Monday Update On My Golden Home Zee World

Monday Update On My Golden Home Zee World

Abha and Vikram’s family are shocked but Abha smiles. Vikram’s mother looks at him in an angry way. Vikram and Abha walk out and take blessings. Abha tells Vikram that he gave her a new life by telling her the truth about their financial situations. Vikram’s mother tells her husband that Vikram revealed the truth to Abha. Abha also tells Vikram that she has a secret to tell him as well. As she is about to reveal the financial situation about Swarn Bhavan to him, Vikram’s mother again interrupts her thinking that Vikram will reveal more truth to Abha. Vikram’s mother walks up to them and tells them they should go straight home because it’s late. Everyone leaves.

Later, Abha, Lata, and Prakash are in the car going back home. Prakash tells them that from seeing the estate, they got no benefit. He says that the food had too much salt. Abha tells her brother that for her, it was great. They all arrive at Swarn Bhavan and Thakur is also at home. On the other hand, Vikram’s mother yells at him for telling Abha the truth. She tells him to tell Abha that the estate is not in his name because his father and uncle didn’t want to share it. Abha remembers what Vikram told her and admired him more for his truthfulness and when Lata comes there, Abha tells her sister that she really likes Vikram. Lata and Abha see their mother sad. She tells her daughters that she is thinking about what their father did yesterday. Abha tells her mother not to worry. Her mother tells her that tomorrow, none of them should have a sad look to worry their father. Lata and Abha hug her.

The next day, preparations are on the way for the 100th anniversary of Swarn Bhavan. Swarn Lata’s husband Samarjeet visits Swarn Bhavan. Chandra Prabha is shocked when she overhears Samarjeet and Swarn Lata’s conversation about asking Uday Pratap for financial help but she pretends that she didn’t hear it. She asks Samarjeet where his luggage is. Abha offer to bring the luggage of her sister’s husband. While the procession of the centennial function is on-going, but what the Singh family doesn’t know is that a bombshell is about to drop.

A strange man is watching sadly as to how Swarn Bhavan is being decorated. He keeps staring at Swarn Bhavan with evil intention. When he sees Abha coming out of the house, he quickly hides behind a car, he then puts a packet on the car and runs away. Abha sees the packet and when she opens it, it has sweets in it. She tells herself that Raghav her mother’s brother might have surely drop the sweets there.

Later that day, someone calls Chandra up to see the dias decoration. The servant tells her that they always use 21,000 dias but this year there are only 10000 dias. Chandra tells them that it was enough. She asks them to place them far from each other as it will have the same effect as if there was 21000 dias. At the same time, Abha comes there with the packet of sweets. Her mother says that her brother Raghav must have come there but Abha tells her that he didn’t but he left from outside leaving the sweet on the car. Abha’s mother says that Raghav feels he is too poor to enter Swarn Bhavan. Both Abha and her mother sadly looked at each other.

At Vikram’s house, his mother tells him that he should not say anything more to Abha because the marriage is her biggest dream. She tells his son that she wants Abha’s father money and Swarn Bhavan. Vikram tells his mother that he truly loves Abha and wants her to know the truth. His mom gets angry and tells him that he can’t love Abha. She smirks and tells him that he is not marrying Abha but Swarn Bhavan. Vikram is very upset hearing this and decides to tell Abha everything about them.

Lata and her husband are both fighting because of the money as he keeps telling her that he has to convince her father that he has to give him the money by any means. Abha, her mom and also father sees them fighting. Her father asks him what was wrong. Abha saves the situation by lying that her brother in-law doesn’t want to wear the ancestral costume and that was why he is angry. Samarjeet who is pursuing his own selfish ambitions, leaving his wife Lata distressed. Later, Raghav hesitates to come to Swarn Bhavan because of his poor financial condition. Yasodhar on the other hand asks a lawyer for an order to auction Swarn Bhavan.