Monday Update on Twist Of Fate 11 Feb

Pragya comes and asks what doctor said? Dasi says nothing important. Dadi tells that she wants to make Pragya as nominee to her will and says my heart is saying that this is pragya and not Munni. Dasi asks her to think again. Dadi asks her to call lawyer. Tanu hears them and thinks if Dadi makes her “will” then Pragya will get everything. Mitali asks if they heard them and says everything is gone for your hands. Tanu goes to room, but she is not there.

Aaliya asks Munni if she is trying to betray her. Munni says she needs time to replace Pragya. Aaliya gives her two days time. Munni pretends to feel weak. Aaliya brings juice for her. Munni thinks how to tell Pragya about their plan. Tanu comes there and tells about Dadi “will”. Munni thinks what to do now, thinks to call Pragya, but she is not having her number. Abhi thinks his life is ruined. Pragya comes there and thinks if I tell him about Dadi, he will get more tensed. She comes and sits on sofa. Abhi thinks she is happy with her win and thinks to go out. Pragya thinks he is angry because of yesterday. He sees her shirt button breaking and thinks he is getting late. Pragya says she will stitch button. Abhi agrees and asks her to stitch fast. Kacchi doriya plays….

Abhi gets closer to her and then says he is getting late and goes. Pragya thinks Purab will handle him. Aaliya tells Tanu you are a duffer to tell this infront of Munni. Munni thinks to call pragya from Tanu or Aaliya’s phone.

They think how to take Munni as Pragya. Tanu says she will ask her beautician to make Munni ready as Pragya. Munni tries to open the phone. Aaliya says what about Pragya’s clothes. Tanu says she will bring her clothes and searches for her phone. Munni keeps the phone on table. Aaliya gets the phone and gives to Tanu. Tanu says she will bring Pragya’s clothes. Munni decides to elope.

Abhi and Pragya get romantic. Allah Wariyan plays….. MORE UPDATE SOON