Monday Update on The Promise Zee World August 6

Monday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 6 Episode

Jigyasa taunts Bani. She tells Bani that Jai is having fun with Pia. The whole family is upset that jai has to spend the night with Pia. Pia is very happy and is getting ready for her special night. She taunts Bani. Pia tells Jai that she has waited for this night since long. Something goes wrong and Pia gets irritation all over her body. Jigyasa taunts Bani. Bani tells Pia that she spilled itching powder on her sari by mistake. The family is very happy. Jigyasa tries to taunt Bani but Bani warns her of the impending doom instead.

Jigyasa tells Pia that she is getting whatever she deserves. Jigyasa tells her to wait and watch. Ranvir asks Rano why she is avoiding him. Rano tells him that Rashi has the right on him. Ranvir tells Rano that Varun and Rano are his world now. Rashi sees this and is upset. Jigyasa tells Rashi that that Rano will take away Ranvir from her. Jigyasa tells Rashi to create hatred in Ranvir’s heart for Rano. Bani tells Jai that she will spoil all his nights. Jai is grateful to Bani for saving his night fron Pia. Pia decides to go to the kids school function instead of Bani as she is the legal mother.

The family is making fun of Nachiket. Jai asks Rashi to take care of Bani. Jigyasa goes to meet Deb. She offers to help Deb get back Bani. But Deb refuses her help. Rashi tells Bani that she is always with her. Pia gets ready to go to the kids’ annual function. Jigyasa tells Pia to have juice and drugs the juice. She wants Bani to go to the function. Ranvir is about to go to the function of Varun when Jigyasa tells him to go with Rashi. The children insist to Bani to go to their school function. Bani tries to call Deb and tell him that she will not be able to come but his cell is not reachable. Bani leaves with her kids.