Monday Update The Promise Zee World July 16

Monday Update The Promise Zee World July 16

Jai tells Tarun that he knows about his obsession with Bani but Tarun keeps yelling that he loves her, and her life is in danger. Pia attempts suicide. Bani bumps into a burqa clad person in the hospital who slyly removes her bracelet. Rajiv Mathur, the cop, phones Rano to ask where Sahil was a few hours before the blast at home. A man mentions to Bani about Sahil owning a flat. He asks her to visit the building and see for herself. The burqa clad person keeps Bani’s bracelet in the flat. Pia pleads everyone to ask Jai to amend his mistake by marrying her. Rano yells at her and asks her to pay for her misdeeds. Jai asks Bani to wear the `mangalsutra’ once again. Someone throws a paper inside Bani’s room with Sahil’s apartment name and number written. Bani wonders what the secret is. Laxmi frantically tells her mother that she saw someone jump out from Bani’s room.

Bani suddenly recalls a burqa clad person taking her bracelet away at the hospital. Pia pleads with Jai to marry her. Jai gets furious and tells her that he is Bani’s husband. He narrates everything what happened in the past. Bani goes to Jannat Apartments and sees Karuna nearby. She calls out to Karuna but the latters walks away. The burqa clad person renders Bani unconscious in the lift. When she gains consciousness, Jai asks her what she was doing in the mall. Bani tells Karuna that she had seen her outside Jannat Apartments but Karuna denies seeing her. Meanwhile, an inconsolable Pia tells Rani that she is digusted with herself. The burqa clad person takes away the plate from which Bani ate breakfast. Preeti comes to check Bani and hands her an envelope given by the burqa clad person.

Bani reads the letter which says that she should meet the person in Jannat Apartments to find out about Sahil’s murder but Jai asks her not to worry. Bilo Maasi suggests that they perform a religious ceremony for the goddess to ward off evil. While feeding the poor, a woman holds Bani’s hand and demands to know why she didn’t go to Jannat Apartments but Jai says that the lady is mentally unstable. Bani sees the burqa clad woman talking with the mentally unstable lady and follows them. Bani tells Jai that Sahil was murdered. Rajiv goes to Jannat Apartments to investigate about Sahil’s murder, where he finds a bangle and a breakfast tray. The goldsmith informs Rajiv that the bangle belongs to Bani Walia.