Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Sept 17

Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Sept 17

Dasi tells Dadi that Pragya is stranger for Abhi, and just a fan for him. Pragya comes to Dadi’s room and tells that I never did this intentionally, or tried to come infront of him. She says I was living my life alone without you people, but destiny have other plans and brought Abhi infront of me. She says I tried not to go infront of him. I have found that he didn’t have any affect when I went infront of him. She says I never tried to take his advantage or tried to make him remember anything. Dadi says I accept that you met him suddenly, but why did you come here and agreed to do job here. She says if Abhi recalls his memory then it would be dangerous for him. Pragya says she didn’t know where he was taking me, and asked to sit in car. I was shocked when he brought me here.

A fb is shown. Abhi says you will do job in this house. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks her to come inside. Pragya says I will not do work here. Abhi says why? This house is not suitable for you. Pragya says no, and says I can’t work here. Abhi says I didn’t call you to sweep in my house, and asks her to come. Pragya refuses. He says I am helping you and you are showing me ego. Abhi says if you don’t work here, then don’t show me your face again. Fb ends. Pragya says what I would have done. Dadi asks Dasi to ask Pragya to leave, and says she don’t want to see her face. Pragya is shocked. Dadi says I can’t forgive you. You forgot the promise made to me. I told you that this house and family can’t run without Abhi. She says you have broken my trust today and asks Dasi to ask her to go from her sight. She says I have no right on her. Pragya cries and wipes her tears. Dadi also cries.

Dadi asking Pragya to go. Dasi looks on. Abhi meets Sushant Singh Rajput in Mr. Sethi’s office, as he comes to promote his film. Abhi wishes him best for the film. Pragya thinks Dadi is very upset with me. She looks at Abhi and her room and recalls all the happy and sad times. She thinks don’t know how this room looks like now, as it is only in my memories now. Aaliya comes, and holds her hand, takes her to side and asks from where to start. She says atlast you came in this house. Pragya tries to speak. Aaliya asks her not to utter a word, and says you said that you will not come back, but you came infront of him and also to this house. She says you have taken advantage and did everything with planning. She says you told that you will fulfill wife’s rights being a
dutiful wife. She says you have forgotten the promise made to Dadi. She says I understands your plans, and asks her not to fool her. She blames her for trapping Abhi, and says you wants to make him remember everything. She says all you want is money, and says you have not change your mindset. She says you can fool Abhi and Dadi, but not me. She says I won’t let you do anything which will affect bhai. Pragya says she don’t want to come here and asks her to listen. Aaliya says whatever you will tell, I will never believe, as I am not a fool. Pragya says if you know what do I want then there would be no problem.

Aaliya says how can this slipped from my mind. She says you wants to take revenge on me and make him remember everything. She says I won’t let him get his memory back. She says Bhai is living life 2.5 years back and is in my control now. She asks her not to play his life and says everyone hates you. Now they will make your life difficult. She says I will ruin you and your family so that you people feel it difficult to stay in this city. She warns her saying that she will destroy her and her family.

Pragya thinks how to make Dadi understand that she didn’t come intentionally. She is about to go, but just then hears Abhi’s voice calling Robin. He says I am not getting my stuff. Pragya says I will search your stuff. Abhi asks how did you know where did I keep it. Pragya says let me try. Abhi says I couldn’t find my music player. Pragya finds it in the drawer and says it was a guess. Abhi asks for perfume, handkerchief and dumb bells. Pragya gives it all. Abhi asks about ring. Pragya gives it to him. Abhi is surprised and asks how did you get it being small. Pragya says I asked Robin and he told me about your stuff. Abhi is surprised and says you found everything quickly. Pragya tells him that she has fitted map in her mind when Robin told her about his stuff. Abhi calls her Sherlock homes, witty mind. Abhi asks for his medicines. Pragya opens the cupboard, but couldn’t get his medicine. Abhi says Robin does mistakes too. He asks if Aaliya explained you about work. Pragya says no. Abhi asks her to bring his coffee, and thinks how lucky I am, from where I will find secretary like this.

Dasi asks Dadi why did she behave badly with Pragya, and says destiny have done bad with her, she is not wrong and asks why did you do this. She says Pragya never lies. Dadi says I did this intentionally and wanted her to leave this job and home. She says I am afraid of the troubles. Dasi asks why, and says Abhi is with her. Dadi says Tanu and Pragya have come here, and says I have seen hatred and jealousy in Tanu and Aaliya’s eyes. She says they will plan surely against Pragya, and says Abhi is in this situation because of them. She says if Pragya is with him, then they will conspire again and Abhi will get any stroke which will be dangerous for him. Taiji comes to Mitali and says I brought masala tea for you with crème biscuits. Mitali is shocked and asks if you are fine? She thinks something is wrong for sure. Tai ji says nothing is wrong. Tai ji says we will make our team now, and says Pragya has come here as a secretary, now it is right time to take revenge on her. Mitali is happy.

