Monday Update on My Lost Home Zee World

Monday Breif Update On My Lost Home

Parmeet comes home while Jeet is waiting for him. He calls Parmeet and tells him that he wants to speak to him. Parmeet asks him what is up. Jeet shows him the key chain he found at the party. Parmeet thinks to himself that he is probably caught now. Jeet tells him this key chain belongs to the person who is helping Cherry out. Parmeet looks scared. Before Parmeet tells Jeet about him and Cherry, Jeet cuts him off that he knows Cherry and Parmeet have no connection and that he is not suspecting him. Jeet tells him that he found the chain at Kamya’s Sangeet while where Parmeet was dancing with other people. Jeet asks Parmeet to help him out by recognizing and thinking of the people who was dancing with him that day. He walks over to Jeet and tells him that he can’t remember anything because the light was very dim and he don’t remember anyone. Parmeet apologize to Jeet for not being useful enough and walks away.

Mahi is crying in her room and Shabd comes there. She gets up and she goes to him. He goes to his closet to get his clothes. She tells him to at least to believe her and he should know that she is not like that. Shabd is not ready to hear anything and he leaves the room. Mahi is crying. Angad comes there and Mahi tells him to leave her room. He tells her that he is here to console her as he can’t see her tears. She tells him that she doesn’t need his pity and he asks her if she needs Shabd. He tells her that he is the only one that can get both Mahi and Shabd back together. Then he tells her that tomorrow is his wedding with Kamya and an hour before wedding at 10 pm, he wants mahi to come to his room and spend an hour with him. Mahi is shocked. He asks her if she agrees and she tells him that how can he be so cruel. He tells her that he is completely obsessed with her. He tells her that he hates it when Shabd touches her and he feels jealous. Angad tells her that only he can save her marriage and he never said he wants to marry Mahi, he only wants to spend some good moments with her. Mahi is weeping as she can’t believe what Angad is saying to her. He tells her if she doesn’t do this then he will take Shabd’s life too. Mahi tells Angad not to do anything. He tells her that an obsessed man can do anything. Mahi is really worried. Before Angad leaves, he tells Mahi that the room number is 203. Mahi is just weeping.

Parmeet goes to see Cherry and she asks him why he took so long. He tells her that Jyoti was up. He tells her about Jeet and she tells him not worry and trust her. She tells him to do everything she wants him to do, and everything with be find. Then Cherry starts seducing him further and they make out. Jyoti is looking for Parmeet and she walks on them and sees Parmeet making out with Cherry. Mahi tries telling everyone the truth about Angat but things turn sour when she does. Shabd turns the tables on Mahi, creating complications in their marriage. While Jeet is looking in a draw and he comes across some phone number that might be related to Cherry. Angad comes to Shabd house and he sees Shabd talking to two people. Shabd tells them that he has to run out and if Angad needs any help getting ready, to help him out. Angad hears this and Shabd leaves. Angad sees a cell phone where Shabd was standing and he takes the cell phone. When Kamya is getting ready, Mahi passes by. She is teary and Kamya is asking her friends how beautiful she looks. A worried Mahi asks God to help her out and how she doesn’t want Kamya to marry a person like Angad. Aunt Billo comes there and sees Mahi in tear, she tells Mahi that she knows why she is crying because Kamya will be leaving the house soon and the house will look empty without her. She further tells Mahi to get ready and Mahi leaves.
Mahi gets ready and comes downstairs where she sees decorations everywhere. She looks very sad. She sees Soni’s family too and they talks to each other. Soni tells Mahi not to take anymore of Angad’s mischiefs. She tells her that she is only donig this because of Kamya and Kamya is the one who will be hurt when she marries Angad. Mahi agrees with Soni that she is right that Kamya has to know the truth about Angad today. Jeet is looking at Soni as well. Everything is in a mute and only music is being played. Then Kamya comes downstairs all ready and Angad is not even ready as he is in jeans and shirt. Kamya’s friends start dancing on the songs and the whole family joins them. Even Kamya and Angad are dancing on the songs. But Mahi just feels weird while everyone else is enjoying and dancing. After the dance, Shabd goes over to his uncle because Mahi is standing near him talking to Jyoti. He purposely asks his uncle what time is it so Mahi can know how much time is left for her to meet Angad. Mahi is listening to all this. Then Shabd’s uncle leaves and Angad goes over to Jyoti and Mahi. Both Jyoti and Mahi are wearing pink and Angad praise Jyoti which he is sarcastically praising Mahi because she is wearing pink as well. Mahi goes away and Jyoti stops her and tells her to talk. Mahi excuses herself and goes away. Mahi gets a text message from Shabd saying to meet him at bluestart hotel at 9:30. Mahi thinks why would Shabd call her to a hotel and probably he wants to give her a chance. She is about to leave when Soni stops her and asks her what is going on. Soni questions her and asks her what happened yesterday, adding that she has been trying to get in touch with Mahi for sometime now. Mahi tells her not to worry for her and she doesn’t want to affect Soni’s health because of her. She tells Soni that she has to go meet Shabd and that she’ll tell everything to Shabd. Soni ask why she didn’t tell anything to Shabd yet and Mahi tells her that she hopes today everything becomes normal and everyone would believe her. Mahi asks Soni to pray for her and that everything becomes fine. Mahi goes to the hotel and she sees the room number 203 where Angad called her. Then she goes to room 205 where Shabd calls her. She goes in and she calls for Shabd but Angad comes in through the door and closes the door behind him. She is shocked to see him and Angad tells her not to be shocked.