Monday Update on The Promise Zee World July 23

Monday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 23  Episode

Pia tells everyone that she knows everything about Deb. Ranvir says that they must take her help and find out who Deb is. The girls welcome Deb’s mother, Maa, back home. Maa promises that Durga will change Deb for the better. Durga and Maa meet. Gayu informs Bani that Pia is coming to meet them with Jai. A furious Durga demands to know from Deb why he’s befriending Jai but he asks her to be patient and promises to trap Jai in such a way that there would be no escape. Deb asks her to fight her battle alone or support him. Jai is confused with the grand welcome at Deb’s house.

Gayu introduces Pia to her sisters but Pia is most keen to meet Durga. Just as she’s about to meet Durga, Dia calls her and Durga goes away. Bani sees Jai too, and although he can’t see her, he feels her presence. Deb sends another man to meet Jai. Jai vents his frustrations on him thinking he’s Deb. Jai vows that only he will win the bid, and walks away. Deb urges Durga to make the enemy shed tears of blood. Pia gets upset when she hears that Jai has already left without her. Aditya informs Jai that Deb’s weakness is his guru Arindham Maharaj who turned an ordinary man, Jeet, to a successful man Aparajit. Aditya brings the guru to Jai who happens to be only Deb in disguise!

Rano voices her concern to Jai about trusting the guru so easily but he puts her fears to rest. Rano hears sounds of a camera clicking and confronts the guru. He says that he is Aparajit Deb who is out to destroy Jai but before she can shout for help, Deb renders her unconscious. Bani vows to destroy Jai and give him a slow death from this moment on. Ranvir wonders why Rano is not yet awake, so he phones the doctor who informs him that Rano was rendered unconscious with chloroform. Grandma suddenly recalls the guru using the handkerchief on Rano. Meanwhile, Jai and the man whom he thinks is Deb bid for the land. Jai quotes an unreasonably high price because he only wants to win the deal.