My Desire Friday Update 10th June 2022


My Desire Friday Update 10th June 2022

Kaveri saying you called me, you are scared of defamation. Rudraksh gets on knees and proposes her. He says the thought of becoming a father has changed me, will you marry me and become my wife, you don’t think of grahpravesh, I have nothing, everything belongs to my dad, he doesn’t trust me, he doesn’t give me money, he thinks I will make any girl pregnant and she can blackmail me, but you love me truly, right, we will marry now and leave this house, this is dad’s house. She worries. She says you will do the shows and get income. He says yes, but dad will get the money, he signed 20 year contract with me.

She says we will get old. He says yes, but we will stay together. She says leave my hand. Gopal says I will have idli sambar. The man says we don’t serve it here. Vasu asks him to adjust it. Yuvraj says no, why will he adjust, my wish is fulfilled, I will fulfill his wish, I will get idli from nearby restaurant. He goes. Gopal and Vasu ask Prisha is she happy. They praise Yuvraj. He says Prisha used to say that she will marry me, I was her ideal and now someone else is her hero. She says you will always be my hero.

Rudraksh asks Kaveri to marry him. She says stop it, leave my hand. A lady comes downstairs and removes the beauty mask. She smiles. Kaveri says thank God Ahana you have come, Rudraksh is forcibly marrying me, talk to him. Ahana says he doesn’t listen to anyone except… Rajeev asks what’s happening. Ahana says he is here. Kaveri asks Rajeev to help her, what about love, does a person marry for child. Ahana laughs and says there is just married in this house, there won’t be any love, like me, right Rajeev. Rajeev asks Rudraksh to stop the madness. Rudraksh says no, I want to marry her. Kaveri runs. Rudraksh says matter over, chapter close, she is a fraud. She calls Yuvraj and says where are you, I will call you and tell what Rudraksh did.

She comes to Yuvraj. He orders idli and waits. She says Rudraksh was trying to marry me, forget this Yuvraj. Yuvraj says I have got engaged to Prisha, I gave her 2 lakhs ring, I trapped her, I m accepting her illegitimate child, I want to become the youngest judge, Prisha’s dad is retired judge, he is the chairman of the selection committee, once he appoints me, life is set, I have to go like a good boy, I took them to good restaurant but he wants to eat idli sambar. She says I can’t handle Rudraksh. He says you have to get 2 lakhs from Rudraksh. Prisha comes and asks what 2 lakhs. He says Kaveri just met Rudraksh, come, I will explain you. He thinks to lie and handle the matter. He says Rudraksh has given her 2 lakhs and asked her to abort the baby. Prisha recalls Mahima’s words. Prisha asks what can we expect from such a man. Yuvraj says I won’t let any injustice happen with you. Kaveri thanks him and goes. He says Appa would be waiting. Prisha says its fine.

At home, Vasu says your prediction was right, we will find a good mahurat for engagement. Gopal says we shall get mahurat for marriage directly. Vasu asks who will take care of you then. They get emotional. Prisha hugs him. Saransh hears them and goes to get the suitcase. Prisha asks why do you want that. He sits inside the suitcase.

He says when you get married, you will take suitcase, I will hide inside and come with you, I will adjust some way, I will come with you, I can’t stay without you. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan…plays… She says I asked your permission, it means you will come with me, I can’t live without you. Vasu says I have kept everything ready for Prisha. She hides the nightie. Gopal sees it and says I got this for you and requested you to wear it, you said its lost, you had hidden this, a fraud with the judge, you will get punished, you have to wear it now. She says Saransh may see. He insists. She says fine, I will wear it, I will not come in front of you, I will click a selfie and send you. He says okay, but you have to wear it.

Bubbles likes the ring and says you got a nice guy. Prisha says I m lucky to get Yuvraj. Bubbles teases her. Vasu wears the nightie and sends pic. Gopal asks what happened, why didn’t you send pic. She asks him to check it. He says I didn’t get it. She checks and says I have sent the pic to Prisha’s number, just go and delete the pic before she checks. He says fine, I m going. Yuvraj gets Kaveri to Prisha’s hospital. He says Kaveri had consumed many sleeping pills because of Rudra. Prisha takes her to OT. Yuvraj smiles and says Rudraksh, now see my game. Rudraksh gets his call. Yuvraj says Kaveri attempted suicide, just think what will media do now, its about her and her baby, you won’t get saved. Rudraksh laughs and says I m scared. Yuvraj says you should be scared, come here and face the media, else sit at home and regret. Rudraksh says don’t you worry bro, I m coming, plan was good, lets see who regrets. Prisha says Kaveri is fine now, Rudraksh is the culprit. Nurse says please come and see. They see Rudraksh getting his baraat for Kaveri. Prisha asks him to stop the drama. She scolds him.

