Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 28th Jan 2019

Abhi asks her to ring bell to call Robin. Pragya thinks don’t love me, and smiles. She thinks you be with me as nurse, and I will be fine soon.

Groom Nitesh comes with baraat to marry Suhana. Disha and others welcome him, and asks groom to search the scissor. Purab gives the scissor in Disha’s hand. She gives it to groom and asks him to cut the ribbon. He cuts the ribbon and goes inside. Disha slips and falls in Purab’s embrace. Lejaye song plays….

Sangram Singh comes there. Nitesh and Suhana exchange garlands. Sangram Singh says Disha and Purab did wrong to return, and says he will bury them so that nobody knows them. Bali stops him and says everyone knows about the police case. Sangram Singh says I will go anyhow and takes the shawls. He tells two goons to turn the car and takes other two with him. He thinks where is Disha and that Purab. He looks at her and thinks she is looking beautiful. He thinks his heart is melting down seeing her and thinks to make her his servant and get her love, to take revenge. Purab thinks if I am doing injustice with Disha. Disha thinks he was angry, but still cares for me. She says she didn’t do any mistake by marrying him and want to be with him all the life. Sangram touches Disha and thinks he felt current in his body and thinks if he hugs her then what will happen. Suhana’s mum asks Purab and Disha to do Suhana’s ghat bandhan. Disha and Purab do the ghatbandhan. Disha looks at them and recalls their marriage in Abhi’s house.

Dasi tells Dadi that she is thinking something since yesterday. Dadi says even I am bothered about something, and says if this Munni is our Pragya. Dasi says she also felt the same. Dadi says if Pragya is doing acting to fool us. Dasi says why she will do this. Dadi says previously she had changed her avatar, and this time may be she has changed her name. Dasi says we can’t come to conclusion until we get proofs and says we love Pragya so much that we are thinking her lookalike as Pragya.

Dadi says we have to decide who is she? Abhi comes there and calls dadi. He says I want to talk to you. He says that Pragya..and says Munni. He says Doctor said that the poison will be in her body for few days, and tells that Munni’s feet is swollen. He asks Dadi, can you massage her feet. Dadi asks him to massage her feet. Dasi says we are not an expert. Abhi says Dadi used to massage me in childhood and I used to get fine. Dadi says but I don’t remember. Purab sees Sangram Singh and gets shocked.

Dadi and Dasi asking Abhi to massage Munni’s feet. Abhi agrees. Dadi says we shall see how Pragya/Munni looks at him when he massages her. Dasi says you are right. Purab sees Sangram Singh and thinks why this man is hiding his face with shawl and follows him. Sangram hides as someone interrupts him. Abhi thinks who will do her massage now and asks Mitali if she will do his important work. Mitali asks him to say and asks if he wants to host her concert. Abhi says it is more important work than that. Mitali gets more excited and asks him to say. Abhi asks her to massage Munni’s feet and says it is very important. Mitali makes excuse that she has to teach Babli etc. Abhi comes to room and thinks to massage her legs before she wakes up. Allah wariyan plays….Pragya is awake

and smiles. She enjoys the massage. Pragya thinks he shall be like this always. Dadi and Dasi peep inside the room. Dasi says we can’t see Munni’s expressions. Tanu sees them and thinks what they are cooking. Dadi and dasi leave. Tanu thinks to check.
Disha looks for Purab. Someone calls Disha to come to mandap. Purab comes to Sangram and asks who is he? Sangram says he saw marriage happening and came there. Purab asks him to stop talking non sense and asks him to leave. Tanu peeps in and saw him massaging Pragya’s legs. Abhi thinks if she wakes up then he will feel embarrassment. He senses that she is awake and laughing on him. Sangram Singh asks Purab if he will kick him out. Purab says did you forget that I had beaten you with sticks. Sangram Singh says I didn’t forget anything and will take revenge from you. He says you brought Disha here, but can’t take her back as everyone is with me. Purab says I am not afraid of your threats. Sangram Singh says he saw Disha and touched her silently and felt current. He says he wants to hold her and….Purab beats him and asks how dare you to touch my wife. Sangram Singh says you have beaten me in my place and says you will not be saved. They have a fight.

Abhi stops massaging her. Pragya gets up and says she really enjoyed the massage. Abhi asks if she was laughing and thinking that rockstar is massaging her feet. Pragya says I was awake and enjoyed massage thoroughly. It was like you are playing a guitar and says she didn’t get that feel in her life. Abhi gets upset and says your ending will not be happy. Pragya thinks he looks cute while shying.

Sangram’s goons hitting on Purab’s head and he faints. Disha senses danger to his life. Pragya is happy thinking about Abhi caring for her. Main tumko yuh hi chahungi plays…The goon asks what we will do now. Sangram Singh asks them to close the door and tells them that they shall kidnap Purab so that Disha comes running to them and get caught by us. He says but how we will take him and says they shall wrap him in carpet and take him out. He asks them to clean the room so that nobody doubts. Disha searches for Purab, but maasi stops her. She is worried for him. The goons are taking Purab out when they hear some kids coming there. They ignore the kids and manage to go out. Disha checks for him and thinks if he went back to Mumbai. She checks for his stuff and says where

is he? She comes out and sees goons taking the carpet. She thinks who are they? She asks them to stop and asks who are you? Sangram Singh says they are taking some stuff.

Disha thinks this voice is familiar and thinks where did she hear this voice. She thinks he is Sangram Singh. Sangram Singh and goons take Purab out. Other two goons who were standing out, takes Purab inside. Disha comes out and is shocked. She rushes inside and thinks to talk to Nitesh. Maasi asks what happened? Disha says Nitesh can save Purab as he knows many people. Maasi asks her not to drag Nitesh in this and asks her to deal with her own trouble. Disha asks her not to say this. Maasi pushes her and goes. Disha is shocked and cries. She calls Pragya and says she needs to talk to her urgently. Pragya asks what happened? Disha tells her that Sangram Singh came and kidnapped Purab. Pragya is shocked.

Disha tells her that nobody is ready to help her. Pragya asks her if she knows where they took him. Disha says may be I know and says she will go there. Pragya says you can’t face the goons alone. Disha asks do you care for your life if Abhi’s life is in risk. Pragya asks her to be careful and tells her that she will come with Abhi there. Disha asks her to come there and help them.

Sangram Singh ties Purab in his place and beats him for snatching Disha. Simonika is taking juice for Pragya. Dadi asks her to make her have it.