Monday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 19th

Monday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 19th

Jai is missing Bani.. Rano tries to comfort him. She says to Jai that if somebody is attached to something dearly, then even after death you can feel the presence of that person .. she asks Jai if he is upset cause Meera felt Bani’s presence and not him. Jai smiles ( he looks cute… ) and tells her its not like that. he tells her that Bani is with him everywhere and all the time. Bani never leaves him .. whenever he closes his eyes, Bani is there in front of him. Ganga calls them and Rano tells Jai that today Ganga made lunch for everyone ( how sweet .. ).. Pronita overhears the conversation and is touched.

At the table, Adi thanks Ganga for preparing the lunch. Rishi calls his mother and checks for his medical insurance says that he just wanted to be sure ince he is eating food made by Ganga .. .. Vicky jokes that he does not even have mediclaim ..

Pritush is thinking abt Shonali and is wondering where she has gone. Ganga says that she should have started doing the chores in the house long time back but papa never allowed her to work. So even if the food is not good, they can say that the daughter of the house fed them at least once.. Jai jokes to Adi and says ohh God.. my daughter has grown up .. he says if i had known this was going to happen, then I would have married you long time ago .

Rishi asks Vicky why Shonali isint here.. she even skipped breakfast. Vicky tells him that she is upset about last night. Pritush says to himself that I know what she is upset about. He leaves the table. Rishi calls her up and tells him that Pritush is on the way. Shonali and baba are having a conversation.. she tells baba that she wants to leave. baba is trying to tell her not to go. pritush overhears them. He asks Shonali why she wants to leave. Shonali tells him to leave from there before Ganga sees them together and creates a scene. Pritush assures her that it make no difference to him what Ganga thinks. He wants to know why she is leaving. She insists that she cannot tell him the reason. He tells her that he is marrying Ganga but he is not her slave and he will do as he feels and right now, he wants to spend time with her. she leaves.

Adi is praising Ganga’s food. Pritush comes back at the table. Rishi and Pronita talk abt Shonali and Pritush. Ganga tells Pritush that even if you think I am being over possissive about you. but I dont like when you are with Shonali. she thinks that her intentions are not good. Shonali walks off..

there is a gift for Meera saying “To Meera .. for someone special” she opens it to see the shoes. she remembers the scene where Bani finds out abt her wearning two different sizes shoes. She thinks that when Bani found out, I killed her. I stopped wearing different size shoes after that cause even Jai knows that the killer of Krishna-Atharva wear different size shoes. bani is dead, Jai dosent know abt me, then who else know abt this … she decides to dispose off the sandles.

Pronita and baba are happy to see the success of their plan. Pronita says that Meera does not know what is in store for her. She is enjoyin it a lot. Meera burries the sandles and says that no one will be able to find out about them. and she also thinks that with the sandles she also burried the 16 yr old raaz..( silly woman.. ) Meera walks back to the house and finds a similar box elsewhere. there too she finds another pair of sandles. she is stumped… she thinks that i just burried them, now these. she throws them out of the window. Ganga calls her and tells her in front of the family that someone sent her a parcle. its a similar box again. Jai is curious whats in it. he says let me open it. Meera is worried that Jai will find out about me .. Jai opens the box and says “what the hell is this Meera ? ” .. everyone looks at them shocked…

Jai asks her again what this is.. Meera opens a small box and a toy snake pops out.. she is soooo scared.. everyone is laughing.. Pronita is enjoying. Ganga appologises and says that she played this prank on everyone and she was the only one remaining.. Meera is relieved. Krishna and Vidya are in Ganga’s room and they want to spend the night in her room. Vidya remembers the olden times when they spent the nights together.. Krishna pulls Ganga’s legs.. Ganga says that I dont want to sleep even for a min.. I want to fill myself with the memories of this house … (sweet scene between the 3 sisters… )

Jigs is enjoying listening abt Meera .. Pronita says I wanted to keep the sandles in the third box too.. but Jigs says that we have to kill her slowly .. Pronita says that I am waiting for that day when my kids will call me “ma” and not “choti maa ” ..she says we have to act fast as Ganga’s wedding is day after tomorrow.. Jigs says dont worry.. Good things happen to good people.. you are a good person and everything god will happen to you and your kids. Even though I cannot help you personally, Shonali and Rishi are there for you. Shonali gets furious thinking abt the Mittals bad intentions and Rishi thinks abt his friends Ganga’s future. Rishi has arranges a bachelors party for Pritush..