Monday Update on Twist of Fate 14 September 2020


Monday Update on Twist of Fate 14 September 2020

Pragya walking on the road and tells that she will not let anything happen to her Kumkum. She thinks about Aaliya’s words and thinks Purab will be framed. She thinks of Tanu’s words about the father of her child. Abhi feels that something wrong has happened. He says please Pragya come to me and I will not let you go. Pragya meets with an accident from Arjun and Purvi’s (of Pavitra Rishta) car.

People gathers around her. Arjun takes her in his car to the hospital. Abhi thinks Pragya is fine and will come to him, just as she came to music concert. Abhi looks at a tea stall and stops his car. He gets down and asks the tea shop owner to make tea for him. Some guys come there and identifies Abhi as Rockstar. Purvi asks Arjun to drive fast. Arjun stops his car and asks Abhi about the address of the hospital. Abhi tells him address. He stops the car and tells that the dupatta is out. He opens the door to move the dupatta, but didn’t see her face. The People standing on the accident spot identifies Pragya to be Abhi’s wife. Abhi comes home and calls Dadi. Dadi is not at home. Abhi thinks where is Pragya then. Tanu asks why you are tensed? Abhi says nothing.

Purvi tells Arjun that the woman is holding mangalsutra in her hand. She blames herself for doing the accident mistakely. Abhi goes to room, Tanu follows him. Abhi calls Robin. Tanu asks what do you want? Abhi asks her to do her work. Tanu asks did Pragya tell anything? Abhi tells her that he went to her house to give wedding card.

Tanu thinks Pragya is behind his tension. He says Sarla told that she is proud of her daughter. Tanu is irked and not thankful. She says she is feeling bad for pragya. She says Pragya wants them to be together for baby, who is his. She offers to massage his head. Abhi refuses. He recalls Pragya massaging his head and a flashback is shown. Abhi teases her if she was a massager before becoming a teacher. Pragya gets angry. Abhi makes her sit and massages his head. Pragya also says the same. Abhi says he is a professional massager. Pragya says she will proof that her massage is good. They argue. Tanu is massaging his head and thinks he is happy.

Pragya is rushed to hospital by Purvi and Arjun. Tanu thinks very soon she will take Pragya’s place in his life. Mitali comes and informs him that his fan came home. He told that Pragya went with an accident. Abhi rushes downstairs and asks the fan. The fan tells him about Pragya’s accident. Tanu wishes for Pragya’s death (how selfish). Doctor informs Arjun and Purvi that Pragya has a huge blood loss and asks them to sign on the papers so that they can go ahead with the operation. Arjun says this is ridiculous, a patient can die if we don’t sign. Abhi sees the traffic on road and takes a fan’s bike to reach hospital. Arjun and Purvi think how to contact Pragya’s family member, and is tensed about the hospital rule. Abhi is shown on the way to hospital.

Arjun and Purvi taking injured Pragya to the hospital. Arjun says he will not sign formality papers and will wait until lady’s family comes.

Abhi is seen driving bike and reminiscing his happier days with Pragya, their confession of love to each other, nok jhok, etc…

Purvi convinces Arjun to sign on hospital formality papers and he does.

Bulbul waits for Purab at his called place. Purab comes and tries to calm her down. He asks her to close her eyes while he gets gift from car and walks towards car.

Doctor comes and asks Arjun if he is Pragya’s husband. He gets nervous. Doc says he will not perform operation until husband signs it. Purvi says he is her husband. Nurse asks his name. he says Arjun Kirloskar. She asks his wife’s name. He says Purvi Kirloskar.

Abhi reaches hospital and fans surround him and not let go. Pragya is taken towards operation theater by nurse and Arjun/Purvi. Pragya hears fans chanting Abhi’s name and shakes her hands. She tightly holds her mangalsutra in her hand all the way. Abhi pushes fans and runs towards operation theater, but Pragya is already taken into OT.

Purab brings cake, teddy, flower, etc. for Bulbul and wishes her happy birthay. Bubul gets emotional. Their romance starts


Biji and Janaki watch TV serial very curiously and discuss that lady should get her husband back. Sarla sees that and thinks she is tensed that she is not getting back her daughters, but they are worried about other’s daughter. She switches off TV and tells Daadi she can watch repeat telecast tomorrow and asks if she knows where Bulbul went. Biji says Bulbul went to meet Purab. Sarla asks Janaki to serve food for 4 people as she will also call Purab. Once she leaves, Biji asks Janaki to switch on TV.

