Monday Update on The Promise Zee World July 30

Monday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 30 Episode

Deb’s family loves the food cooked by Bani. Aditya follows Jigyasa. Aditya asks her about the card. Much to Jigyasa’s surprise, the card is not the one which Pia wanted to give Bani and she is saved. She wonders what happened to the wedding card. Bani overhears Maa telling Deb to tell Durga that he loves her. Bani tells her Maa that she cannot love any one. Even Pia wonders what happened to the wedding card. Karuna tells that it is with her.

Deb wonders if he loves Bani. Bani meets him and tells him that love and marriage is not for her. Deb tells her that she is mistaken. Pia comes to Deb’s house and tells Bani that she is sorry for getting mistaken about her. She invites them to the party. Jai leaves to invite Bani. Jigyasa is worried that they have not changed the card. Ranvir tells Rano that Rashi wanted them to be together. Rashi recovers.

Deb chides himself for mistaking love. Jai invites Deb and Bani. Jigyasa and Karuna are worried as they could not exchange the card. But Pia tells them that she has paid Jai’s driver to change the card. Bani is shocked to read the wedding card. Jigyasa wonders how Pia will get married to Jai. Pia shares her plan with Karuna and Jigyasa. Bani asks Deb why he did not tell her that Pia and Jai were not married. Bani vows to spoil Pia’s happiness. Someone gives the servant pills which he gives to Pia. Pia is shocked to see Bani. Bani warns Pia.