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My Desire August Teasers 2022

While Rudraksh plans to confess his feelings to Preesha, GPS gives him a special gift. Read Starlife My Desire August 2022 Teasers:

Starlife My Desire August 2022 Teasers

Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 107

Rudraksh and Preesha discuss how much they helped each other. While Mishka and Ahana scheme up a new plot, Preesha is left speechless by a text.

Episode 108

Ahana slaps Mishka after the latter is caught red-handed by Rudraksh. While Balraj blames Preesha for the problems, she is faced with a unique challenge.

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 109

While Preesha helps a patient in trouble, Rudraksh seeks advice from Saaransh about school. At the hospital, a major mix-up spells danger for a pregnant Neerja.

Episode 110

Preesha gets tensed as the blackmailer orders her to follow his instructions on the show. Meanwhile, Yuvraj plots to stop her from attending the program.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Episode 111

Chetana welcomes Rudraksh and Preesha on her show. As the conversation heats up, Rudraksh gets angry when Preesha insults him on national television.

Episode 112

During the interview, Rudraksh slaps Preesha when she criticises him. While she threatens to have him arrested, Rudraksh does the unthinkable.

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 113

Balraj makes a shocking revelation to Ahana regarding Saaransh. While Preesha hugs Rudraksh and thanks him, Rudraksh tells her how he executed his plan.

Episode 114

Preesha is befuddled by the reason behind Neerja’s condition while Rudraksh agrees to the fight. Later, Rahul loses his cool when Preesha tells him the truth.

Friday 5  August 2022

Episode 115

While Rudraksh and Preesha share a romantic moment, she slaps Yuvraj for misbehaving. Later, Preesha finds out about the condition of Neerja’s baby.

Episode 116

Rahul and Neerja are relieved as Preesha hands back their newborn baby. Later, GPS slaps Yuvraj when he schemes to seek revenge against Preesha.

Saturday 6  August 2022

Episode 117

The match begins as Rudraksh takes on Ayan’s father, Indravir Singh in the boxing ring. Notwithstanding the blows, Rudraksh gets thrashed mercilessly.

Episode 118

While Preesha’s future is at stake, Ahana gets an indication that she is hiding something. Unaware of the real forces at play, GPS offers to help Girish.

Sunday 7  August 2022

Episode 119

Yuvraj visits the Shrinivasans to keep a check on Girish’s movements. Later, Vasudha and GPS join the Khuranas at their mansion to celebrate Onam.

Episode 120

Rudraksh arranges for family photos to be taken with Saaransh while Ahana catches Preesha in a lie. Later, Mishka and Ahana make a startling discovery.

Monday 8  August 2022

Episode 121

Just as Girish goes missing, the police barge into GPS’ house in search of drugs. At the hospital, Rudraksh learns about Preesha’s lie.

Episode 122

Preesha is stunned when Balraj tells everyone that she is suspended from the hospital. While GPS gets beaten in jail, Preesha is shocked by Ahana’s revelation.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episode 123

While Niketan overhears GPS and Vasudha’s conversation, Preesha playfully argues with Rudraksh. Later, Ahana learns about Preesha’s lie from Niketan.

Episode 124

At the prison, Ahana is stunned when Niketan makes a shocking revelation about Preesha and Saaransh’s relationship. Elsewhere, Preesha learns about GPS’s arrest.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Episode 125

Ahana reaches Chennai to unearth Preesha’s hidden secrets from the past. Back in Delhi, Rudraksh struggles to get GPS released from prison. Will he succeed?

Episode 126

GPS gets emotional when Rudraksh stands by him. While Ahana gets a lead, Rudraksh is moved to tears upon learning that he has fulfiled Rajiv’s wish.

Thursday 11 August 2022

Episode 127

Rudraksh and Preesha’s playful fight turns romantic. While Ahana makes a startling discovery after facing a struggle, Bunty tells Rudraksh to take a big step.

Episode 128

At the party, Rudraksh praises Preesha after she wears the dress he picked out for her. Later, Balraj humiliates Rahul when he spots Yuvraj with him.

Friday 12  August 2022

Episode 129

Ahana’s efforts to insult GPS and Vasudha falls flat while Bunty gets Rudraksh and Preesha to dance together. Later, Yuvraj’s behaviour irritates Preesha.

Episode 130

Yuvraj locks Preesha in the room while a heated argument erupts between Ahana and Rudraksh. Later, an infuriated Rudraksh thrashes Yuvraj.

Saturday 13  August 2022

Episode 131

Ahana requests Yuvraj to help her expose Preesha’s secrets while Rudraksh dances along with Saaransh. Later, Rudraksh gets intoxicated as Yuvraj spikes his drink.

Episode 132

Yuvraj goes to Rudraksh’s room to harm him. While Preesha takes care of Rudraksh, Yuvraj records the latter’s shocking confessions.

Sunday 14 August 2022

Episode 133

Preesha decides to play a prank on Rudraksh. While Rahul is overjoyed when Yuvraj shows him the recording, Rudraksh feels bad for Ahana.

Episode 134

While Rudraksh plans to confess his feelings to Preesha, GPS gives him a special gift. Later, Ahana tries to poison Rudraksh’s mind.

Monday 15 August 2022

Episode 135

While Saaransh and Preesha give Rudraksh a special gift, Balraj makes a sudden announcement. During the function, things turn ugly for Rudraksh.

Episode 136

During the backlash, Balraj clutches his chest and struggles to breathe. While Rahul gives Yuvraj a gift, Preesha confesses the truth to GPS and Vasudha.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Episode 137

While Preesha heads off to meet Yuvraj secretly, Ahana and Mishka spy on them with a wicked aim. On the other hand, the police arrive at the Khurana mansion.

