Monday Update on Twist of Fate 28 September 2020


Monday Update on Twist of Fate 28 September 2020

Monday Update on Twist of Fate 28 September 2020: Tanu makes plan to buy a house. Aaliya says deal is not done till now, as we can’t get money until we steal the CD. Tanu says I am not coming with you and asks her to go and steal the CD. Aaliya says she will go alone. Tanu says Abhi is possessive about her pregnancy and tells if anything happens to baby then he will not bear it.

Taya ji asks mitali to make food. Mitali says she has kept fast and couldn’t even stand on her feet. Taya ji says everyone is unique in this house. Abhi comes. Dasi tells we didn’t have anything. Tai ji says I didn’t have fruits. Mitali says I didn’t have anything. Abhi says we will have pizza. Taya ji asks who will give money? Abhi asks him not to worry when he is there and orders Pizza with extra cheese. Abhi says it is fun to eat Pizza with someone else money. He orders it on Pragya’s name. They eat the Pizza and enjoy its taste. The delivery boy asks Abhi to pay the money. Abhi asks him to take money from the person who has ordered it. The delivery boy tells that the woman refused to pay for Pizza. Pragya comes and says she didn’t order any Pizza. She sees her family having Pizza and asks Abhi to return all Pizza box. Abhi returns the empty box. He calls her lady mogambo and she gets irked. Abhi teases her. Pragya says okay, so this party is from your side. I will cut money from your pocket money and says this penalty is for breaking my system and discipline. She pays the money and asks the delivery man to get the order checked with her before delivering the pizza. Abhi gets angry.

Tanu thinks Abhi has forgetton that she is pregnant and thinks to keep him away from Pragya. She thinks Abhi couldn’t forget Abhi till now and acts to get pain. Abhi says I will call doctor now. Tanu says no. Pragya looks at them. Abhi talks to the baby and asks if he/she needs anything. He talks to the baby and says if he wants to come out. Tanu asks him to take her in his arms. Abhi looks at Pragya and lifts her. Pragya thinks this is not right and thinks abhi is getting attached to baby. She thinks to find out about Tanu’s baby father. She thinks she didn’t see Tanu with any man before, and therefore thinks it is difficult to find out about her baby’s father. Abhi sees Pragya tensed and asks if she is jealous. Pragya says I am not jealous, but have sympathy towards her. She says I don’t know why she wants to marry you, and allowed you to stay with someone else. She gets closer and says she doesn’t care where you are? Abhi gets uncomfortable while she gets closer to him. Abhi says sometimes I feel that the baby is yours or not. She asks how do you feel when you come to know that the baby is not yours.

Abhi twists her hand and says it is a limit now. He says if you tell anything about this matter, then I will not spare you. He says fuggi said that this baby is our love child, and says fuggi asked him to take care of baby. She also asked to love baby and gives him happiness. A flashback is shown, Pragya asking Abhi to love and keep baby happy. He asks Pragya to keep away from his fuggi and baby. He says if you do this again then I will not be able to control myself. He says Tanu loves me and don’t betray me. He says even if you surrender yourself then only I will not touch you. I let you stay in this room, to make you know that tigress can snatch tiger’s place but the tiger remains the king of his place. Pragya thinks how to make you understand, and thinks he will not trust her. Aaliya tells Tanu that she is going and asks her not to tell anyone. Raj comes and says he has an idea. Aaliya says now she has to go. Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks Abhi has grown fondness for the baby. She thinks I can’t let this happen. She kisses Abhi while he is sleeping. Pragya thinks to expose Tanu’s truth soon.  Bulbul bringing Mamaji after his makeover. Pragya and Dadi get stunned with his makeover. Mama ji says he is Mangal singh. Bulbul asks her to call Aaliya. Pragya calls Aaliya and asks her to come to New Era hotel. Aaliya tells I can’t come there as many people know me there. Pragya says I have convinced my boss to meet you with much difficulty. Aaliya says she will meet him near her house and fixes meeting for 8:30 pm. Pragya says I will talk to him. Pragya, Dadi and Bulbul get happy. Aaliya tells Dadi that she made delicious food. Abhi says it is good. Aaliya asks Pragya to come and have food. Abhi says if she have food, then atleast she won’t drink our blood. Aaliya asks Ronnie to serve Pragya. Everyone have food and likes it. Taiji asks Dadi to get Aaliya married. Abhi coughs and Pragya gets up being concerned. Dadi gets up and asks what happened? Abhi tells I know why I did get a cough, as someone bad eye fell on me. Payal cries and hugs Ronnie. Ronnie thinks if I am seeing a dream?

Payal says she is very sad and thinks she did a mistake by doing job here. She tells she has many responsibilities and asks how she will get her mum treated. Ronnie says I will give you money. Payal says I can’t take money from you. Ronnie insists and gives her 1000 Rs. Payal tells I need 5000 Rs. Ronnie gives her 5000 and more. Payal says how you will manage now? Ronnie says it is your boss money. Payal gives him 10 Rs. and asks to drink tea. Abhi comes. Payal gives him money. Abhi says good, I got more money. Ronnie tells Pragya that Payal has looted him. Abhi and Pragya argue. Pragya calls her mad, and says whoever works for free is mad. She says you are fool and I made you fool. They argue and start fighting. Payal asks him to leave her else she will file case against him. Pragya says I will cut your pocket money. Abhi says I will make you leave this house. They argue. Ronnie tells Payal that he will settle scores with her.

Bulbul knocks on the washroom asking Mama ji to come out. Mama ji comes out and tells her that he has a bad stomach. Dadi comes. Bulbul tells Dadi that Mama ji has a upset stomach and is in bathroom. They get tensed. Bulbul asks Dadi to sit and attends Purab’s call. She tells she is busy. Purab asks where are you? Bulbul says I will meet you tomorrow and disconnects the call. Purab thinks what to do now. He gets Abhi’s call. Abhi says we shall have party. He says he managed to get money from Pragya and asks him to meet. Purab calls Bulbul again and says he is going out for party asking her not to disturb him. Bulbul says okay and disconnects the call. Pragya thinks Dadi and Bulbul might be waiting for her. Abhi comes out of washroom. Pragya sees him and asks why she didn’t hear any noise. Abhi says he is going out. Pragya says it is good as she has some important work to do. Abhi says he is superstar, rockstar Abhi, and asks her to do Yoga. He sprays something on her and says he is going so she shall enjoy. Pragya thinks it is good that he went. Abhi sees Aaliya going in a hurry. Aaliya tells her car tyre is punctured and she has to go somewhere. Pragya hears her. Abhi offers to drop Aaliya. While in car, Pragya asks Abhi to drive fast. Abhi argues with her. Aaliya shows the way and tells about the hotel. Pragya thinks Aaliya needs to go in the evening, then why she is going now. She thinks Aaliya might be cross checking the place. She wonders what to do.

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