he would have kicked Revati out of the house if she had informed him once. She says she tried to inform him many times, but he was not ready to listen to her and instead fought with her even then. She reveals that Armaan also manipulated her. He shouts because of her trying to act mahaan/great, he lost his son. He calls her a loser and says she couldn’t become a good wife or mother and has lost everything. He warns her to stay away from her as her face reminds him of his lost son. She says he is not understanding her even now. He says he doesn’t deserve their baby. She says even he doesn’t. Their argument continues.

Preesha confronts Rudra that he always points at her mistake and doesn’t trust her at all without knowing the truth. Rudra shouts he is alleging her again as she is wrong and whenever she is with him, only wrong happens to him. She asks if he was right when he kept Revati at home, now when Revati took their baby, he is alleging her. He asks if she has proof that Revati took their baby, what if Armaan took it away with her approval. She asks him to leave as they are incompatible, even he failed repeatedly as a father and a husband and trusted an unknown woman. She says she doesn’t want to see his face again as it will remind her of a failed father who couldn’t protect his children and a husband who couldn’t trust his wife. Rudra leaves. Preesha cries vigorously. Sharda excitedly decorates the house to welcome her grandson. Rurdra returns sadly and says there is no need for all this as the baby is not coming. She asks what happened. He explains the whole incident and asks if he did wrong by leaving Preesha alone. Sharda says she can understand his pain but is more concerned about Preesha as she bore the baby in her womb for 9 months and then lost it. She scolds him for not hugging and comforting Preesha and supporting her. She asks if he realized what he did; he suffered for 5 years without Preesha, they both cannot stay without each other, then why did he do this. Rudra says he will correct his mistake and bring back Preesha home.


GPS enters and reveals that Revati had kidnapped him and was blackmailing Preesha, her goons freed him today after her motto is completely, he is worried for Preesha and hence came directly here. Rudra says Preesha is still at the hospital and runs towards hospital recalling the quality moments spent with her. Preesha also recalls same and thinks she should have informed Rudra about Revati beforehand, even he must be in pain after losing the baby, they both will search for the baby and get him back. She changes her hospital dress to leave from the hospital when Armaan enters and injects her sedatives. She falls unconscious. He thinks this time he will not let her go and will keep her with him forever. He keeps a letter on the table and takes her away.

Rudra enters Preesha’s hospital room and doesn’t find her there. He calls her number and finds it nearby. He searches her in the whole hospital and returns to the hospital room where he finds a letter which states that she is going away from him after whatever happened there is nothing left between them except lies, so she is going far away from him. He breaks down.

After 1 year, servants are seen making party arrangements as per Preesha madam’s order. Preesha enters. Servants ask if she liked the arrangements. She says all her arrangements are perfect. She asks them to call their sir. Rudra is seeing getting ready and tell his servants that he is coming down. He fails to fix his tie. Preesha walks to her husband’s room and reveals that Armaan is her husband now. She says he cannot fix a tie even after so many years of their marriage. He says he is noting without her. Ruhi walks to Rudra’s room and helps him fix a tie. He says he is getting late for the concert and walks towards door. She asks if he is fine. He says he is. She gives his wallet. Preesha fixes Armaan’s tie and says let us go down and welcome guests as its their anniversary party.

Preesha holding Armaan’s hand walks to the party venue and interacts with guests. Digvijay with his wife Kanchan walks in and praises Preesha’s party arrangement. They all 4 interact. Digvijay’s daughter Pihu is introduced next. She and Preesha address each other ras SIL/sister-in-law. Pihu then talk about some secret. Digvijay takes Armaan aside to introduce him to a guest. Preesha hears 2 guests discussing abut Rudra’s concert and panic s recalling some flashback. Servant asks her where to keep the mocktail glasses. Preesha slaps servant and throws away mocktail glasses. Armaan rushes to her. She collapses. He takes her to the room. Digivjay manages guests.

Armaan takes Preesha to the room and asks her if she didn’t take medicine. She nods no. He mixes a memory erasing pill in her water and thinks this pill is erasing her memory. He asks Preesha if she heard Rudra’s name again. She says and says she hates him to the core as he physically abused her, says he must be tormenting now.

Rudraksh after his concert bike races with his Vanshika and loses to her. She says he lost again. He says she broke the traffic red light and won by cheating. She says everything is fair in the race. He reminds that he is her boss. She is neither her manager nor friend now and is just an opponent. She drives away saying she will meet him tomorrow. Rudra walks into house when Roohi asks if he lost the race again. He says yes. She interacts with him and leaves.

Digvijay and Kanchan walk to Preesha and asks if he is fine. Armaan says Preesha heard teacher Rdura’s name again and cooks up a story that he and Preesha were college lovers and during their wedding, Rudra tricked and exchanged him and married Preesha instead; he tortured Preesha brutally and finally when Preesha is out of his life, heis still torturing her mentally. Preesha recalls her marriage with Rudra. Armaan asks Preesha to relax and rest.

