Monday Update on This is Fate 28th January 2019

Rakhi assures Sarla they will get Janki treated by the best of doctors. Bee ji says first they must initially wait as per doctor’s instructions, she thanks Rakhi for always helping them. Rakhi was obliged, she feels bad for Preeta to suffer so much on the day of her roka. Kareena stands up at once to leave and take rest, it’s already late. Rakhi asks Sarla to call her if there is any problem, even in the midst of the day. Rakhi hugs Preeta and calls her a very brave and courageous girl, she tried to put off the fire in kitchen. Sameer wishes Shrishti. Rakhi tells Sarla they will speak about a few more matters some other day. Karan turns to wish Preeta take care.
Outside the driver was late. Rakhi looks for Karan who soon joins them. Sherlin was waiting for Prithvi. Rishab sends everyone

with Karan, while he would arrive in another car. Sherlin was worried why Prithvi won’t reply to her messages, she makes up about forgetting her purse and goes inside.

Prithvi thinks about doctor’s word that Janki may wake up by tomorrow; Sherlin’s warning of attempt to murder case against them. He decides he won’t let it ever happen. He opens a window to find the grill, Sherlin comes from behind. Prithvi shuts the window and says he is preparing for tonight. They have time till tonight, he will murder Janki tonight. Sherlin wasn’t ready, as its risky to go inside; if caught they will die 100% for sure. Prithvi pins Sherlin to the wall and clutches her neck tightly, his hand shiver while he was apologetic about hurting her. Sherlin apologizes for calling his plan as wrong. Prithvi smiles that she realizes her mistake. He shares with her, the windows have a double lock. He needs to enter the house and open the locks. Sherlin was worried if she shares the risk with Prithvi, he will surely kill her this time. Prithvi again apologizes Sherlin and asks if she loves him? Sherlin says he is the most precious gift of her life. Prithvi thinks he is the real devil.
Preeta informs Sarla she called Kappu that Janki would be fine. She sends Shrishti to prepare Dadi’s room, while takes Sarla for a sleep. She watches a purse and remembers its Sherlin’s. Shrishti wasn’t ready to go give it to Sherlin. Preeta brings the purse outside to Rishab. Rishab tells Preeta Sherlin went inside to look for it. He asks if he needs telling Preeta to call him in time of any need. Preeta says she always calls him. Rishab smiles there is a connection between them for sure. Preeta says she was really afraid when they didn’t get up. Rishab says he is a fan of her smile only, and dislikes the tears. It was such a precious experience for him; she shouldn’t hold any guilt about the events today. He won’t have regretted if he had died in the fire today. Sherlin watches Rishab and Preeta speak to each other. She thanks Preeta for the purse and leaves with Rishab. Rishab thinks he got the courage to say, but if Preeta understood his feelings for her? Prithvi comes behind Preeta but Preeta says nothing and goes inside.
Sarla tells Bee ji to go and sleep for a while, but Bee ji was worried for Janki. Shrishti says Janki keeps the mood lighter at home. Prithvi comes inside with Preeta, and asks about Janki. Sarla explains they took her inside. He says he has sent his family home. Sarla complements she hasn’t mistaken to choose him for Preeta. Preeta asks him to go home, the day had been stressful. Prithvi requests a cup of tea as he has a little head ache. Preeta goes to prepare it. Prithvi thinks until he has tea he has to accomplish his mission, but first the ladies must leave him alone. He sends Shrishti to freshen up and takes Dadi to her room. Bee ji slips half way, Sarla takes Bee ji inside. Prithvi smirks and bends to pick up the keys from the floor.

At Luthra house, Karan was thinking about Preeta and utters Dumbo. Sameer and Rakhi turn around, Karan makes up it was for Sameer. Rakhi drags his ear for calling Sameer a Dumbo. Karan agrees. Rakhi kisses his forehead for agreeing and leaves. Sameer teases Karan but he wasn’t ready to be. He asks Sameer what he thinks about Sameer. Sameer says sometimes one gets so important in our life, we always mention that person. Karan negates it, and says he only got used to her because she is always around. Sameer asks why he is possessive about Preeta. Karan denies as she might marry anyone.
Prithvi smiles at Preeta thinking why they don’t leave him alone for a while. Preeta goes inside. Prithvi decides to take the keys then thinks he must only open a window. Shrishti comes out and asks Prithvi what he is doing? READ TUESDAY 29TH ON THIS IS FATE