Rudraksh asks her to relax, this is not a drama. He says I m doing this for that girl, I came here to accept her and baby, I want to marry her, let me meet my would be wife, step aside. He goes in. The girls shout seeing him and stop him to take selfies. Rudraksh asks Prisha not to get angry. She says Kaveri tried to commit suicide and you are doing this drama. He says I m sure she didn’t take more than four pills, she is habitual to alcohol. She says you made her pregnant and speaking such about her. He says I don’t remember, I have spent nights with many girls and know Kaveri’s four Bfs, they are my friends, with whom she has spent nights. She says shut up, your ego will break, you will fall in love with someone and you won’t get her love. He says it doesn’t matter, such a big curse, I think there is love behind your hatred, are you also my stupid fan who wants to marry me. She says I m engaged, I will never marry you.

Rudraksh and Prisha arguing. Gopal comes there and gets angry. He says I will not leave him. He makes a video. Rudraksh says step aside, its getting hot in here. He removes the jacket. The girls take selfie with him. Prisha calms down Gopal and asks him to go home. Gopal says just wait and watch, ill mannered man, just see how I expose you on social media. He uploads the video. Prisha says I m going to check Kaveri. Yuvraj says she slept by much difficulty, its okay if you want to check her. She says let her sleep. He asks her to give the documents to Rudraksh, he has to be with Kaveri. She says okay. He says why are you so sweet, you didn’t ask about the documents, sorry. Prisha gives the papers to Rudraksh.

Rajeev comes and hugs Rudraksh. He says your fans are watching you, your image will spoil, what’s this, restraining order to stay away from Kaveri, come with me, no more drama. Rudraksh does a drama that he loves Kaveri a lot. He asks how will I marry Kaveri now. Rajeev says enough, come with me. Rudraksh says they are doing much wrong with me. He goes.

The girl shows Rudraksh’s new tv ad. They see double diaper ad. His manager comes and says the ad got cancelled. She gets many calls. She says all the contracts got cancelled, the video got viral, someone uploaded it, no company wants to do any ad with you. Balraj shouts to call Rajeev. His wife comes and asks why are you shouting. He gets angry on her and says I married you thinking you will manage my children, but you are just a stepmother, I was mad to marry you, you are good for nothing. Rajeev comes. Balraj asks him to stop the video and find out who has made the video viral. Rajeev says I m trying. Balraj scolds him. Rudraksh gets angry and drinks.

Balraj gets a call and says Kaveri’s lawyer is coming, don’t mess up anything now, he will ask for money. He goes. Maa goes and eats sweets. The servant asks did Sir say anything again. Rajeev consoles Maa. He says don’t do this, you eat anything in tension, don’t cry so much, I m here, I will manage everything. Maa asks how will this matter get solved. He says nothing will happen to Rudra.

Prisha asks what are you finding. Saransh says boxing gloves, he behaved badly with you, he scolded you, I will punch him. She says but you are his big fan. He says he has hurt me a lot. Maa says Dr. Prisha is supporting Kaveri, find out where she lives, I will talk to her. Saransh says I will become a rockstar like Rudraksh, I m handsome, I just have to learn singing. She smiles.

He says I will become second Rudraksh. She asks him to sleep now. Yuvraj comes to meet Rudraksh. Rudraksh angrily breaks a vase. He gets a doctor’s call. He says yes, I vented anger on things and got much loss for such a worthless man. Balraj and Rajeev come. Balraj asks who is he. Yuvraj says Yuvraj Pillai, Kaveri’s lawyer. Rajeev asks Rudraksh to come. Balraj says come to the point. Yuvraj says Kaveri’s life and career got finished, you have to pay for it. Balraj asks what about my son’s loss, your man has posted it, GPS/Gopal, it can be bad for my son’s image. Yuvraj smiles. Balraj asks the price. Kaveri says 10 crores, your son’s future is also at stake, think.

Balraj says problem is he will ask for money again. Vasu prays and waits for Gopal. Prisha asks what’s the need for all this. Vasu says its imp to do. Prisha says I will tell the secret, the pic you sent, I have deleted it. She teases Vasu. The guests come. Vasu prays that nothing wrong happens. Rudraksh’s mum comes to meet Prisha. She gets a call from Balraj. He asks her to see the video of her son, it will just happen because of her. He scolds her. She gets tensed and asks manager to give the box. She eats food in hurry. The guests look on and go away. Saransh plays in the compound. He says its Rudraksh’s car, I had seen it on internet. Vasu sees the lady eating non veg and scolds her. She asks her to go, they are Brahmans, why did she make her house impure. Rudraksh’s mum/Maa says I m Rudraksh’s mum, I just came to talk for two mins. Prisha says we don’t want to talk to you. Rudraksh’s mum goes.

Vasu cries and says we have to purify the house, its a bad omen. She cries. Saransh punctures the car tyre. Driver says sorry, I just went for two mins. Maa thinks I wanted to solve the matter, but it went wrong. Vasu and Gopal introduce Yuvraj. Raman and Ishita come. They meet Yuvraj. Raman says I know about Yuvraj, he is going to become the youngest judge soon. Gopal praises Yuvraj. Yuvraj says Appa is my idol. Ishita asks where is the new bride. Ishita hugs Prisha. Raman says you have a good choice, I can see the glow of his love on your face. Police comes. Inspector says Mr. Gopal Krishna is under arrest. Prisha asks what did you do. Yuvraj says he is retired judge, show me the warrant. Prisha asks what happened. Yuvraj says Rudraksh has filed the defamation case on him.