Tanu and Aaliya come to Abhi’s room and scare him. Abhi asks when did you come? Tanu says now I have to do this to meet you. Aaliya says she was complaining to me that you don’t have time for her, and have been spending time with secretary only. Abhi apologizes. Tanu tells him that she kept party for her friends and invites him for the same. Aaliya says it is tonight, and says everyone should know that party is rocking as you will attend it. Tanu says I will go. Pragya brings coffee. Abhi asks her to keep it. Pragya says I will go downstairs. Abhi asks her to call designer and asks him to get his dress ready. Pragya says okay. Aaliya asks her to give coffee to Abhi being his secretary. Tanu stamps on her feet. Pragya shouts. Abhi looks back.

Tanu apologizing to Pragya and says I haven’t seen you. Aaliya asks Pragya to take back the tray. Tanu and Aaliya say bye to Abhi. Abhi says bye. Mitali tells Tai ji that she has some conditions, and says she will not make tea or serve food to her. Tai ji says it is your duty. Mitali asks her to decide between revenge or duty. Tai ji agrees. Mitali says I will sleep much on Sundays. Tai ji thinks she is taking advantage, but agrees on her conditions. She says now we are a team…to trouble Pragya. Mitali thinks she has to take revenge from Pragya as Raj is upset with her because of her.

Abhi and Pragya are in Tanu’s party. Abhi asks Pragya to enjoy the party. Pragya says she don’t like parties, hangover after it, etc etc. Abhi says who is the boss and
says boss is always right and I like parties. Aaliya sees Pragya with Abhi, and gets angry seeing her. She thinks she won’t let Pragya enter with Abhi. She greets Abhi and asks him to come on side. Abhi asks Pragya to stay there and don’t talk to strangers. Aaliya asks Abhi, why did you bring your secretary for private party. Abhi says she is my secretary and will be with me. Aaliya says people inside belongs to our class, and says she will get bored inside. Abhi says yes, you are right. Aaliya asks him to send her home. Abhi goes to Pragya and asks her to go home, and come back in the morning at 10’ am. Pragya understands Aaliya’s plan.

Abhi goes inside the party hall. He is surrounded by his fan and pose for selfies. They see Tanu coming and complements her beauty. Tanu acts to be popular and goes to Abhi and hugs him, thanking for coming. Abhi says you are looking beautiful. Aaliya hugs Tanu and says she will take care of Abhi. She tells Abhi, did you see her? Abhi says yes…Aaliya says I am talking about Tanu. She was looking beautiful and hugged you. Abhi says she was not that much happy. Aaliya says she was shy too. Abhi says I couldn’t see. Aaliya says she is staring at you. She forces him to listen to his heart. Abhi says there is nothing going on in my mind. Aaliya asks him to drink so that he understands his feelings and take it out. Abhi says I am not drinking for first time. Aaliya makes him drink so that Tanu can trap him. Pragya thinks something is wrong and senses something fishy. She thinks to wait outside till Abhi comes out. She gets Sarla’s call and asks if you are fine….and did you get job? Pragya says she is fine and got job too. Sarla asks where are you? Pragya says today is the first day, and I came to party with boss. She asks her not to worry. Sarla asks her to come fast.

Pragya thinks she can’t go leaving Abhi there. Abhi drinks more wine. Tanu stares him while dancing. Aaliya tells Abhi that you are looking at Tanu for the 78th time. Abhi says I am observing her and says she is shy (don’t know how he figured it out when she is dancing shamelessly). Aaliya makes him drink more. Tanu comes to Abhi, calls his name and asks him to dance with her. Pragya thinks to check once, then thinks Abhi will get angry and scold me if he sees me. She thinks to see him from far.

Tanu takes Abhi to dance floor while he is fully drunk. Aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke song plays………..She hugs him and dances trapping him, while Aaliya records their sensual forced dance. Pragya looks at them and is shocked. Tanu touches him with a bad touch. Aaliya smirks at her victory. Abhi tries to go, but Tanu holds his hand. Abhi says my head is shaking, it seems I am drunk fully. Tanu makes him slip on her intentionally while Aaliya records them. Abhi asks where is Aaliya? He says I am not feeling well, take me home. Aaliya says okay, let me call the guards. She asks guards to take him to car and asks driver to take him home. Pragya gets jealous, thinks why I am thinking about him. I should have gone home. She sees guards taking him outside. She asks what happened to him. Guard says he is not in his senses, we have to take him to car. They make him sit in car. Pragya says she will handle him. Abhi sees her and says Miss. Hawa Hawaii/Nikita. He asks her to keep small name. Pragya asks why do you drink when you couldn’t handle. Tanu and Aaliya boast about their plans. Aaliya says Abhi is trapped by you now, and asks her to maintain trapping him. Tanu says she has started plan B too.