Monday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv November 19th

November 19th

Monday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv

Tanu says she called him here for help, so that her marriage happens smoothly. Nikhil gets angry. Aaliya asks Tanu to kick him out. Tanu says he came to help me. Aaliya asks her to think again and says he does wrong work always. Nikhil asks if whatever you have done is right. Aaliya says you are standing in my house and questioning me. Tanu asks them not to fight and says he will help me, and asks him to keep eye on everyone, and says he will not do anything else. Dadi asks pragya not to come out and make her guilty. She says I will punish myself and says I will sit here and will not go out. Pragya gets affected by her words. Dadi cries and asks her to leave her.

Pragya comes out and hugs Dadi cryingly. Dadi apologizes to her and blames herself responsible and says the work for which I called you here didn’t happened? Pragya asks her not to apologize to her. Purab says this is what left in our lives, wiping each other tears. He asks Pragya to get ready and says we have decided to get you married to Abhi today itself. Pragya asks what you are saying? Dadi says he said right, whatever will happen is right. He says we will take any means to get justice and will not let that cheap girl Tanu marry Abhi. She says they have betrayed you and snatched your husband, but now they will be betrayed by us, and you will marry Abhi without telling Abhi. Pragya is tensed. Dadi says time is running fast, but we can’t let Abhi go from our hands. She says we will snatch Abhi from her.

Dadi telling Pragya that Tanu will not sit in the mandap, but you will sit. She says Abhi’s bride will be you only and he will marry you only…Pragya looks on. Sarla is tensed. Dadi asks her to call her and enquire. Sarla says she can’t face the truth. Beeji asks her to think positive. Sarla says we shall wait for sometime. Purab asks Pragya to be practical if Abhi is taking practical decision. He says he don’t know that it is wrong, but you know what is wrong or right. Everyone of us will be happy and asks her to wear ghunghat and sit in the mandap. Dadi says this is your duty. Pragya says Tanu is doing this as she is Tanu, but I can’t do this and betray him. Purab asks her to think from heart and says you are already married to him, then what is the problem. Pragya
says he don’t remember our marriage, and says this is his first marriage for him. She says he will never accept me. Dadi says this time is to do something. Purab asks her to understand and says don’t think that Abhi will accept you or not, but think that you are saving Abhi from Tanu, and think that you are doing a big favor on him. Dadi asks her not to think and let the things happen. Nikhil comes there and stands outside Dadi’s room to hear their conversation. Pragya is still confused.

Nikhil enters the room without knocking on the door. Purab asks how did you come inside without asking, can’t you see that we are doing important discussion here. Nikhil says I came here to meet Abhi and give him gift. Purab says Abhi’s marriage is not in the room and says he is in the hall with guests. Nikhil says I thought he is here. He asks them to carry on and think what they were discussing inside, what was Dadi saying. He thinks if Dadi was asking Pragya to accept Abhi’s marriage and thinks he shall find out if they are planning to stop the marriage. Purab tells Dadi that he might be listening to us, and opens the door. Nikhil says he was searching Abhi. Dadi looks angrily. Nikhil goes. Dadi takes Pragya out and asks her to see the mandap. She asks can I see Abhi filling Tanu’s maang and says this marriage is happening as you are letting it happen. Abhi looks at pragya. Purab asks them to come with him.

Later Abhi comes dressed for the marriage and stares the pots kept for the mandap decoration. Tai ji says Tanu haven’t come till now. Mitali asks did you change your decision. Abhi asks what do you mean? Mitali says I thought you will announce that this marriage can’t happen or you will elope from the mandap. She says she read in the newspaper about a celebrity eloping from the mandap and marrying his secretary. Taya ji scolds her and asks her to go. Raj asks Abhi to sit. Taya ji asks him not to care about her talks. Dasi asks Purab if you want to stop Tanu’s marriage or not. Purab asks her to out brake. Dadi and Pragya come there. Dadi says she was crying in the bathroom. Purab says they got a good idea. Dadi shares their plan. Dasi likes it and says this will bring tears in Tanu’s eyes.

