Monday Update on Twist of Fate 3rd December

Pragya asks do you know horse riding. Abhi says human can do anything in matters of his life and death. They come out of fire. Damru and other goons try to set off the fire throwing water. Abhi and Pragya reach horse stable. Pragya says she will free horses, atleast they will be safe. Abhi recalls and tells her that he once shot for an adv on the horse. He asks her to sit behind him. Pragya says she is feeling as if she is seated behind Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Abhi says he will take her safely.

Nikhil asks Damru to put water or sand on that side as there is much fire there. Damru says let the fire be on. Nikhil slaps him and says if fire continues, then fire brigade will come. He asks the other goons to set off the fire. Aaliya asks Nikhil to tell them to save her brother. Nikhil asks her to save herself first. Abhi is riding the horse. Aaliya sees him and tells Nikhil. Nikhil asks goons to catch them. Aaliya thinks why they are not leaving and doing time as Abhi makes round there itself on the horse. He finally escapes with Pragya. All the goons sit down lost. Damru says we couldn’t catch the rockstar. Nikhil says horse runs faster than donkeys, and says I saw you jumping like monkeys. He scold them to bringing horse there, and asks them to freshen up and catch them. He says if you return empty hand this time then forget your family.

Contract killer calls Nikhil and asks from where to come. Nikhil asks him to come near the smoke and says he is there. Contract killer sees Abhi and Pragya on the horse. Nikhil tells Damru that Contract killer will tell them what to do.

Dushyant, the contract killer coming to Nikhil and asks where is that girl. Nikhil says they have eloped. Aaliya asks him to kill just the girl else she will not spare him. Dushyant says he came here on Nikhil’s insistence, and asks her not to warn him else he can kill her without using bullet. Nikhil thinks it is good that Dushyant is threatening her. Dushyant asks Nikhil when did they elope. Nikhil says they ran on the horse sometime back. Dushyant says he saw them going on horse. Nikhil asks why didn’t you catch them. Dushyant says I was asking you to send her pic, but you didn’t send. He says a girl escaped from my clutch first in my 10 years of experience. Abhi is driving the horse and thinks how to stop horse. He tells her that when he shot the ad, someone told that
he is looking like a raja, and says he will teach her and asks her to pull the belt. She pulls the belt and they fall down in the jungle.

Abhi and Pragya argue with each other. Pragya says that the horse saved us and made us come here. Dadi, Beeji, Sarla and Purab are in the jungle and see the fire. Purab says if Abhi and Pragya are there so that someone reach for their help. Sarla says we shall go there. Abhi and Pragya are walking in the jungle and argues deciding about which way to go. Pragya says we have no walkie talkie, atleast we would have known where are the goons.

Aaliya thinks this Dushyant is looking dangerous and not like other goons. Dushyant makes plan to catch Abhi and Pragya. He asks goons to separate and go in two sides. He asks Nikhil to keep Aaliya with him and contact him on phone. Nikhil thinks Dushyant will do his work and says he couldn’t get into army and that’s why taken this route to kill people. Tanu gains consciousness and come out. Dasi and Janki are coming there. She again comes back to bed and pretends to sleep. Dasi and Janki come and talk about her. They think to take a quick nap. Janki says she is thinking to kill her. Tanu gets up and pushes Janki and locks them in the room. Abhi and Pragya argue. Pragya says we would have reached by now. They see a car and look for keys, but couldn’t be found. Pragya asks him to walk.

Tanu calls Aaliya and asks what is happening there. Aaliya tells her that Abhi and Pragya have escaped from Nikhil’s clutches. Tanu asks her to give call to Nikhil. Nikhil thinks she will scold him. Tanu says she don’t care about Abhi and tells that her life is ruined because of them. She blames him for leaving on mandap twice and asks Nikhil not to refuse her if he ever loved her and asks him to kill both of them. Nikhil is shocked. Tanu says I don’t want to see them and says you shall not let Aaliya know that I asked you to kill them both. Aaliya thinks Tanu is taking his class. Nikhil asks Tanu not to worry about Aaliya and says he will kill them both and Aaliya will not know about their death. Tanu says I will wait for your call when you give me good news of their death. Nikhl says ok.

Abhi and Pragya’s conversation. Purab, Beeji, Janki and Dadi come to the kidnappers’ place. They get Abhi’s mobile and Pragya’s handkerchief. They wonder where are they and think goons must have shifted them to some other place. Sarla cries and worries for them. Dadi is also worried. Purab says until they are together, nothing will happen to them. Dadi prays for them. Abhi gets closer to Pragya in car. Pragya asks what you are doing? He makes the seat move back and asks her to sleep. Pragya asks him to sleep too. He says goodnight. She wakes up as she recalls Abhi about to kiss her. Abhi says lets complete that work. Pragya says lets sleep for now. Abhi says that time, there was fire around us, but now rain is everywhere. Damru and his goons are searching Abhi and Pragya.
He sees Abhi and Pragya in ca and informs the goons.

Pragya says rain stopped. Abhi says so what, but weather is good even now. The goons come near them. Damru asks Abhi to come out. Abhi tells Pragya that he will not let them touch her. Pragya says my heart is shaken. Abhi asks her not to worry. Damru asks his goons to break the windows. Abhi asks Pragya to sit in car and says I will beat them. Pragya says I will also come out with you. Abhi says I will handle them alone, and asks her to sit. Pragya says you are stuck because of me and says we both will get down. Damru asks them to come out and sees his gun empty. He says now I have to call commander and asks him what to do.

Aaliya thinks don’t know if his goons caught them or not. Damru makes a conference call and says they are inside the car and have locked it. Nikhil hears silently and thinks he can’t give him idea as Aaliya is here. Contract killer asks Damru to get petrol from his car and burns them alive. Nikhil thinks what an idea. Damru says I will do work, but if the fire will increase in rains. Contract killer says petrol catches fire even in water. Aaliya asks Nikhil with whom he was talking to? Nikhil says they forgot the way and that’s why called. Aaliya asks him not to be smart else she will call more sharp contract killer to kill him. Nikhil asks her to wait until next call comes.