Abhi asks receptionist if a patient named Pragya Mehra or Arora is admitted. Receptionist says no. Purvi tells Arjun that lady’s husband and family must be worried for her. Arjun says he knows how it feels when dear ones are separated. Nurse comes and asks Purvi who is she. She says she is a family friend. Nurse gives hospital bill and asks Arjun to clear it. Purvi says she is proud to see him helping others and says they should not sit closer now, else doc will object. He says hospital has weird rules, he cannot sit even with his own house.

Purab gifts necklace to Bulbul, and she asks if he selected it. He jokes that he took sales girl’s help. She gets angry and says he should have gifted necklace to that girl instead of her. He says he was just joking and asks why is she looking so tensed. She says after didi’s marriage breakup, she is worried that even their relationship will break. He says they will not separate in this life. She continues that the events happened like abhi betraying Pragya and Aaliya hitting her head frightens her. He says he will not go away from her and will be always with her. They both hug each other emotionally. Sarla comes searching them and gets happy seeing their love. Bulbul separates seeing her. Sarla says she told her that her true love will not leave her alone. Bulbul hugs her also emotionally.

Junior doc sees Abhi and asks if he is rockstar Abhi. Abhi nods yes. Doc says there is a lady in ICU whose husband is waiting outside. Abhi asks him to take him to ICU. Doc asks him to follow him.

Raj reaches home. Mitali sees him and gets happy. She says they will have food and then go for a walk. He says he came back with a big motto and don’t have time for all this. She starts yelling that he has changed and she will inform bunty and bablu that their dad has changed. He starts working on laptop and says she can tell anyone, he does not care.

Sarla brings Bulbul and Purab back home. Biji asks we is Pragya. Bulbul says she does not know and calls Pragya, but her phone is switched off. Sarla gets tensed and asks her to call Abhi. Purab calls, but even his phone is switched off. Sarla asks him to call daadi. He says daadi must be sleeping now and should not be disturbed. Sarla gets more worried. Purab says he will go to Abhi’s house with bulbul and find out where Pragya is. Bulbul asks Sarla not to worry and leaves with Purab.

Doc takes Abhi to ICU. Peon says lady is taken to operation theater. Doc asks who signed her consent form. He says her husband. Abhi asks doc to take him to operation theater.

Purab and Bulbul reach Abhi’s house and don’t find anyone. They call Abhi, Pragya, Robin, etc… Mitali walks from kitchen holding cake bowl, but hides bowl seeing them. She tells them that Abhi’s fan called him and informed that Pragya met with an accident. Purab asks which hospital she is in. She informs that fan told somewhere near Abhi’s office and abhi rushed towards hospital. They both also rush out.

Abhi peeps into OT, does not see Pragya’s face, but thinks it must be her. He reminisces Pragya’s love for him and their promises, their marriage pheras, her oil massaging his head, etc. Hamari adhuri kahani….song…plays in the background. He tells sister that he is lady’s husband. sister says lady’s husband is standing that side. He walks towards Arjun who thanks him for helping get his wife bring into hospital early. Arjun asks nurse how is his wife. She says she is being operated. He walks towards OT while Abhi walks away crying.

Purab calls inspector and says he did not file any complaint, but does not know which hospital Pragya is in. He then consoles Bulbul that Pragya must be fine. Bulbul starts crying that she did not want to inform didi about jiju and Tanu’s marriage, but she heard it and panicked. He asks her to calm down. Sarla calls her, but Purab asks her not to pick call until they find Pragya.

Arjun and Purvi come to dargah and see Abhi sitting on a nearby roadside tea stall and crying. Arjun says him hi and says he knows how it is to separate from dear ones and suggests him to pray god. Abhi nods no. Arjun says he must be an atheist and says only god can unite him with his loved one. He gives him some moral gyaan and asks him to be courageous in his tough time. Abhi reminisces Pragya praying god and he trying to stop her. She suggesting him to pray god by closing his eyes and with true mind. He jokes that god has to wake up and starts playing bell. Sarla and family also pray god for Pragya’s return soon.

Abhi walks towards dargha.pushing people on the way. Aaya tere dar par deewana…song…plays in the background. Arjun and Purvi drape flower chadar over shrine and stand aside. Abhi kneels in front of shrine wearing kerchief on his head and starts praying for Pragya’s life. Pragya’s is seen given debfibrillator shocks.. She finally drops mangalsutra from her hand. Abhi sees lamp blowing off and even sarla sees lamp blowing off and gets worried. Pragya’s vital sign monitor goes blank. Purab and Bulbul are seen in car..

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