Monday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv November 26th

Mon Twist of Fate Zee World Tv November 26th

Dasi asks Sarla not to worry and says everything will be fine. Sarla says once Pragya returns, I will be fine. Beeji asks her to think positive and says whenever Abhi went to save her, he always saved her. Dasi says best part is Abhi didn’t marry Tanu and says we will get Abhi and Pragya married. Sarla hopes that they get unite for forever and be happy. Dadi says I will not leave Aaliya. Aaliya thinks where is Tanu. Purab comes to her room. Aaliya says my mood is bad and asks him to go. Purab says your intention, character etc are all bad. He says your involvement is direct and asks her to tell where is Pragya? Aaliya says I didn’t do her kidnapping and don’t know where is your Pragya di. Purab grabs her collar and says he will do same thing which she did with Pragya. He asks her to tell where is Pragya. Aaliya tells that she is suffocating and tells that she is not behind her kidnapping. Purab says you have no right to live and asks her to die. He tries to suffocate her.

Purab asking Aaliya to tell her where is Pragya? Dasi comes and asks Purab to leave her. Purab says I came to fulfill the promise made to Bulbul and asks her to tell where is Pragya? Dad asks him to leave her. She tells Purab that if we do the same then what will be the difference between us. She asks her to pray that Pragya returns home safely, else she will not stop Purab next time. She takes Purab with him. Aaliya is shocked.

Damru tells that we will not tell anything to Pragya and says if we talk infront of her then her strength will be strong. They come and tell that she is sleeping. They pretend to see the video and says marriage shall be like this. Nikhil calls Damru and asks about Pragya. Damru says she is here. Nikhil tells him that he is coming there. Damru asks
what happened? Nikhil tells that Abhi is searching Pragya. He tells that now they have to kill Pragya and says he is coming there.

Nikhil tells Tanu that she shall go back home and tells that if you come with me to kill Pragya then everyone will doubt you. He says I am enough to kill Pragya and assures her that nobody will save her from me. Tanu nods her head. Purab thinks Dadi saved Aaliya else I would have made her say truth. He thinks to find the registration number. He gets Abhi’s call asking about the registration number of tempo. Purab gives him strength and says I am sure that she will be fine.

Taya ji asks where is Abhi and Purab? Dadi says abhi went to search her and Purab is helping him. Taya ji hopes that she is fine. Mrs. Mehta tells Mr. Mehta that Tanu is not in the house and tells that some people came to put the black sight on her. Sarla gets up and asks are you talking about me. Mrs. Mehta says yes, and says can’t you wait until one more round completes. She says don’t know if she is kidnapped or not and says that she might have eloped with her lover. Sarla gets angry and asks her to stop it. She says your daughter tried to break my daughter’s marriage to marry Abhi. Mrs. Mehta says Abhi wants to marry her. Sarla says I know how you convinced him. She asks her to go and search Tanu.

Mrs. Mehta blames Sarla and Pragya and says Pragya is at home and sent you to stop the wedding. Sarla says your daughter is reaping what she sowed. Mrs. Mehta tells that Abhi loves Tanu and your daughter is coming in between them. Sarla asks can’t you see that Abhi loves and cares for Pragya. She says Abhi and Pragya are made for each other and says you thought to get your daughter marry him, and says how you are?

Damru and his goons gamble and drink wine. Pragya thinks how to escape. Damru gets up and thinks she is sleeping. He tells his goons to keep eye on Pragya and says he will see if Abhi is coming here. Pragya thinks to escape. Abhi asks the man on the road about Pragya. He tells that he saw the goons taking this girl in tempo. Abhi asks did you heard them where they are going? He tells that they went to which side. Pragya sees them playing cards and acts to cry. Goon tell that some woman is crying. Other goon says Pragya is crying. They ask her why is she crying? If missing mum or husband. They ask if she is hungry or thirsty.

Pragya says how can I be alright when my husband got married. Goon says marriage happened and asks her to stop crying. Pragya says you will not understand and says I would have slept for sometime if you give me wine. Goon says I can’t give you wine. Pragya says she needs wine to cheer up her heart and asks them to take money in exchange. She then says that she don’t have money and asks them to take jewellery kept in the tempo. They get thinking.

Tanu returning home. Sonali informs Mrs. Mehta that Tanu returned. Everyone see Tanu. Mrs. Mehta says we were worried for you and asks her to say something. Mitali says how can she speak and says nobody can hear broken heart’s sound, she is in shock. Mrs. Mehta asks her to sit. Mitali asks if she wants turmeric milk and asks if she went to commit suicide, and says there is nothing left other than suicide. She asks if you have changed your idea and says I have 101 ideas to commit suicide and some are painless. Mrs. Mehta asks her to stop it and asks her to forget everything. She says we are with you always. Mitali says this is just for saying, but parents taunt their children much. She says who will bear your expenses now. Tanu asks her to stop it else she will kill her. Aaliya
asks Tanu to come to her room. Dadi and Dasi smiles. Aaliya takes Tanu to her room and asks her to handle herself. She asks why did you react and says we have kidnapped Pragya? She says once we make Abhi realize that she is safe then he will marry you. Tanu says I will marry once I sit in mandap, and says her pheras agni shall be lighted with Pragya’s dead body. Aaliya says everything is in control. Tanu says she is convinced as Pragya will not be alive to stop marriage. She says infact by the time, Abhi reaches her, she will be dead. Mitali hears her and is shocked. Tanu says Abhi have to be mine anyhow. Mitali thinks to eat digestion tablet else she might spit this truth.

Abhi is on road and thinks where is Pragya? Pragya asks goons to give her wine and says shall I beg you. Goon asks her to keep quiet. Other goon says we will not give you wine. They discuss and says we can rest if she sleeps after drinking wine. He asks with which hand you can write. Pragya says right hand. They say your right hand will be tied and you have to drink with your left hand. They serve her drink. Pragya throws the drink and tells that they shall race. Pragya says one more glass. They get drunk.

Aaliya asks what you will get by killing her. Tanu says did you stop Pragya when she worn my clothes to marry Abhi, and says once she dies, my problem will end. Aaliya says who will kill her. Tanu says I asked Nikhil to kill her. Aaliya sees Mitali hearing them and opens the door. She pulls her ears and tells her that she didn’t hear anything. Aaliya says I will tell Tanu to harm you. Mitali says I heard everything, but will not tell anything. Aaliya closes the door. Tanu says only your dead body will go. Aaliya asks her not to tell anyone. Mitali says I have to keep your secret hidden, and asks them not to kill her. Pragya pretends to be drunk and cries. She tells that rockstar Abhi married someone else and asks if this is right. Goon says wrong. Pragya says she is feeling sleepy. All goons sleep. Pragya sees everyone sleeping and thinks they are unconscious, I can now escape from here. She frees her hands and thinks to go.

Pragya ties them and thinks now they will not come behind her. Abhi is searching Pragya on the road. He hears some people calling Pragya and runs inside. Purab thinks to take Police help and file FIR. He comes inside the PS and tells Inspector that he wants to file missing complaint of Pragya Arora. Inspector asks his relation with her and asks him to call Sarla. Purab says she is hurt. Inspector asks him to call Sarla. Purab thinks to make him talk to commissioner. Inspector gets a call and asks Purab about tempo color and Pragya’s clothes color. Purab gives the details. Inspector says they found two dead bodies near pond.