Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 31st December 2018

Purab telling that Disha brought kheer for them from her pehli rasoi. They tease Purab and Disha. Dasi teases Purab and asks about first night. Munni says they will keep bhog in temple first. Disha serves kheer to everyone. Aaliya gets irritated. Disha asks her to have it. Aaliya ignores her and goes. Tanu says she will taste. Munni pretends to scold Disha and then says it is tasty. Purab says you took disha’s life. Mitali asks Disha what magic did she did on him. Purab says they were so tired that they slept early. Abhi says they will make arrangements for their first night. Kheer spills on Disha’s clothes. She comes to Aaliya and asks which bathroom to use. Aaliya talks to her rudely and thinks this is good chance to take revenge. She asks her to come and says she
will show her way. She shows bathroom to Disha. Disha goes inside bathroom. Aaliya locks the bathroom and thinks to kill her by sending poisonous gas inside. Pragya comes to Doctor’s friend house.

Doctor says you returned and asks about her meeting with her husband. Pragya is silent. Doctor asks did you meet him or not. Pragya says he went far from me, I couldn’t reach me. Doctor asks where did he go? Pragya says our love, relation and everything ended. He couldn’t wait for me and did last rites of our relation. She cries. Doctor sympathizes with her. Pragya says he didn’t see me, I didn’t have the courage to go to him seeing him with someone else. She says he got married to someone. She says he didn’t think about me once.

Munni asks where is Disha. Purab says I will check. Disha is still cleaning her dress. Aaliya goes back side of bathroom and thinks to kill Disha. She puts poisonous gas pipe in the bathroom through window. Disha’s faints and falls down. Purab searches for Disha and asks Tanu where is she? Tanu asks him to search himself.

Pragya tells Doctor that her everything is snatched. She asks her to take her to her city back and says she will work in her clinic. Doctor says she will take her back and says she will arrange tickets for them. Tanu comes to room. Aaliya tells her that she will kill Disha. Tanu slaps her and tells that if anything happens to Disha then everyone will suspect her. She says if we leave from here, then you will not get Purab. Aaliya calls her selfish to think about herself. Tanu asks her to maintain their image. Aaliya says she can’t see him with Disha. She says she couldn’t bear when Abhi told that they will arrange his wedding night. She says how do you want me to digest this, I can’t bear this. She says I won’t let this suhaag raat happen, I will die, but just can’t let it happen.

Pragya recalls Abhi thanking Munni and thinks why can’t he wait for me. She asks why did you do this with me.

Disha knocking on the bathroom door. Purab hears the sound and comes there, he opens the door. Disha cries and tells him that she was locked inside and has phobia to get scared if locked inside. He asks her to relax. She hugs him. Le Jaye song plays…..Disha says sorry. Pragya thinks to go away far away from Abhi, but thinks to meet Sarla once and make her understand why she is going back. She sees someone’s wedding and recalls her own. Song plays…She reminisces the moments between them, Abhi giving her promise that he will protect her, her pain is his and his happiness is hers. Pragya thinks she can’t go like this and shall question him why did he marry again. She thinks until I have this mangalsutra nobody can separate us, not even you. Disha wins the ring finding
game. Mitali says even though I won, but Raj rules. Abhi asks all of them to get ready and come to temple. Purab says they will go home. Abhi says you are part of family. Purab says what I will do there.

Abhi insists him to come. Dadi and Dasi ask her to come. Disha asks Purab to come. Purab agrees. They all leave. Aaliya and Tanu are at home. Abhi asks Munni to sit with him in car. Munni says she will sit with Dadi and Dasi. Abhi asks them to send her. Pragya thinks to question Abhi infront of his new wife. Disha asks Munni to sit and covers her head with dupatta. They all sit in car. Pragya sees them leaving and thinks to meet Abhi somehow, and thinks he has to answer and give my rights to me. She thinks how to meet him and asks Auto driver to follow the car. She is following him in auto, but suddenly misses car. She gets down and wonders where did they go?

Abhi and his family reach temple. Dasi asks Munni to cover her head and face and sit for puja. Dadi also says the same. Pragya comes to temple, sees cars and thinks it seems they have come here. Dadi says her mannat is fulfilled as Purab and Disha got married too. Taya ji asks what we will do after this. Mitali says we will have picnic. Pragya thinks to questions everyone, how they can forget her. She comes inside the temple and asks him to stop it. Abhi is shocked and gets up. Everyone is shocked to see Pragya, as Munni was seated beside Abhi.

Pragya says I don’t know you are surprised or shocked seeing me. She says she wants answer from Dadi first. She says you brought me home as your bahu. You didn’t have hope that I will return. She asks how can you belief that I am dead. Why didn’t you believe that I will return. Dadi says Pragya you are here. Pragya asks how can you get my husband remarried without doing my tervi and says everyone betrayed me. Someone broke up with me and says you all have broken my family. When I opened my eyes, I was happy to come back here and meet you all, but when I come there, I thought why did I get fine. Abhi is shocked.

Pragya telling Abhi that when she woke up, she was happy to meet them. Now after seeing this, she felt that she would have died then also, atleast she would have become his bride in next birth. She asks Dadi how can she let abhi remarry and asks if she wanted her to die. She then questions Purab for letting Abhi marry, and says you being my brother should have stopped him and protected my sindoor. She asks if everyone wanted her to die. She says nobody have answers. He forgot the promise given to me, but why you people were so eager to get him married. You made fun of my life and death that you can’t wait for 2 mins. She questions Abhi why he didn’t think about his promise and forgot her so easily. She asks if her love was one sided. She says we both love each other,
but why only I give the test. She says truth is that you got married although I am married. She says you would have thought that I will return, don’t you trust your fuggi, it would have been good if your memory haven’t returned. I have given many sacrifices for you. It turns out to be Pragya’s dream. A lady asks her to be careful while walking.

Aaliya and Tanu are in house. Tanu says if Munni went to do mannat to make her lifestyle permanent. They think to go and check. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi doing puja with Munni. Munni thinks she can’t betray him. Pragya thinks how can he do this with me. Dadi asks Pandit ji to pray for Abhi. Pandit ji tells about wife protecting her husband. Munni thinks this is happening as Pragya is not here. Pragya thinks he gave my rights to someone and forgotten me. She thinks it is enough and decides to question him. Pandit ji asks Munni to tie Mouli on his hand. Abhi lifts Munni’s ghunghat. Pragya is shocked to see her lookalike and thinks Abhi didn’t betray me, but this girl. Pandit ji asks them to take elders’ blessings.READ TUESDAY> 1ST JAN ON TWIST OF FATE