Monday Update on This is Fate 21 January 2019

Rishab comes from behind coughing, Sherlin takes him inside afraid about Prithvi. Preeta sat upset about not finding a proof against Sherlin. Karan calms her down when they hear Sherlin and Rishab enter. Preeta panics that Sherlin would treat her badly now. Karan calms her down. Sherlin brings Rishab inside, she notices the room light was switched on and Prithvi was inside. She decide to go inside later to warn Prithvi not come out.
Prithvi wonders why Sherlin didn’t call him outside yet, and
was afraid if her mother has also come home. He fell down in the washroom and finally calls Sherlin.
Sherlin denies hearing the call but Rishab hears Prithvi. In the room, Karan forces Preeta to speak to Prithvi in voice of Sherlin and call him out of the washroom. Preeta was reluctant but finally speaks with Prithvi upon Karan’s insistence. Prithvi senses her voice was way too sweet to be Sherlin and asks her to tell his pet name.
Outside, Rishab was concerned about Sherlin’s safety about the voice. He insists upon looking into the room. Sherlin pretends getting a foot cramp and sends Rishab to get ice pack.
Prithvi suspects Preeta and asks her to calls his pet name then. Preeta was speechless. Sherlin enters the room then calling him as Punnu. Preeta and Karan were under the table. As they try to make a video of Prithvi, Preeta makes a noice. Both were alert. Sherlin whispers to Prithvi to leave right now so that no one gets a proof of them together. She sends Prithvi to washroom again and goes out on Rishab’s call.

Rishab had brought an ice pack for Sherlin. She makes up that she went to washroom. Preeta and Karan decide to go out and catch Sherlin red handed with her lover in front of Rishab. Prithvi was worried as Karan and Preeta head towards the washroom. Karan comes into the washroom but no one was there. He says they couldn’t find a proof, now they must go home before Sherlin proves them liars in front of Rishab.
Prithvi had climbed out of washroom window. He was curt of Preeta for teasing his Sherlin.
Karan and Preeta were walking past the corridor, leaving for home. They hide behind the wall as they watch Rishab and Sherlin in the hall. Preeta hits a vase that fell down on floor and breaks.

Rishab was conscious and goes to check where the vase had broken. No one was there. Rishab suggests about calling police, he was sure there is someone who isn’t coming to front because of him. Sherlin thinks about stopping Rishab. She suggests Rishab to first look around by themselves. She notices Rishab turn around another vase down and shouts there is a mouse at home. Rishab says he heard someone calling her. Sherlin assures no one is here. Sherlin holds Rishab’s hand and thanks him, she hugs Rishab for coming into her life. Rishab was reserved and tells her to go and take rest, while he himself takes a leave.
On the way, Preeta discuss with Karan even they are having a bad luck. Sherlin, her boyfriend and even Rishab was there but still they couldn’t get a proof. She says Sherlin

is such a characterless girl, she wonders someone could be as bad as Sherlin for Rishab. Karan stops the car. They discuss what can be the real name of a ‘Punnu’, Sherlin’s boyfriend must have a stylish nick name. Preeta still felt bad for Rishab, he can’t even see anything bad in anyone. Karan was determined to take a solid proof to him. Preeta now asks Karan to hurry up.
Sherlin comes to the room. Prithvi asks her to double check. He comes out furious over Sherlin to bring Rishab here. Sherlin explains to Prithvi about Kareena’s call and Rishab’s cough. She wonders who was under the table. Prithvi says it was Karan and Preeta. He thought he would handle them easily, but they are over smart. Sherlin was curt over Preeta and says she always ruins her plans. It’s because of Preeta that she couldn’t yet control Rishab, she gets hysteric and throws the things around. Prithvi calms her down. Sherlin says he is her destiny, she now realizes what the importance of his proposal with Preeta was. He must chain her into their new relation. She wanted to distract her but Preeta is still behind them. She panics again that Preeta will tell everyone at Luthra’s house.
Prithvi hugs Sherlin and says Preeta got Sherlin to trouble. Sherlin suggests him to limit her into their relation; these middle class girls take relations way too seriously. Prithvi hugs her and promises he will only give pain to Preeta. Earlier only Rishab was their target, but Preeta invited the trouble herself now.
Shrishti comes home. Janki congratulates her for the proposal. Shrishti tells them about a misunderstanding between Rakhi and Sarla about Sameer and herself. Sarla was furious and says Shrishti surely did something that Rakhi was suspicious. The three ladies laugh making fun of Shrishti as she was offensive. Preeta comes there saying it feels good to tease Shrishti as she always teases others. Sarla caresses the already upset Shrishti.

Sameer was in his room when he watches Shrishti stand with a cactus garland in hand running behind him. He fell off due to nightmare. Karan watches this, then asks who was in his dreams that make him fall. Else he would tell everyone at home about it. Sameer says it was Shrishti, there was a misunderstanding and they even searched for Preeta about it. Karan says Preeta was with him. Sameer asks why he is always stuck with Preeta whole day and even night. Karan denies. Sameer asks what if Karan turns that mission girl to life partner. Karan says she isn’t his type, the hot shot girls he like. There is nothing to like about her, but fell into her memories. Sameer tries to get his attention, but leaves him with a smirk. Karan turns to speak to him but he was no more in the room. Karan thinks there is surely something in his mind for Shrishti. He thinks he even needs to spy Prithvi, he poses to be super nice. A normal man can’t be so perfect, it seems he is lying.

Sarla was preparing for the lunch and sends Janki to wake Preeta and Shrishti. There is a door bell, and Prithvi and mother arrive. Sarla hurries to wake the girls up, Preeta was ready and wakes Shrishti by taking Sameer’s name. When the girls have joined, Prithvi’s mother says there Pandit agreed to the proposal at once but wants them to conduct at least one function. She suggests about roka tomorrow. Sarla agrees. Prithvi was lost in thoughts about last night, he was determined to fill her life with troubles as per Sherlin’s wish. Shrishti brings the tea which spills over Prithvi’s hand. Sarla was apologetic and scolds Shrishti for being careless. Prithvi takes the responsibility for it as he was lost in future planning. Preeta takes him to washroom.
In the washroom, Prithvi thinks
the smile at Preeta’s face would soon vanish. He tells Preeta to focus on her wedding preparations now and forget about the rest. Preeta agrees, except for one thing that’s important. Prithvi asks about it, but Preeta says it’s about a patient’s knee problem. Prithvi was sure he will win Preeta’s heart soon, then she will discuss all her plans with him and he will spy them to Sherlin. After they have left, everyone at Preeta’s house congratulate each other. Sarla thinks about calling Luthra’s.