My Desire Friday Update 21 October 2022


My Desire Friday Update 21 October 2022

Sharda panics seeing Rudra at home and warns him to get out of her house. Preesha and Ahana try to calm her. Ahana says Rudra is innocent and police freed him. Sharda is surprised to hear that. Ahana says Mahima was behind all this and explains how Mahima kidnapped Rudra on Lohri night and replaced him with Bhuvan after turning Bhuvan’s face into Rudra’s after a plastic surgery, etc. She says herself couldn’t differentiate between Rudra and Bhuvan, Rudra was kept in a small room and tortured. Sharda feels guilty and cries saying she should have listened to her heart, she hit him and didn’t let him perform Balraj’s last rights, he should forgive her, etc. Rudra says it was not her mistake as Mahima did all that and he will punish her.

Mahima calls Preesha and asks not to take her name in front of anyone and go aside. Preesha goes aside. Mahima informs that she has kidnapped Saransh and if Preesha needs him, she should come to her given address. Preesha says it can’t happen. Mahima asks to go and check if Saransh is at home. Preesha rushes to Saransh’s room and finds him missing, shouts at Mahima how did she kidnap Saransh. Mahima says she is Saransh’s mother and can take him anytime,

and if she wants Saransh alive, she needs to come to her given address. Preesha agrees and drives car. Mahima explains her location and misleads her repeatedly. Rudra with inspector follows Preesha and thinks why Preesha is driving around same location. Inspector says Mahima is very intelligent and is misleading them. Rudra goes into flashback where he sees Preesha leaving home hurriedly and when he insists, Preesha informs him that Mahima kidnapped Saransh and she wants her to reach her given destination if she wants Saransh alive. Rudra calls inspector and asks him to bring a tracker along. They fix a tracker in Preesha’s car and let her go. Inspector says he knows where Preesha must have gone.

Preesha reaches Mahima’s said location. Mahima says its her and has just disguised herself; Preesha sent police behind her, so she changed herself, now nobody can catch her. Mahima ties Saransh to a tree and points gun at him. Preesha pleads her not to kill Saransh as he is her son. Mahima shouts that she was telling same since long, but Preesha didn’t accept it at all; she doesn’t consider Saransh as her son and wouldn’t have given him birth, she doesn’t care if he dies now or later. Preesha warns to dare not talk about him. Mahima says now she will just do it, Preesha thought she will win over her easily, but she can’t and see Saransh dying. Preesha pleads not to harm Saransh. Mahima asks to give her phone. Preesha denies. Mahima insists and breaks phone saying she must have fixed tracker in it. Rudra sees tracker stopping and asks if they can find her last location. Inspector says they can reach the place via last location.

Preesha pleads Mahima to harm her and leave Saransh. Mahima warns to move away and shoots in air. Preesha goes away. Mahima warns if she goes near Saransh again, she will shoot Saransh. Preesha says she is so ruthless and doesn’t care about her parents, sibling, son, or anyone. Mahima says she loves only herself and warns again to not go in front of Saransh. Preesha cries that Saransh suffered a lot, Mahima’s torture, saw Balraj’s murder, Rudra going to jail, etc.; she will do anything if she leaves Saransh. Mahima asks if she will die for Saransh.

Mahima asks Preesha to sacrifice her life if she wants to save Saransh. Preesha sits silently. Mahima says if all her drama is gone, nobody sacrifices themselves for others in life and hence they both are same; asks if she should take her or Saransh’s life. Preesha says there is nothing to question as she will sacrifice her life for Saransh; she reminds that Mahima gavve birth to Saransh, he was without heartbeat and she infused heartbeat into him, any mother would sacrifice her life for her baby. Mahima says she knew she would say same, so she brought Saransh here; Preesha should realize that Saransh is not her real son, and if she wants to be a fool, she should be ready to die in place of Saransh. She shoots bullets in air while Preesha closes her eyes and Saransh cries and shouts. Mahima says she will not kill her so easily and will show her what real torture means. She asks her to sit in car and take it near cliff end. Preesha does same. Mahima asks her to get out of car. Preesha comes out of car. Mahima handcuffs her to car steering and pushes car towards cliff. Preesha tells Saransh how much she

loves him. Saransh asks her to run away from there and pleads Mahima to stop the car. Mahima says he has to die to Preesha is saved and asks Preesha if she will die or not. Preesha says she will die 1000 times for her son and asks Saransh to take care of himself. Mahima finally pushes call down the cliff. Saransh shouts mamma. Car contiues falling from cliff. Mahima acts that she cannot see her sister dying and laughs saying Preesha died. She warns Saransh to shut up as his mother died. She frees him, gets him into car, destroying her phone thinks now nobody can reach her, and drives car away.

Vasu prays god at her home and sees lamp flickering. She gets worried and calling GPS says she is worried for her children and asks him to call Mahima and Preesha. Yuvraj asks her not to worry and calls Preesha, but her phone is unreachable. Vasu asks GPS to call Mahima and find out. Yuvraj thinks kavvi Mahima hates Chipkali Preesha, Vasu doesn’t know Mahima’s truth. He calls Mahima and even her phone is unreachable. Vasu says she is worried. Yuvraj asks where both sisters must have gone. GPS says he will call Rudra. Rudra cries holding Preesha’s body. Inspector says they need to take Preesha’s body for postmortem. GPS says Rudra’s phone is not reachable and he will call back seeing missed call. Rudra continues crying holding Preesha’s body that its mistake that he let Preesha go alone even after knowing Mahima well. Media reaches spot and reporter says Rockstar Rudraksh’s ex-wife Preesha Srinivasan’s dead body is found after her car crash from a cliff, it is still unknown if it was an accident or murder. Preesha’s body is taken via an ambulance.

Sharda doesn’t find Saransh in his room, so she calls Rudra and Saransh and their phone is not reachable. She calls Vasu and asks if she knows where Rudra and Preesha are as they are not picking her call. Vasu says even she doesn’t know. Sharda asks if Saransh came there. Vasu says no. Sharda gets worried and hopes Mahima hasn’t done something. Vasu asks what does she mean. Sharda asks her to come home, she will inform her in detail. Vasu with GPS and Yuvraj reaches Khurana House and asks Sharda what was she telling about Mahima. Sharda says Mahima is not like she shows herself and is very bad. Rudra enters with inspector and a dead body. Ahana asks whose dead body is this. wardboy lifts cloth, and everyone are shocked to see Preesha’s dead body. Vasu cries loudly and asks to call Mahima. Rudra shouts Mahima killed Preesha.