Episode 138

While Rudraksh proudly supports Preesha, GPS rebukes Yuvraj after storming into his house. Later, Rahul visits the Khurana mansion with shocking information.

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Episode 139

Rudraksh slaps Rahul and throws him out of the house while GPS comes across a shocking article in the newspaper. Later, disaster strikes the Khuranas.

Episode 140

Rudraksh objects to Balraj’s decision to throw Preesha and Saaransh out of the house. Later, tension escalates when Rudraksh almost hits Balraj.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Episode 141

GPS and Vasudha take a stand for Rudraksh and Preesha. While Ahana’s plan goes for a toss, Preesha meets Rahul in an effort to make things right with Rudraksh.

Episode 142

Rahul orchestrates a sinister plan to exact revenge against Rudraksh. While Preesha plans a special dinner with Rudraksh, he receives an unexpected shock.

Friday 19 August 2022

Episode 143

Preesha tells Rudraksh about Rahul looking to apologise for his mistakes. While Neerja and Preesha are busy, Rahul tries to manipulate Rudraksh with a video.

Episode 144

A heartbroken Rudraksh breaks down crying in the middle of the road. While he vents out his rage on Preesha, Vasudha is traumatised on seeing her condition.

Saturday 20 August 2022

Episode 145

Rudraksh creates a scene right outside Preesha’s house while she confronts Rahul about the events. Later, Neerja comes across a shocking sight at home.

Episode 146

While Rudraksh gets into an accident, Preesha puts her life in danger to save him. Later, Balraj blames her for the accident.

Sunday 21 August 2022

Episode 147

With no hopes of getting anywhere close to Rudraksh, Preesha feels choiceless at the hospital. Later, she joins hands with a secret ally to expose Rahul.

Episode 148

While Neerja searches for the tablet, Balraj questions Preesha for visiting Rudraksh. Later, Preesha learns that she and Saaransh won’t be permitted to live with Rudraksh.
Monday 22 August 2022

Episode 149

Preesha is hurt when Rudraksh doesn’t utter a single word before leaving. While Yuvraj makes a shocking revelation, Rudraksh’s decision stuns Preesha.

Episode 150

Rudraksh finds a way to torture Preesha on their way home with Saaransh. While Yuvraj warns Rahul about Neerja, an intoxicated Rudraksh confronts Preesha.

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Episode 151

Preesha is hurt by an intoxicated Rudraksh’s awful behaviour while Neerja is caught red-handed by Rahul. Later, Rudraksh does the unthinkable to Preesha.

Episode 152

Ahana meets with Rahul and Yuvraj in secret while Neerja manages to get a hold of the iPad. Later, Rudraksh looks on as Balraj asks Preesha to leave the house.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Episode 153

Preesha is happy for Rudraksh’s turn of fortune despite being ill-treated. While Yuvraj’s suspicions towards Neerja grow, Keerti gives the Khuranas good news.

Episode 154

Yuvraj does the unthinkable to stop Preesha from finding the truth. Later, Rudraksh purposely irritates Preesha by trying to make her jealous.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Episode 155

Preesha is shocked upon finding Rudraksh and Keerti in a compromising position. Later, Yuvraj sneaks into Keerti’s room and uncovers the unexpected.

Episode 156

Rudraksh spends time with Saaransh and assigns Preesha with a heartless task. Later, Saaransh spoils Rudraksh’s plan to punish Preesha.

Friday 26 August 2022

Episode 157

Preesha is taken aback when Yuvraj reveals Keerti’s plan to her. She goes to warn Rudraksh. However, things don’t go well for Preesha. Will Rudraksh believe her?

Episode 158

Rudraksh accidentally injures Preesha after Saaransh forces them to dance together. While Keerti manipulates Rudraksh, Preesha sets off to find the truth.

Saturday 27 August 2022

Episode 159

Rudraksh is heartbroken on learning about Yuvraj and Preesha. While Keerti executes a despicable act, Rudraksh loses his cool with Preesha.

Episode 160

Yuvraj is bewildered when the police show him Keerti’s dead body. While Preesha is left speechless upon learning about it, the evidence against Rudraksh piles up.

Sunday 28 August 2022

Episode 161

Yuvraj sets off on a mission to erase the CCTV footage of him leaving the roof. While Ahana blames Preesha, the police get evidence against Rudraksh.

Episode 162

Yuvraj and Preesha are baffled by the doctor’s lies while Mishka regrets committing a despicable act. Later, Preesha catches Yuvraj in a lie.
Monday 29 August 2022

Episode 163

Tensions escalate when Keerti’s father, Harish Jain guns for Rudraksh’s arrest. Later, Preesha assures the police that she can prove Rudraksh’s innocence.

Episode 164

Preesha makes her stance about saving Rudraksh clear to him. While new evidence helps Rudraksh’s case, Preesha stumbles upon a vital piece of evidence.

Tuesday 30 August 2022

Episode 165

Mishka decides to tell truth when cornered. Later, Preesha accidentally calls Rudraksh by Yuvraj’s name and gets into a heated argument with Rahul.

Episode 166

Preesha stands up to Rudraksh’s taunts while Ahana and Mishka wonder about the CCTV footage. Later, Yuvraj gets a chance to enrage Rudraksh.

Wednesday 31 August 2022

Episode 167

Preesha takes notice of Sharda’s behaviour when the cops visit to investigate. Later, Rudraksh gets suspended and accuses Preesha of having illicit affairs.

Episode 168

Yuvraj prevents Rahul from confessing the truth to Preesha. Later, the Khuranas are shocked to know that their DNA samples were collected to find Keerti’s murderer.

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