Monday Update on Twist of Fate 27 July 2020(Abhi & Pragya lost in a jungle)


Monday Update on Twist of Fate 27 July 2020(Abhi & Pragya lost in a jungle)

Abhi coming on his bike with Pragya as pillion rider in front of Neil and his goons. He tells Neil to get tigers instead of dogs next time. Neil asks his goons to catch him. He drives bike and creates havoc.

Ugly minded Aaliya tells her filthy puppet that Daadi’s favorite bahu is dead and her road is clear to marry Abhi now. Tanu gets happy. Aaliya says, but her road is not clear yet as Bulbul is still alive and is behind Purab. She asks him not to worry, she will find out some way.

Abhi escapes in his bike while Neil and his goons chase him in jeep and bikes. They catch him, but Abhi escapes again.

Suresh is riding his scooter. Purab stops him and asks why did he stop his happiness. Suresh asks to be specific. Purab says he has kidnapped Pragya. Suresh is surprised to hear that and says he thought he is very intelligent, but he is behaving like Abhi’s friend. Purab says he loves Bulbul and came to kidnap her, but kidnapped Pragya by mistake. Suresh says he loves Bulbul, but his happiness is in her happiness, he knows she loves him, so he will not separate them. He says he loves Bulbul since many years ago, but never proposed her till now and when he saw her loving Purab, he backed off. His way of expressing his love is wrong, but not his intentions. Purab feels guilty and says he does not know what to do now.

Abhi’s bike’s petrol finishes. Pragya asks what to do now. He jokes to sit on him like a betaal, he will fly with her. He drags her and runs from there. Neil and his goon see bike on floor and Neil asks his goons to find Abhi and Pragya at any cost, else he will kill them all.

Bulbul reaches home. Sarla asks if Pragya came with her. Bulbul asks not to get angry on her and says kidnappers wanted to kidnap her, but kidnapped Pragya by mistake. She tells how she got a call by kidnapper to come and rescue Pragya in exchange of herself, but Abhi going to rescue Pragya after giving her sleeping pills. She says she does not know who the kidnappers are and why they wanted to kidnap or her Pragya. Sarla hugs her.

Abhi runs into jungle between bushes while goons search them in whole jungle.

Sarla consoles bulbul and says she knows she is not at mistake and even she used to think she is reason for Pragya’s problems, but Pragya’s faith is ill and she herself gets into problem, says god will set everything right.

Abhi gets tired walking in jungle till night and says Pragya they should stay here. He says Pragya’s face and says he is feeling hungry seeing her. She asks what else he guessed about her. He asks what does she mean. She asks where will they get food in jungle. He says he is a tiger and will find his prey and walks alone. She asks him to stop.

Neil and his goons get tired searching Abhi and Pragya. One of them says he is very hungry and cannot walk more without food. Neil sends him to get food. He gets food after some time. Abhi and Pragya reach there and hide gain. Abhi comes to steal food packet from Neil. Pragya thinks why is he risking his life again. Neil gets an SMS and he gets busy and walks out. Abhi steals packet and runs. Neil comes back and does not find packet. He scolds his goons for stealing his food. Goon says none of us woke up. Neil asks where did food go then. Goon offers his food. Neil takes everyone’s food and eats himself.

Pragya scolds Abhi for risking his life for food. He asks if she would have done her magic to get food. He says he risked his life to get her food, but she is yelling at him instead. She says sorry. He asks only sorry. She says very sorry, really sorry. He asks her to do sit ups. She tries, he asks her to sit, else she will not run and will complain him. She looks at him. He asks him to stop staring at him. They both hear tiger roaring and he says it is coming from his stomach. She says he ate now, then why sound is coming. He then says it is not his stomach sound. She gets afraid thinking it is tiger. He asks her to go alone and check. She says if she goes, he will be alone. He says they both will go and check. They then walk afraidly. Their jungle drama continues. He says he will sleep in her lap and she should be awake, she happily agrees.

Sarla continues her weeping. Servant says neighbour is insisting to attend his daughter’s marriage. Sarla scolds her that her daughter is kidnapped, but she is worried about neighbour’s marriage, warns that nobody will go anywhere until Pragya and Abhi are found.

In the morning Abhi wakes up and finds himself under tree leaves. He calls Fuggi and finds her also under tree leaves. She is sound asleep and asks him to prepare coffee her also. He pours leaves on her and she wakes up. He asks which coffee she needs. She says she does not. He asks if she needs cookies also. They hear Neil’s goon shouting Abhi’s name and asking to come out. Neil asks goon if Abhi will come out like a kid and asks to silently search. Abhi and Pragya start running again. Pragya gets tired. He picks her up and runs.

Neil getting tired searching Abhi and Pragya and asking his goons to continue searching while he rests. Abhi and Pragya also rest under a tree. Tere haath me mera haath ho….song… plays in the background.

Purab meets commissioner and asks to do something as kidnappers are 2 steps ahead of his team. Commissioner says he is trying his best. Aaliya on the other side tells her puppet Tanu that she will not spare Bulbul.

Abhi sees car’s light and road and happily tells Pragya they have found a way and will reach home soon.

In the morning, Janaki prepares food. Daadi says when no one is hungry, why did she prepare food. Janaki say she knows that, but is preparing food for Pragya as she knows she will come back. Door opens, Sarla gets happy thinking Pragya must have come,but Suresh comes, gives her kumkum bhagya’s papers and says she has won the case and he was tracking every case hearing. Sarla says Pragya would have been very happy seeing papers, but she is not here.

Abhi and Pragya walks till road. They then hide seeing kidnappers. Once they leave, he comes back on road and says he is rockstar Abhi and will get lift easily. As soon as he sees cars, he shouts that he is rockstar Abhi, but nobody stops. Once again, it is night. They continue walking and see a dhaba. Pragya says they can take a help from there and takes Abhi there. Dhaba owner speaks only in Marathi. Abhi jokes with him and asks to speak in Hindi or English. He gets angry. Pragya interfers and speaks to owner in Marathi. She asks distance between mumbai and this place. He says 70-80 km and they will not get bus till morning. Abhi yells what will they do now and says he wants to speak to daadi. Owner speaks in English and says he has to pay money. Abhi gets irked and asks when he knows hindi, why did not he speak. Pragya again interferes. Abhi says he is rockstar Abhi. Dhabewala jokes then he is SRK, his man jokes that he is salman khan. Pragya again interferes and says he is Abhi’s fans and thinks himself as Abhi rockstar. Abhi asks why did she lie. She says to get transport, they have to lie and asks to get money. He checks his pockets and does not find money. she goes in to get mobile. Abhi sees someone eating food and stares at him. Man offers food. Abhi takes whole food.

Pragya brings mobile and says if he had requested, owner would have given it to him. Abhi calls Dadi who is very tensed. Dadi gets happy hearing his voice and asks how is he and Pragya. He says both of them are fine and he will come soon once he finds a transport.

Holi team comes to collect donation from Pragya, but she sends them off without giving donation. She then cries it is Pragya’s first holi and she is missing. Daadi calls her and asks to come home right now. Sarla asks if everything is alright. Daadi asks to come first. Sarla gets worried.

Abhi and Pragya’s khitpit starts. He asks if she can get tea. She gets it. He says he was craving for tea. He gives her hi-fi. He then looks at sky and asks why don’t they see stars in Mumbai and hide. She says it is because of love and their discussion continues.

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