Purab says their wall will fall on them only. Pragya is not convinced and asks what about the trust which will break. Dasi asks her not to care about Tanu. Dadi tells that she got the idea from TV show Kunwari Bahu, and tells the heroine sits in the mandap and gets married. Dasi says bad thing shall happen with Tanu. Purab tells pragya that this is the right solution. Pragya says this is wrong. Dadi says if you don’t take this wrong path then Abhi’s life will be ruined with evil Tanu. They say it is right. Dadi closes the door. Pragya says this is not good to betray Abhi. Dadi says this is justice and asks why you are letting her marry Tanu. They remind of their doings. Purab asks how can you forget Bulbul’s sacrifices.

Sarla is still tensed. Janki says what happened to weather. Beeji says it is natural. Sarla says she is worried about Pragya. Just then Abhi and Pragyas photoframe falls down. Beeji also gets worried and thinks what might be happening there. Sarla says if Pragya will take a wrong route to get him. Beeji says whatever she does is right to save her husband from Tanu. Janki also prays for abhi and pragya’s union.

Dadi asks Pragya to think and says if Tanu can lie so many lies to Abhi before marriage, then she will cheat him with more lies. Dasi says just because you haven’t stopped her. Purab says Tanu will have an affair with Nikhil even after her marriage with Abhi and asks if Abhi deserves this life. Dasi asks Pragya to give a good life to Abhi and asks her not to let him marry Tanu. Pragya agrees. Dasi gets happy and congratulates Dadi and Purab. Pragya asks them to listen and asks says if I sit on the mandap, and says if anyone identifies me. She says Aaliya will tell that I am not Tanu seeing the dress. Dadi says she will make arrangements for the dress and thanks her with a hug. Purab congratulates them.

Abhi thinking when he is marrying Tanu then why is he thinking about Pragya? He thinks why he is feeling bad. Aaliya comes and says she will set his brooch rightly. Abhi says no. She says pin is broken and brings another pin. Abhi thinks to share his feelings with her and thinks she might give me some solution. He asks her if she thought that she have to do something, but does something else.

Aaliya thinks Abhi is thinking about Pragya, and tells him that this happens with grooms and brides. This is called wedding jitters and asks are you okay. She asks him to relax and says you are nervous as you are marrying for the first time. She says when you performed first, you were nervous. She says you shall not marry the person you loves, but shall marry the person who loves
you. She says life gets better with this. She couldn’t tie the turban right and it opens up. Abhi says I will ask someone to tie it.

Aaliya thinks to keep an eye on him. Purab, Dadi and Dasi are happy. Dadi says she is thinking about Aaliya and Tanu’s rotten faces. Pragya says I didn’t agree yet. Purab says don’t worry about the dress. Dasi asks her to thank Tanu and says we will steal her other dress. Purab says she is a model and makes 2-3 sets of the same dress. Dadi says she has made 3 wedding dresses brought by Abhi’s money.

Dasi says you will wear that dress. Pragya says who will bring that dress. Dadi says Indu. Purab says she is taking Dasi’s name. Dasi asks how I will bring the dress. Dadi gives her idea. Dasi wears her googles and goes. Dadi asks pragya not to worry and says 5th yes is of God. Dasi thinks she is on a big mission and shall steal the dress somehow. She collides with Abhi. Abhi asks if she got infection. Dasi says she was listening and singing song. Abhi asks her to tie safa. Dasi tries to tie him safa and asks him to sit infront of mirror.

Sarla is restless and calls Pragya. Pragya picks the call and assures Sarla that everything will be fine. Dadi calls Pragya. Pragya ends the call. Sarla tells Janki that Pragya said everything is fine, but…..She says may be something is happening there. Janki says we shall go there and see what is happening there. Sarla says I can’t see the marriage arrangements and gets angry on seeing Tanu. Janki asks her to think Pragya is getting married there. She asks her to come. Sarla says you are right and hopes everything is fine. Sarla says Beeji. Janki says you gave her medicine to sleep, and says we both shall go.