Rudra starts having alcohol missing Preesha and recalls their last fight. He cries that his anger snatched everything from him. He recalls the quality moments spent with her and falls alseep on bed. Roohi walks to him.

Roohi makes inebriated Rudra rest properly on the bed. She talks to Preesha’s photo and tells her that in her absence, she is taking care of Rudra and quests her to come back. On the other side, Digvijay asks Arman if he knew that Preesha would turn violent eventually. He says he knows. Digvijay asks then why is he giving the memory erasing injection and risking Preesha’s life. Armaan recalls doctor informing him that its risky for Preesha if she continues to receive memory erasing injections. Armaan says he wants Preesha to forgot a person. Doctor says the can cook up a story against that person and make Preesha hat him instead. Armaan agrees.

Doctor hypnotizes Preesha, and Armaan makes her watch a morphed video where Rudra forcefully marries Preesha and tortures her both physically and s*xually. He makes her believe that she doesn’t want to see Rudra’s face or hear even his name as he is an evil. He tells Armaan that once Preesha wakes up, she will hate Rudra seeing Armaan’s morphed video. He also warns him about the side effects of memory erasing medicine like fits, anger outburst, etc. Armaan he will manage Preesha. He later hugs Preesha from behind calling her Wifey like Rudra. Preesha gets an anger outburst and breaks a vase on his head injuring him. She then gets into her senses and apologizes Armaan. Doctor informs Armaan that Preesha reacted as he must have spoken or done which Rudra used to do. Armaan says he called her as wifey. Doctor asks him to continue the medicine or else Preesha’s memory will be back.

Digivaj asks Armaan what did he get after doing all this, Preesha gets violent even if he touches her and still remembers Rudra subconsciously. Armaan says who cares, Preesha hates Rudra now and is my wife now and happy with me. He says he will not let Preesha return to her old life. On the other side, Roohi walks to Saransh and says Rudra has returned home. Saransh asks why is she informing him this. She says because he is her elder brother. He says he doesn’t care. She thinks she knows Saransh is worried for Rudra and keeps himself awake until Rudra returns home, that is why she informed him that Rudra returned home. Saransh wishes her good night and goes to sleep. They both cry looking at Preesha’s photo and miss her.

Next morning, Pihu excitedly informs family that she got an admission in India’s best mass media college in Delhi. Digvijay denies permission. Preesha asks why can’t Pihu go as she got admission already. Armaan says Pihu will not go there alone. Preesha says she will accompany Pihu. Armaan refuses and says business delegates are coming this week. Digvijay says Kanchan will accompany Pihu and will return once Pihu settles down. Armaan gets angry while Pihu rejoices. She thanks Preesha for supporting her. Preesha gets anger outburst hearing some word again and attacks maid. Maid shivers in fear. Preesha apologizes her and gives her money for her dauhgter’s school fees. Maid nervously accept money. Preesha asks her daughter’s name. Maid says Roohi. Preesha feels connected to the name. Pihu calms Preesha down and asks her to help her in packing.

Rudra maid calls him down for breakfast. His friend Raj visits him with sweets and touches his feet. Rudra stops him and asks reason for the sweets. Raj says he got admission in a prestigious college for performing arts and gives credit to Rudra for helping him win a singing competition and taking care of him after that. Rudra congratulates him. His cousin walks in next. Rudra informs him about Raj’s admission in cousin’s college and asks him to take care of him as he is his junior now. Cousin agrees, but once Rudra leaves warns Raj not to spoil his image in college and never reveal they know each other. Raj agrees.

Cousin then walks down and wishes goodmorning to Sharda addressing her as bua/aunt. Sharda informs him that his father was asking about him. Cousin leaves. Rudra joins family for breakfast and tries to interact with Saransh, but Saransh ignores him and leaves. Roohi thinks she should clear the differences between them and cheer up Rudra. After breakfast, Rudra walks to Ruhi’s room, slips on a skateboard, and tears Roohi’s facy dress competition dress. She complains him. He makes a dress out of a teddy bear for her and asks about Saransh’s result. She says he failed. He feels surprised, but acts normal. They both spend a quality time together.


Sharda walks to them. Roohi reveals Sharda that she tried her best to cheer Rudra up. Sharda pampers her and says she is acting as little Preesha. She then informs Rudra that he needs to attend Raj’s college’s orientation program. On the other side, Digvijay’s wife Simran packs her bag to accompany Pihu to Delhi. Pihu with Preesha walks in. Simran expresses her nervousness to visit Delhi. Pihu suggests Preesha to accompany her. Simran also insists. Preesha reminds Armaan’s warning, but agrees on Pihu and Simran’s insistence. Armaan gets angry when he learns about Preesha’s Delhi visit and determines to not let her meet Rudra and reunite with him.