Monday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 4th Feb 2019

Pragya telling Abhi that she is Pragya, his fuggi.. Abhi gets happy and hugs her. Pragya says she was helpless because of the children and wants to protect him from the attacker. She sees someone’s reflection and tells Abhi that her fear is coming true. She goes out. Dadi asks her what happened? Pragya thinks it is her dream. Khan chacha tries to see Simonika’s face. Simonika covers her face and threatens to kill him once he finishes her hand. Khan Chacha asks her not to kill him. She spares his life because of his orphan grand daughter, and breaks his phone. She says if he tells anything to anyone then she will kill them.

Abhi tells Purab about his dilemma of Pragya and Disha. Disha asks him to find out who is she? Abhi says only a woman can understand the problem. Disha asks him to look for the mole on Munni’s body to find out if she is Pragya. Abhi reminisces Pragya telling that she has a mole on her left shoulder. He tells disha that she has mole. Disha says if she has mole then Pragya is yours. Abhi goes. Simonika tells goon that she will go and give guitar to Abhi. Goon stops her and says if you gets hanged or punished for Abhi’s death then how you can see Pragya crying. Simonika says you are right and asks him to take guitar. Goon refuses and gets scared. Simonika threatens to kill him and asks him to tell Abhi that Khan Chacha sent the guitar.

Goon comes inside Abhi’s house. Abhi asks where is Khan Chacha. Goon lies. Purab asks Abhi to play the guitar and check. Goon asks him not to play as it is fine. Abhi asks why he is getting sweating. Goon says just because he is coming from outside. Abhi says Khan Chacha must have made it perfectly. Goon says you are right. Purab asks him to stop. Goon thinks to kill them if caught. Purab asks him to take the money. Abhi says he might be nervous meeting me a rockstar. Purab gets doubtful. Abhi pays him money. Goon says this guitar will change your life and it will be a blast.

Goon telling Simonika that Abhi was about to play guitar then stopped due to some work. Simonika asks him not to worry and says everyone has to die one day.

Abhi comes to room and thinks to check if Pragya has a mole on her shoulder or not. Pragya asks if your guitar is fine now. Abhi says it was in ICU. Pragya says I don’t want to talk to you. Abhi says I can’t let her be angry, else she will not let me check the mole. Pragya asks if he checked the guitar. Abhi says Khan Chacha have repaired it and asks her to check if she wants. Abhi tries to check the mole. Pragya says it seems to be heavy. Abhi says no. Pragya says she will cross check with Purab. Pragya sees him looking at her shoulder and asks what he is looking at. Abhi says he is looking how she will clean the guitar.

He tries to look at the mole. Pragya asks why your hand is in air. Abhi says to hold the guitar and says it is perfect. He says shall I sing a song for you. Pragya says no thanks. She says she will call Khan Chacha and will tell him that guitar is fine. Abhi says he told the guy who came to give it and also give the money. He says he will sing song for her and plays the guitar. Sanam Re Sanam Re Plays.
Simonika thinks today is the last day and she will enjoy. She hears guitar song and thinks it has bomb in it. She recalls Khan Chacha telling her that he can’t tell her when the bomb will blast. She gets worried and thinks if bomb blasts now, then I will die too. Dadi asks her to call Abhi and Pragya to have food. Simonika says she has important work and asks her to send Robin. Dasi comes and scolds her for ignoring Dadi’s orders. Abhi holds her hand and makes her dance. Pragya asks him to practice and says she will come. Abhi makes pen holder fall. Pragya picks it up. Abhi thinks to check her mole. Simonika enters there without knocking. Abhi scolds her for entering room without knocking. He tells Pragya that she has fake degree and fake identity. He asks if you are my enemy to separate us and says I can figure it out. He says do you know who is she? Pragya asks him to calm down and asks Simonika not to feel bad. Pragya asks him to come down.

Abhi asks her to go fast. Pragya says you are going to do some mischief and says you can’t make me fall. Abhi says plan was that and says ladies first. Pragya says I want to respect you and asks him to walk first. Purab asks him to come and says we were waiting for you. Pragya says sorry. Disha asks Purab to ask Abhi if he got proof. Abhi says I couldn’t see it. Purab tells Disha that plan failed. Disha says they were alone, then also. She asks Purab to think. Aaliya gets jealous seeing them talking. Tanu asks her to eat slowly. Dasi tells Dadi that Purab and Disha fell in love with each other. Dadi gets glad and says she will have sweets. Pragya asks her to have jiggery roti. Dadi says she wants to have sweets. Mitali asks Disha to give dahi wada.

Disha gives it and gets an idea. She asks Purab to throw some gravy dish on Pragya so that she goes to change the dress and Abhi can see. Purab says it will not look nice and asks her to throw it instead. Disha goes to Pragya and asks her to have sabzi. Pragya refuses. Abhi thinks what she wants to do.

Disha asking Pragya to take the vegetable dish. Pragya refuses. Disha throws it on her dress intentionally. Pragya goes to clean it. Purab asks Abhi to go to Pragya. Abhi comes to Disha and asks what he shall do. Disha asks him to go following Pragya and gives her dress which is open at the back. Abhi says what an idea and is about to hug her. Disha says you shall go now. Tanu says food was good. Aaliya says something was going on between Purab and Disha, and then Disha and Abhi. Tanu says lets take afternoon nap and says they might be discussing past love. Aaliya throws crystal ball on her leg mistakenly. Tanu says you have done it intentionally. Aaliya says it was by mistake. Abhi comes to room and takes out red saree for Pragya. He reminisces seeing mole on her back and

says if it is seen then she is my pragya.Pragya comes there and asks what you are doing here? Abhi says I am here now and asks her to change saree. Pragya says she has cleaned her saree. Abhi says you will get cold and asks her to wear it. Pragya thinks why he is acting sweet now.READ NEXT/FEB 5TH ON TWIST OF